Kanye Beefin’ With Deadmau5 Over Illegal Music Downloads

Deadmau5 kanye west

Another day, another Kanye West beef! This time, the rapper is battling with fellow TIDAL artist, Deadmau5.

It all started when Yezzy posted a screenshot of him listening to Sufjan Steven’s album Carrie and Lowell on YouTube. In the photo, you can see Kanye’s open browser included the website Pirate Bay – where users can illegally download music for free.

The whole point of streaming services like TIDAL is for artists, writers and producers to recoup the money and royalties they deserve. For an artist like Kanye to be ripping off another artist by illegally downloading their music is like a slap in the face… and Deadmau5 called him out on it!

Deadmau5 kanye west


Kanye said it was all a joke, and he was taking jabs at his own album, TLOP, being pirated. He also said the screenshot was from a PC – the type of computer that he doesn’t even own. Um, that looks like a MAC to me…

Either way, the rapper couldn’t just own up to his mistake and move on. Instead, he tried to clown Deadmau5 for his onstage getup that resembles Mickey Mouse ears. And thus began Kanye’s current Twitter beef:

Deadmau5 kanye west

Deadmau5 kanye west

Deadmau5 kanye west

Deadmau5 kanye west


  1. Can kim not put this ninja on a time-out already. They obviously need to change his depression meds. I know from experience…..sometimes they just stop being as effective as they use to be…

  2. He needs to stop trying to beef on twitter because he got his booty (fingered) handed t him again with dead mow cinco’s last tweet.

    dead mow cinco
    @kanyewest perform at your own daughters parties. You’re a bigger f*ckin clown than anyone I know.

    After that, "DEAD SILENCE" LOL. What, no clap back Kanye?


    Between him and "My hair is layed like Michelle Brown’s fish box” I was cracking up yesterday. Bloggers spilling tea? I was so there for it. Kind of got my mind off the madness for a minute.

    • Kanye west is a clown? Ya boy walks around all day with a f*cking mickey mouse helmet on and kanye is the clown? You f*cking retards need to get a life!!

      • I'm the retard? You need to learn how to read, and he's not my boy. I think you missed the whole rebuttal but carry on…..

        Bye (thief) Kanye!

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