Bobbi Kristina Death Records Unsealed, Bobby Brown Outraged

bobbi kristina brown cause of death

Yesterday, a judge ruled the autopsy report for Bobbi Kristina Brown would be unsealed after a request made by news agency WXIA. The agency for her death records to contribute to a report on the heroin epidemic in the troubled star’s upscale Atlanta neighborhood.

The cause of death was revealed as “immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication.”

BK was found with marijuana, alcohol, a cocaine-related substance, morphine, and benzodiazepines (medications used for sedation or to treat anxiety), in her system.

BK’s body was also found to have gone through some trauma, with depressions in her skull and bruises on her arms and thighs, in addition to dozens of “well-healed scars on the head and neck, torso, and extremities.”

The report listed her as “under-nourished” at a weight of only 95 pounds.

The manner of death was concluded as “undetermined” because the “circumstances which she entered the bathtub are unknown.”

Following the autopsy being released, Bobby Brown released this statement:

“First and foremost, 23 years ago today, Bobbi Kristina was born. Krissy will always live in my heart and soul. I love my baby girl. For news affiliates to seek and obtain my daughter’s autopsy report, before anyone has been brought to justice for her death is mind blowing to me. Please pray for my family,” ~ Bobby Brown



  1. Comment:bobby still fighting his own drug demons, that girl brought death on herself all those drugs she was doing.

    • The same illuminati owned lobby who owns Hollywood, the FED, the mainstream medias, the USA, basically the (gay)guys pulling the strings of the the banking cartel …

        • Well most of them are indeed, the funny thing is that the few caucasians collaborating with these guys are mostly of anglo-saxon ancestry…
          When you know that anglo saxons for less than 10% of all of the native europeans, it's good to know that not all of the native europeans take part in this crazy agenda…

    • DR1, remember we had this conversation a looonnng time ago. You must know there's far more to this, more money to count & collect. It gotten quiet for a minute but it's far from over.


  3. "BK’s body was also found to have gone through some trauma, with depressions in her skull and bruises on her arms and thighs, in addition to dozens of “well-healed scars on the head and neck, torso, and extremities.”

    So not only was she beaten on the regular, it looks like the poor girl was fighting and struggling for her life in that tub.

    Lord have mercy….

    • B.E. You may be 100% correct in your reasoning that those scars and bruises were the result of domestic violence. But let me give you some food for thought: Prior to my drug addiction I had a near pristine body free of scarring, burns, keloids and bruising.
      Fast forward two years into drug abuse and I looked like I had been in a car wreck nearly every damn day of my life. I obtained scars, even on my face, from the frequent falls i would take while high. I had burns and keloids from the many accidents I would have while "cooking under the influence." I set my kitchen afire not once, but THREE times(never attempt to fry chicken while high on opiates) and the burns are the result of trying to fight the fire.

      I could go on and on but you get the point. Addicts have accidents every day of their lives, and accidents leave behind little reminders of our carelessness.

      Again, BK may have been beat and abused, but after reading what was in her system at the time of the bathtub accidental drowning, I can promise you she got some of the injuries on her own.

      • Thank you Anon 12:56 for your candid food for thought (no pun intended), it takes really strong person to admit to their addictions and I applaud you for that. I have a lot of scars too and each one tells a very sad story. Unfortunately I cant blame them on being high or even on being a accident but I don't have the courage that you have. God Bless You!

        My main objective to thinking that she could have been fighting for her life was the evidence of fresh bruises and the past abusive nature of her boyfriend. That in the fact that all this seems like a huge cover up to me.

      • I sincerely hope that you will never ever be a victim of this poison again.
        I sincerely hope that your health is not endangered anymore.
        May you find peace and tranquility.

    • She was in a car accident a few days before her death. And in most of the country autopsies are public record.
      No one (BobbyBrown) said a word while she was on that reality show high on heroin so no one gets to say anything now– that ship had long been sinking. Sad.

    • If you live 10 life times you will never be able to match what WHITNEY HOUSTON accomplished. So bitch stfu. Drugs was their cross to bear, what's yours you judgmental hypocrite.

  4. Comment:

    Any media outlet can request an autopsy report, it's not set in stone. Bobby is upset because the ugly truth about his baby girl is out in the open. Meaning, she was shacking up with a lame/woman-beater and drugs took over her life. And, as her father, bears a lot of the blame for her death and Whitney's as well…Karma Life!

    • When it's all said and done, she was an adult who made very bad choices. Can't keep blaming the parents.

  5. This is very sad. Frankly, I blame the parents. Just keep in mind how young she was. And BTW, she was part of a real druggie ring. She was the third one in that group to die.

  6. Bobby Brown, father, is in rehab again. Loser family all around. No sympathy for them. There are bigger issues to worry about besides dead crackheads with bank

    • IF that were a fact, there would be charges. I know that the Gwinnett DA is dying to charge Nick, so I doubt the veracity of your link.

  7. I really feel for this young lady! Its so sad to me that she lost her life that way. She was abusing drugs, drinking, abused by her boyfriend,and grieving the loss of her mom heavy. I was hoping that she'd get it together! I'll admit I thought that there was some foul play with her death..and maybe there was but she was on the wrong track for sure, and lacking real guidance.

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