Dj Quik Goes on Drug-Induced Twitter Rant, Blames Kanye

dj quik high twitter

Dj Quik had a drug-induced meltdown online last night..and it’s all being blamed on Mr. Twitter fingaz himself – Kanye West.

The Cali rapper was in his feelings after everyone gave Yeezy credit for “bringing El DeBarge back.” Yeezy featured DeBarge on his T.L.O.P. song “Highlights,” but Quik and DeBarge teamed up as early as 1998 on the tracks “Hand In Hand,” “EL’s Interlude” and “Medley For A ‘V’ (The P***y Medley).”

So Quik decided the only way to ease his pain was to get obliterated, and he tweeted all about it…


  1. Comment:quik still getting high, well his idols are George Clinton, and roger troutman who was some weirdos.

    quik beefed with his whole crew hic, amg, d, kk, sugafree, playa hamm he ripped them all off.

    he somehow survived that fued with mc eiht.

    quik dissed pharell a year ago and he did make a album called under the influence.

    quik never had the mainstream success kanye has or had even though quik put in work with lots of folks kanmye had major labels backing him while quik was underground d from day 1.

    • Quick did bring back el and James problem was nobody bought those albums and qquik was undergrounf

  2. White people intentionally put drugs into black communities to poison us! Read the book Dark Alliance. Guess what, that book was writen by a white guy! Black people have got to stop using drugs! That is what the white man wants you to do; get high and die! Please guys, our race depends on it! Just say no to drugs; This includes cigarettes and alcohol!

    • Comment:

      All the ills you speak of are literally and figuratively klling us. Drugs and booze are promoted to the blackman like no other. Bruh, we're still trapped in the 1960s and 1970s. Hiding behind mind-altering substances to not deal with realities of being black, male, and a slave in the mind. No different than all of the hypersexuality, which is lack of self-control over oneself and body…Same Ish!

  3. Comment:

    NBA is Fixed
    have to get the book, saw the movie with Sean Penn " Kill the Messenger" based on the author. I know the book will have more info then the movie, cant wait to read it 🙂

  4. DONE blame KanYe faggot ass LOL blame yallselves for being too lazy to turn it the f*ck up and release albums EVERY YEAR! thats why this new generation is so f*cked up and dumbfounded as it is cause ALL yall veterans is being lazy with the little bit of residuals yall receiving lmao SHAME ON ALL YALL

    • Does quick even get royalties remember him saying that he never got paid for all his old albums

  5. DJ Qik attracts death, too much shit happens around him.

    Shout out to all those talkin' against drugs. This man is still stuck in 199__. But that is what happens to druggies, time slips away, not forward.

  6. Comment: mausberg was shot, his neice committed suicide, his grandson WAS KILLED, WELL QUIK SAID YEARS AGO HE SOLD HIS SOUL, HE PISTOL WHIPPED HIS SISTER, HIS BEST FRIEND WAS KILLED.



  7. Drugs are not racist. They love everyone. As for drugs being marketed to the black community? Until someone white ties me down and sticks it in my mouth, I can say no.

    #stop blaming other people

  8. @CRAZYCHRIS I be seeing you in the comments on various pages, especially those featuring former deathrow artist/collaborators such as quik, dre and snoop. I 'd sure love to pick your brain and chalk it up with you on some of the things you know. Yeah quik did sell his soul-mentioned it in various song lyrics. I don't know what he did (I do know but still) or how far deep his dirt in the rabbits hole goes, but this nigga stays reaping it's negative karma. He is surrounded by dark energy, but I can't feel too bad for him since he chose this life.

  9. Sounds to me like someone is having a MK ULTRA breakdown… Either that or the pressures of not being acknowledged for his talents as well as his daughter being behind bars for the death of his grandson. Might be a mixture of all three…

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