Love & Hip Hip’s Nikki Murdarris Ho’in Hollywood

Nikki Mudarris Stroll

Is it just me or does Nikki Murdarris look like she takin’ her cellulite azz straight to the blade? The only thing “perusual’ about this spectacle is there’s just another Hollywood heaux out thurr!

“Nikki’s giving away her punany like a college girl running wild!”

This info is something that Nikki seems to be keepin’ on the low from Lil Fizz. Know why? Not only are Fizz and Nikki said to be smashing, Fizz is looking like he actually caught feelin’s for this All Fake Errthang Love & Hip Hop Hollywood heaux!

Nikki Mudarris Lil Fizz

Check it:

“Nikki and Mally Mal called it quits, she is single now and she’s f*cking everybody. She quit posting her business on IG because she knows n*ggas is peeping her steelo. She’s back filming L&HHH and she got Fizz as a part of her storyline.”

Nikki Mudarris Spin


  1. Oh boy! Let me get my snacks cause y’all is going to clown off on this chick today! LOL!

  2. Good grief….3 months away for LA working will cause you to completely forgot about folks like this. She’s absolutely quite the non factor beyond the streets of LA in spite of her family supposedly owning property in Vegas.

    • Who you telling?
      I’m living proof of that! Up until this moment I’d forgotten the mere existence of this trick….Poor misguided Fizz! Hope his possible issue of “catching feelings” is totally scripted & nothing more….smdh!!!

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  4. This chick is a straight clown. I never could understand how chicks like her love to imitate something they hate and despise. Nikki think she is a black woman and im sure she is the next Kim K come up.

  5. This woman is disgusting, ughhh! How the hell does she think she looks cute with her bum and breasts out for the world to see?? This is the reason why men are losing respect for women because of sh*t like this. She makes me sick.

  6. It’s one thing to know you look good and feel confident ,but this woman here displays insecurity and doesn’t even know it.She’s going too hard trying to convince the world and more importantly convince herself that she’s ok as long as we are looking and liking.

  7. I guess I’m the only one that would try to break my member off in her. Those are the best looking fake cakes I have ever seen.

  8. This has been singer need not catch any feelings for this woman. Her father is loaded, he can’t keep up. She is not investing all of that money on plastic surgery to roll with a welfare recipient. Lastly, her father is a known staunch racist. No black man will be walking his daughter down the aisle or get a dime of his money.

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