Nikki Mudarris Showers Strippers With Cash

nikki mudarris strip club

Nikki Mudarris went to her home away from home, Ace Of Diamonds strip club, and made it rain.

We recently reported how Nikki was trying to cut a deal with Sam Sharif, of Ace Of Diamonds, to drop a lawsuit against Mudarris and her mother.

Apparently, the Love And Hip Hop Hollywood star was able to throw enough money at Sharif to get her AoD ban lifted.  She had tried to organize a LAHHH premiere party at the strip joint, but that fell through.

nikki mudarris strip club 2

Deciding to have her own party, Nikki went to the L.A. club and made it rain on dancers while they clapped their booties and open legs for her.  Mudarris might not be able to afford to recklessly spend money like this, but at least she does it in style.


  1. Maybe thats why she can’t keep a real man but ….wait she’s fake so it all makes sense .

  2. ‘she does it with style ‘-how does showering strippers with €1.00 bills equate with style?

  3. I ain’t gonna lie. I have fun when I did go to the strip clubs! Especially the ladies and we go eat up some food afterwards. Hell I got so good I jumped on stage and was dancing with one. Its not a gay or a lesbian thing. I wanted to have some harmless fun. But now I got my two favorites men in my life

    • Funny you should say that !!
      But I never get an urge to head out to chip n dales or where ever men get naked for money !!!
      Only women do that and say I’m not gay it’s cool !!
      GTFOH !! U want that attention stay at home and do it for someone who cares !
      Women lmao !!

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