Nikki Mudarris Blowin’ Some Molly Mol




    • Damn! In plain site! We all know why folks toot powder and one of the reasons for a woman to toot is good for the muscles in the body so U don’t have to workout.


      • No its good on the muscles too. If its 100% raw. Put some on your tongue and on your skin. U will feel the difference. That shit goes numb in seconds.

        • TT that’s what I said. It numb the muscles so U won’t workout. U ain’t the only one who has dabbed. That shit made my muscles numb.

      • For real. You have me curious and wanting to research every back issue of scientific american and medical journals for this. Anything to lessen crossfit sessions but achieving results like Mankofit.

        • But dam! My body is phucked and after dieting/excercising I still wished I had enuff money to get a body like that
          I would love to date a yte man or man outside my race and they absolutely luv bodies like that
          Just keeping it real 🙂

  2. Is that what molly looks like? Anyway, people of the world is brainwashed and stupid. People are really sheep and follow trends for no reason. I been hearing songs and people talk about selfies like its the best thing since Birth control pills. But I thought the reason for taking a selfie was because there was nobody else to help you out. Now because of her obsession with taking a selfie, we see her drugs and now we know that she sits in hotel rooms and gets gets her Eddie Cain jr on. Had She used that random homosexual sitting indian style on the other bed, we would not know that she is a f*cking junkie.

    • So, ole mr. “super man dat hoe”. Is a Coe head. Wow, go figure….lol

      • Lol…that shitbreminded me of that scene from Friday. Paula jai Parker was talking on the phone, talkingbshit to ice cube and anigga was laying in the bed with some dirty ass dickies on…a lot of people missed that one too.

  3. Double beds, attached headboards and Cort Furniture. Is she in a Best Western getting high taking selfies? Looks like the rooms my family blocks during reunions. I guess I can br a socialite too.

    • @non importante,

      You being the gracious socialite you are NEVER stayed in a hotel or inn with “Double beds, attached headboards & Cort Furniture..” at least not like what’s pictured above. You also wouldn’t be so stupidly busy taking pictures of your surgically altered butt that you included the residue from your most recent session of drug use!

      That place is no W, L’Ermitage, Four Seasons or any boutique hotel in LA I’ve ever seen…that is for certain.

    • Why do she need an intervention?
      Isnt she a grown woman and can do what she please?

      • Of course she can do what she wants but she’s killing herself. If you think it’s ok to hurt yourself with the drugs and surgery then something’s wrong. I feel she’s insecure with herself and she need a some help.

        • Hell she ain’t got a problem, she got a situation! Here she is clowning off Masika and her dumbass played her own dumbass! Book smart but dumbass is dumb in common sense and street smarts.

    • EXACTLY! I have yet to get over how overly inflated this funny looking monstrosity of a human being’s ego is. She is just awful…physically & otherwise.

      And…wait until all the plastic surgery begins to fail her. Take a look at her mother. Now imagine that image only worse.

        • @Cici, from another post that the girls that works at another strip club said that she smells cheap ass perfume, liquor and booty sweat combined.

  4. No Wonder This Bitch Can’t Speak Properly Because She’s Been Coked Out

    Her Ass And Boobs Are Fake, Her Mother Looks Like A Beaten Up Raggedy Ann Doll On Drugs!!!

  5. that chick is OUTTA POCKET with all that b.s. she on! she’s been FUKKKKE UP for awhile now huh? nobody ain’t checkin for all that nasty crap she on unnn unnnn

  6. I didn’t know you could sniff that shit and not melted that shit, cause you all fack! Fake! Fake! Completely, you mus go get that shit fixed after you melt it to much?

  7. Dont most in the entertainment industry use recreational drugs? I seen a few others who I suspect use other substances beside alcohol and weed in the industry

    • You want that bullshit!?!?! Bitch look like a cartoon character. They make cartoon characters and try to make them look human. When did the tables turn and people stared wanting to look like A cartoon.

  8. I just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Hi Glok9, That414chick, Eddie, B. Stiviano, Afrocuban, Crazychris, DaRadiant, Tyrone, Ontopofthangs,and all my HSK family.

  9. All plastic. And her mom does not look well with all her plastic too. Im glad Im real .. and Im a old pretty bytch too with a small booty. My hair is short and real. Pull youngsters by default all day

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