Nicki Minaj Blasted For Glamorizing Nazi Propaganda

Nicki Minaj Rolls w/ Hitler

Nicki Minaj is being slammed for using ‘Nazi imagery’ in her new music video for Only.

The rapper acts out the role of dictator in the animated short film, using black and white imagery which appears to take inspiration from the well-known Nazi propaganda machine.

The video, which also features Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne, shows an army wearing red armbands, and flags showing a Y-M symbol – which has been slammed as eerily similar to a swastika.

One Twitter user wrote: “Hey @NickiMinaj thanks for the blatant Nazi imagery in your new video! really great allusion to persecution & genocide.”

Another non-impressed user said: “Nicki Minaj’s ‘Only’ video’s a boring accessory to a trivial song that uses Nazi imagery lazily & elevates Hitler for publicity. Just yawn.”


  1. First off f*ck Nikki manage and old change records, I mean young money records.

    Now, f*ck this f*ck errrbody talking shit about Nicki glamorizing the Nazis. Miss me with this shit bitches. This was the MTV musick awards, not the nikki manage music awards.

    • No f*ck me, my bad, I thought this was some shit on the MTV music Awards. Hey, ELTHP, I got a message for from ELTHP. He said You are one stupid motherf*cker. Learn how to read you ignorant motherf*cker.

      Now, I beat y’all to the punch……lol

      • @ELTHP Lol Funny shit but 4real 4real respect to u my brotha for self checking urself and acknowledging ur mistake. More people need to do as u did. Once again much respect!

        • Thanks…lol. And the respect is reciprocated. But I will be the first tell you I f*cked up. it only makes me a better person. But like Day Dat said. “players f*ck up”. Lol. But thanks for you kind words and connection….one love sweetie

    • ****OFF TOPIC***
      Any more information about Pastor Myles Munroe & wife’ s death in plane crash

  2. She needs to just QUIT lol she’s so unexperienced and unprofessional she should just take her family on vacation for the rest of the decade! REMY’S HOME: THE RULER IS BACK


    • This girl must have never read a history book in her life. First she’s got Malcolm X on a cover now this. Don’t be surprised if she got Jesus holding a nine next. Dumb #$&@*

  3. Aint nothing new. Nazis run this country and are pretty much behind the scenes on almost everything. Why else do you think we here about Hitler and the 3rd Reich all the time?

  4. Nicki is only following her handlers orders. She don’t know any better. That’s what happen when you sell out!

    • You must have some of your facts twisted. I now that vaccinating concerns and vaccine creating drug companies are indemnified against any and all legal suits by the US Government. This was done many years ago in order to encourage pharma to develop newer and better vaccines. There is a governmental fund which takes care of people who are harmed by vaccines, but the companies and their owners can not be sued. Look it up.
      So Gates, if he indeed owns a vaccine company cannot be sued.

  5. Nicki Is A Pricki She Cheats And Acts Like A Hickey Dumped Her Hype Man For An R’N’B Singer Who She Fucked On Set
    This Trick Is A Wig Wearing Whore With A Big Nose And A fake Ass And Boobs

      • @crazychris

        If Your Talking About Safaree Then That’s Very Interesting, Also Safaree Has Multiple Tattoo’s Of Nicki On His Body
        Now She Dumped Him. He Has To Get Lazer Surgrey

            • yes but she says shes not but she gave a lot of girls lapdasnces and she grinds on the girls in her videos so if shes not bisexual shes playing the lesbian angle for money.

            • I think she is either bi or full on gay. There was a website where people would give DR’s on celebrities and one a woman posted on Nicki about a year before her career took off.

  6. Jesus, I can see why the Queen of soul declined to comment on her ‘repertoire’ …

  7. I liked the video. Thought I was going see some Holocaust Museum in DC footage. Drake verse was funny. I like my girls bbw, type that suck you dry and eat lunch with you.

  8. Nicki garbaj shame on you. My question is how did video get approved for release when the Joos supposedly run Hollywood?

    • Therein lies the mind f*ck, pretty. Of course they are behind it and must approve. I guarantee you someone on her team someone on the executive level is named….gold, stein ,berg…something. So it must be approved. She is a mere puppet, she will be rewarded with more money and notoriety to boost her growing irrelevance. Just like when Pharell did that Nazi salute onstage. Now he’s on The Voice and had a number one hit that sold millions.

      • I’m slow and I don’t get it. Why would something like that be seen as a positive to them?

        • It’s not positive. Thats why I said mindf*ck. It creates confusion. Most people don’t realize Hitler had Jewish grandparents. Or that George Zimmerman has black grandparents. They so it to create confusion because Nazi imagery upsets most people, not just joos. . Nikki wi take whatever attention she can get.

        • Oh Cheese! One must never engage logic when reading the comments here. You know that.

          • Exactly, nothing that person said made any motherfking sense, the theories of these conspirators are the real mind fuk because they change it to fit thier argument, kinda the same way Christians twist Bible scriptures to fit thier beliefs

          • Oh fukk yall if you don’t get it. It’s called inversion and you must have discernment to get it. If you don’t, you don’t, and its not my job to teach. Do your own investigation onto the double dealings of the elites and how media outlets” wag the dog”. I could give an airborne f*ck if you agree or bsquare, only don’t try to pose all superior-like, as if just because you don’t know a thing it doesn’t exist. Zimmerman is part black, Hitler was part joo, and Nikki Minaj has joos folks on her management team. Fuck no real money, I mean, new money. But if you really want a crash course on the invwrsion thing you may want to start with Bill gates, who simultaneously donates

            • And vaccinations to poor people while recommending they be fixed like dogs to keep from procreating. He and the rest of the 1% are big believers in population control. This is a fact. Don’t take my word for it. Just peruse the list of who attends the bildeberg and cross reference it against articles and videos where they speak on issues close to their heart and see what they say. A LOT of them hate minorities, don’t Believe in God and would like to reduce the world population. Money and power are their religion. And they count on bone heads like you to keep your heads in the sand while they implement their one world government. I said all that to say many of these folks practice one thing but believe in another . That’s why so many support charities that supposedly help the very people they want to see eliminated.

  9. The Same Ia Crap Their Lazy Sure They Could Of Made A Better Song Than That Chit
    The N Word Gotta Go!! Not Blaming Black People But Too Many Non Blacks Are Using The Word To Look Cool And Hard

    That’s The Same Why Donald Sterling And Other Dues Are Using The Word

    We Can Call White People A Types Of Racial Names But It Wouldn’t Affect Them, They Will Just Find It Funny

  10. why is anyone surprised? when you dont have real talent and gimmicks have gotten you this far…..what else is there to expect? The urban world has crowned her queen of rap..she feels like she can do whatever she wants

  11. Not a suprise her parent label Universal Records has major ties to the Nazis/Jesuits/Knights of Malta I’m sure they are excited to see this sell out black woman indoctrinating black youth.

    • That’s exactly what I was trying to explain to those wise asses above at comment 10.

  12. Black people should be outraged despite the fact that this is an argument between two of our worst enemies. Cartoon symbolism is no excuse to mock the genocide and suffering of millions. Just because the holocaust didn’t include stories of mass black deaths, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    Now if white people (Nazi, jew or otherwise) made cartoons depicting the rape of Negro.children and women, Black men hanging from trees and police blast hosing students, I.doubt you’d find this shit funny.


  13. the Nazi’s did not start the swastika symbol.

    buddists and other ancient cults was already using it centurikes before hitler adapted it.

    hitler made a deal with the elite they was to make him dictator he was to prepare the ultimate sacrifice and then take himself out.

    cult members are required to die and they accept death because they swore oaths to kill each other and themselves whern called upon.

    • CHILE PLEASE!!! Take that sacrifice voodoo hoodoo doodoo shaka zooloo BS to some fresh out of jail, down low wannabe thug somewhere else!!

    • lies…hitler lived to be over 100 years old and died in the united states. dig deeper

      • what about the rumor of hitler escaping to another dimension using a time portal.

        • Yeah, there was talk/information about some of the things the Nazis were working & experimenting on, which included inter-dimensional portals and aliens/UFOs. People can take from it what they will.

  14. What’s the point of being rich and famous when you’re little more than a soulless robot, even among other rich and/or famous people (i.e. the Sex Slavery for the so-called ‘Elite’ that female [And some male] musicians, actresses, and models are forced into against their will in order to get & maintain whatever status they want/have).

    Also, it’s funny how they all think their money and fame will protect them when the Castles come crashing down…

    • I don’t get it either Raheim. Nicki is with Cash Money so I doubt she’s really even rich. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was still indebted to her label. Which explains why Nicki is doing whatever she can to make money.

  15. Wowwwwww! Has it come to this? Dam nikki you haven’t did all the rituals yet? So now you lick’en they asses clean they ain’t put you on top yet? You done bowed all the way down. Sold out ass trick

  16. The hollywood gay/jew mafia can go ahead and blacklist this fake ass bitch! If you work in satanic hollywood, the one thing you don’t do is insult the jews. I believe Onika’s time is almost up!

    • Chile please, you might want to read on history. *Jews* had to face their own people when it came to staying alive,. Black slaves was captured by mainly their own people while the Spaniards and Portuguese bound them with traps. Trust, there are Jews that are very glad they weren’t burnt and gassed alive like others. Hell, there there were Jews who turned other Jews in to saved their own lives, so i wouldn’t be surprised if the Jews of the industry wouldn’t mind this.

    • Maybe you didn’t get the message NBA is fixed but Nazi’s didn’t particularly love black people either.

  17. Okay, I cant take it any longer, can somebody please tell me what you see at the 0:07 mark of this video?

  18. That was total GARBAGE. Shitty Minaj you are dismissed! That was death to my ears and when did we as black folks become so consumed with ‘rich niggas and thick bitches’ damn! I weep for humanity.

  19. I felt real uncomfortable with that video. It made me some type of way. The words flashing and reading them along with the lyrics playing distracts from all the image in the video. I know it was something very negative and trying to trick you to plant subliminally in my brain. This video is so bold and blatantly evil. This shot could not be live people they knew it had to be a cartoon, so nobody could take the blame hard. She would get a lot more backlash if her live self was in the video. If this is the way popular entertainment is going and invading our society, I’m ready to go off the grid in 5-10 years

  20. To be honest, this looks like it was moreinspired by Shephard Fairey’s Obey/Propaganda street-art installations, particularly the ones in Wynwood Art District in Miami.

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