Nikki Mudarris’ Father Abu: Hollywood Sex Trafficking


Nikki Mudarris Criminal Father

HSK Exclusive – The father of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Nikki Mudarris, whose name is Abu, makes Black American strippers do sexual favors to staff members if they wish to continue working at his West Hollywood strip club, The Body Shop.

A former stripper from the Body Shop says Nikki’s father, Abu Mudarris, is the clubs owner and he treats the white girls like gold while the women of color are treated as disposable.

Here’s the drop:

“Chris is Nikki’s cousin and he’s one of the managers at the Body Shop. Chris tells the girls to come to his office to do nasty sh*t and if they don’t he’ll fire them.

Why doesn’t Nikki tell the L&HHH viewers that her dad Abu previously served time in prison?”


  1. Hip-Hop created this mindset. Other men disrespect blackwomen because we do… Bottomline! The enemies of us, we love them. Those that can help us, we hate them. Abu hates blackmen, yet, him and his son lust blackwomen… Times Never Changed!!!

    • Not hip hop but corporate/agenda driven rap music. There’s a difference. The rest of what you say is true.

      • I feel you, but, those that participated in degrading our sisters for cash are not innocent bystanders. In time, they will reap what they sew!!!

        • Sis…Ignore The Propaganda! Look at their actions and behavior in relation to african women on a global scale. Just look around the planet, What do you see?

        • Ma, it’s all love from deep down south. I love you anyway, ya’ll special.We may not express ourselves like we should, but, the love is deep like the oceans. Your man is blessed to have you, he got a good one. Black Love is beautiful in every way… Thank You Sis!

      • I agree with you that corporate agendas are to blame for the negativity towards black women and they use music to do it. Real hip hop however LOVES the black woman. check it ..

    • Guess what the brothas love his daughter! She is a racist too! This phony trick! If you hate or dislike sistas why are you “TRYING TO LOOK LIKE THEM”? FAKE ASS and BREAST ALL DAY! Shameful!

      • The white girl pedestal is a fakeout. Want us to think they’re so in love with the pale ones. Nikki is damn near darker than me in that photo, so, i know his kind.

      • The truth has a hellafied GPS! Lies are meant to be exposed. Nikki is a reflection of her father and brother, she conflicted just the same.

        • Honestly Sis, i’d rather deal with the trailer trash white girls. At least, they know who they are. The blended middle-esstern and latin chicks don’t know their history. Them having our blood in them means nothing, mindset never changed.

          • Not necessarily true Tyrone…I’m a Latina and I’m aware of my history and the culmination of races that my people come from. I know Puerto Ricans have Indian, African and Spanish blood in them. That’s why my people’s pigments range from light skinned to darker skinned. But, I do know Latinas who try to deny so for that I hear you…but you can’t generalize…cuz I’m up on my game, I know who I am and proud of it.

            • Thank you TainoBoriqua. I am dominican and I know damn well I come from a line of african, native and eureopean decent. no need to generalize. you have black people who deny their african lines. Like really get a grip and dont include us all in it.

      • Women like Nikki can experience being black and female without actually being black. Can get all the black d**k they want while enjoying white privilege at the same time.

        • @TainoBoriqua

          No harm intended Ma, Middle-Eastern and Latin women are held to a higher standard for a reason. I fell out of love with spanish women because of the blatant hypocrisy that exist in the culture. How can both groups of women throw stones at sistas? Acknowledge what happened in the past, keep it 100, and we can ball out. Appreciate the feedback!!!

    • My mind: Should be sharp enough to figure out a way to make money that doesn’t involve selling my body.

      My heart: Should be able to choose a man who doesn’t mistreat me.

      My soul: Should be able to find fulfillment, and be strong enough to bypass situations when I might take advantage of others or they might take advantage of me.

      We can’t sacrifice these things. It’s all we got.

      • LOL. My first reaction to this story was, “Don’t all strip clubs operate that way?”

        Then I remembered that California has labor laws and you can’t just make someone give you head in the workplace. Unless you’re in Vegas or somewhere…

      • A woman should never sell her soul to keep a bulls**t hustle. I’m not gonna go in on these sistas like that, bills gotta be paid and so forth. But, draw a line in the sand with mofos like this.

        • And it’s not limited to this line of work. Any job where you are taking advantage of people. I worked for a scam company once, I got the f*ck out of there too. Eventhough I had bills…

          • Sis, all women should be as strong and wise like you. But, many are not. When any woman has to strip to make money, her family unit does not exist. Her father, brother, uncle has to have her back. Ma, you don’t need to do that…I Got You! I try not to come at sistas in effed up circumstances, because we failed our women in so many ways… Real Talk!

        • @Tyrone

          True That

          Johnni Blaze Is Talented She Can Sing And Play 6 Instrument But She Choose The Fast Easy Nasty Way To Make Money

        • Sis… Gotta have the incense lit with an adult beverage close by… bumping some Raheem Devaugh in a continuous loop… The Essence! When i’m amped up Sis, i put on some old-school Bounty Killer and get motivated. Music is us, gives us energy… Be Good Sis,!!!

      • In case you haven’t heard me say it before, “I wouldn’t f*ck anyone for money that I wouldn’t f*ck for free.”

        Here is where I might get crap from feminists:
        I MIGHT f*ck an ex for a car payment. LOL. Yea I said it.

      • EXACTLY!! If this man and his managers treat you like you are less than, then why are you working for him? You place yourself in that situation by even continuously working somewhere where you are not respected. Get a clue ladies!!!! Clearly to him you have no value what so ever. You can do bad all by yourself.

    • I am a white 19 yr old girl who worked at the bodyshop when I was 18. I was tricked by a producer to move to California for music and was tricked into the human trafficking business. I was working at the body shop. Abu raped me after I had been drinking. I will forever have to rememeber this creepy old mans genitals in my face as I hazily laid there. The other man who works there, also mollested me. This was in September. They are sick men and deserve to burn in hell.


  3. The Body Shop has been around for quite some time, however, it’s had it’s fair share of problems as well. One of those problems was prostitution. LAPD officers of ALL ranks were off in there getting “paid & laid” all at the same time. Dope was running at a high & consistent level out of there as well & that’s when real issues came & shootings started happening more frequently until a finally a murder took place that no one wanted to pay LAPD enough to “fix.”….

    Next, a “supicious fire ” took place which seemed to have happened a good while AFTER that & most folks knew what that was all about nonetheless…

    So, Nicole Murdaris & her whole family are nothing more than a pack of Moroccan marauders who don’t deserve to reside in this country let alone own a business here. THEY are a classic example of just how backwards this country is.

    They have nothing to be proud of really.

    • “THEY are a classic example of just how backwards this country is.”

      I was gonna say, it sounds like they fit right in. Are they the ones who don’t belong, or are we?



  5. She hate black women because she want to be one. Honestly every woman wants to be a black woman. We Are The Shit. Bodies we got em, style we ooz, gam

  6. They both look like they smell in this picture. Ive watched a little bit of love n hip hop and you can tell she has no respect for black people. If these women were forced to do sexual acts in order to work in his club I suggest sue him and call Gloria Allred because I heard she’s good.

  7. And Black girls continue to work there, so what is your point? Slavery is over. People do degrading things because they want to, no matter what EXCUSE they use. Hell, those black girls COULD be working a regualr 9 to 5, like the rest of us, but they choose not to….I dont feel sorry for you. You get what you deserve

    • That mother of hers looks like an old washed up gypsy prostitute. Ask ANYONE who’s seen her & see if I’m exaggerating!

  8. Black women need self respect. Im sure the women who are working for him come from broken families and have no self value.

  9. Nikki need to take her greasy ass to the other Body Shopped and invest in some of those oil absorbing face cloths. Bitches looks more like an oil slick every day.

    • @ThatChick–Yeah, ‘THAT Hoe Over There’ doesn’t make much sense, but I use it because I think it’s a funny term, not that simply calling a hoe a hoe wouldn’t suffice.

  10. Im not buying this race baiting story.theese hookas are grown. cant nobody make me do shit i dont wana do,they can say no and sure there other jobs / strip clubs around. That being said anyone who sticks around is there because they making money and like what they do.theese hookas stay chasing the almighty dollar and thats the truth! So theres no one to blame but themselves.people will only get away with what you allow them to.

    • You’re a rarity in here speaking sense on the race baiting. There are nuff racists in here, it’s like Rent-a-Racist

  11. Black people allow bad treatment of any kind because we seek Whites and other races approval. We think they are better. We beg for jobs, clothes,accessories. We can do and produce the same thing, but we have a defeatist,quitter attitude

  12. Everyone who’s saying, black people this’+’that or black women need to , bull crap, need to stop generalizing. Seriously, that’s not all of us bus certainly speak volumes of most but please don’t speak as if its all of us, cause it’s not.

  13. I remember from the last episode she said her dad didn’t like Mally Mal because her dad is very traditional! What! Lol, the owner of a strip club traditional?????????? ROTFLMAO. BTW, her and her mom have that same weird hairline. Is the lacefront set too far back? I can’t figure it out???? Lol

  14. But hold up! why is that hideous bitch still on the show?? is she dating Mona now??? lmfaoooooo

    • If White Women Do’t Want To Be Black?? Why People White Women Tan Their Skins Get Butt/lip Injections Wearing Braids In Their Hair??!!

      • Same reason every Beyoncé skin lightens and has blonde, straight hair, people want to look better not necessarily be another color, only black people talk that cultural inappropriate shit, now I’m probably a racist for saying that. People are people people and racism will continue until people stop comparing color and dumb shit.

    • @Tippietoes

      What Your Saying Is Normal For White People To Wear Braid/Cornrows Hair??? Damn Your Ignorant Why Do White People Have To
      Wear Braids They Do’t Needed

      • White people shouldnt wear corn rows as they will end up with traction alopecia and have no hair and have to wear wigs… maybe black people shouldn’t wear them either… just a thought

    • @Tippietoes, Kim Kardashian wanted to attract a certain type of man, a Black man. So, what did she do? She went and had herself surgically enhanced with butt, thigh and hip shots. The first thing that TI had Iggy do when she came over here was to get her butt plumped up. I have natural hair so I’m well aware of what is going on in the Natural Hair community. Do you know that WHITE WOMEN are now trying to inject themselves in our natural hair movement? Asking Black women why are we leaving them out. I can go on and on but like I said before THEY WANT WHAT WE HAVE. Kapeesh?

      • @Tippietoes

        Slow Your Roll Baby I’m Not A Woman I’m A Man!!!
        But Thanks For The Compliment Baby Much Love!!

        White Women Are Ubber Jealous Of Black Women That’s Why White Women Try To “Outdo” Black Women To Make Be Embarrassed Black Women


  15. Dikki Is Trying To Be A Black Women Alright Do’t You See Her Hand Gestures And Attitude When She’s Talking (With The Back Screen)
    Her Attitude Towards Mally Mall “Side Piece” Was Ruthless Calling The Video Vixen “The Help”

  16. @Tippietoes who said black women want to be white? The black women who do have mental problems and nobody has it easier in life you have to work for it. Nobody is immune to disease, crime, etc. Im sure youve heard the saying life is like a box of chocolates you dont know what your going to get.

  17. Lets not forget that French Montana is Moroccan just like Nikki so that makes them african. I saw her mannuerisms as well and she is low level trash. Lets not stereotype all black people like that. I doubt Nikki has black friends.

  18. Its ovious that men are very sexual beings who are stimulated visually and tend to prefer big boobs and ass that being said i beleive that is the motivation for woman in general to seek any kind of augmentation. So it would be a stretch to say all woman want to be black,i highly doubt that,i think most woman are happy with their race but seek attention from the opposite sex (because of over sexsualization in the media)so much so that they will go out of their way to adapt to what they think a man is attracted to.

    • Bull crap, the butt craze have been in since sir mix allot made it popular and other rap videos. Non black women are not known for butts, boobs yes but not butts. All this, thanks to hip hop, these women get but operations to compete in the black arena cause they don’t stand out in the white side. Black women need to start crossing over cause well we’ll stand out to.

  19. Not all men like women with a big ass and boobs. Do you see Jewish men running around with women like that. It all comes down to preference. I was watching Kendra on Top and guess what she is as simple as they come. Who wants silicone and fix a flat injected whores like Kim and Nikki. I like Ice T wife Cocoa but she fake too. Lol.

  20. The regular posters @hsk are funny as hell, lol ! U all should realy consider comedy as a 2nd job! Yall got me over here Ctfu!!!!! I like this type of mild humor

  21. Black women shouldn’t strip in the first place. Sistas respect yourselves. Take the weave out of your hair and go apply for a regular job. I heard Food For Less is hiring.

  22. I worked for her family for years. Believe me, he does not discriminate between black and any other color. He does the same to all races if he wants to. He had his “girl” who was Latin and top earner, also addicted to smoking tar, he had her devirginize his son wh3n he turned 16. I would think the man has retired from all that shit by now, he’s gotta be 85. Also Abu was also the name of the manager who
    Looked like a camel with white hair, but her dad always went by Tony since the whole fam had an obsession with The Godfather movie.
    Also although he used to own body shop, Salah- the cousins father owns it last I heard. Mr Muddaris owns the seventh veil, and Star strip, and also the building that. Cheetahs is in, he sold the business of cheetahs and kept the building. He also sold the Crazy Girls to David Arquette for eithe 1.6 or 1.7 million, again keeping the building. He sold body shop to his Nefew Salah who owned half before. There you go. I know all their stupid business. Her mother Mishelle makes me sick. I was a top earner, o one fucked w me ever, but her because she was a jealous cunt. I loved watching her hubby run around constantly behind her back, it was hilarious. Buying them condos, cars etc…. yep, ? ?


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