T.I. Bought His New Chick From Draya

TIP Mistress Jasmine Jaye

HSK Exclusive – T.I. met his new girlfriend, Jasmin Jaye, when the Detroit native was pulling tricks for her madame, Draya Michele.

An insider is saying T.I. is just a trick who bought Jasmin Jaye from her pimp.

Dig the drop:

“Jasmin came up because she’s trailer trash from Detroit.

Bishop Don Juan was trying hard to bump Jasmin from Draya because he wanted to manage her.

T.I. left Tiny for Jasmin,  and has already introduced Jasmin to his kids.”


  1. I don’t know, isn’t this just ‘PR’ to make him more likeable to black women again? – after infecting us with the dreadful ‘Iggy’ Doesn’t he only deal with exoticals but now he keeps on being seen out with brown skinned women?

    I know a lot of black ladies went off him because of Iggy Australia so maybe he is just trying to do some damage limitation here.

    Call me a cynic.

    • You are —he’s just a hound dog —don’t care what color she is—he MARRIED
      so the hell with Ti herbie lips Tiny stupid to put up with this crap.

        • They go both ways—-anyway the wind blows, that’s how they get down..
          His lips awe always infected. LOL

    • **Groundhog Day**

      What goes on in entertainment among a clique of brothas…Walking In Shadows! Tip feels the need to constantly be under the wing of whomever. I saw a lot of this growing up, it’s still a big problem. The past 50 or so years has been an epic fail. We assumed that colorism and black male insecurity were a distant memory… Not So! Swirling does not matter in the real world, not advancing anything worthwhile to us as a people in 2014!!!

    • I am so done with T.I. I hope sistas do not forget about his attempt to check black people about Iggy! I think he is a sell out and will continue to abandon his race

      • We’re constantly seeking validation thru others, which is the underlying issue. Our egos have gotten waaay outta hand. None of us should play mind games like Tip and others…Fruitless Endeavors! I stopped giving my money to these dudes, others should do the same.

    • Tiny brought this on herself. She allowed strippers and various other skanks into her bedroom for group sex while hyped up on E. Then she married this man thinking that things would work out. She was completely dillusional. In the end she lost her man because she wasn’t woman enough to put her foot down and stop the madness.

      • She Should Of Put Her Down On T.I Azz With Her 45 Inch Heels!!!!

        Women Stop Spicing Up Yourself Lives Ever Heard Of “Sexually Jealous”

      • this here amen ..ive rarely seen couples last that allow orgies….he gone really do whatever to test boundaries after all that….

  2. Sooooo not completely divorced, and the rebound is a slut you had to buy? HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, hell naw, or lawd how stupid, well I guess it’s better than nothen, wow I just can’t believe this then again yes I can, t.i. I didn’t think you were that unclassy I tried not to think that about you t.i., I had given you the benefit of the doubt, I see I was wrong, you unclassy, and not a gentleman at all.


  4. My HSK Family,

    I generally don’t like to be the bearer of bad news. I try hard not to speak ill of people but let us all NOT forget this man just had a illegitimate baby, moved mother & said baby into a new home “near his studio” all while still being married to his wife.

    Let me also remind you all be it not for HIS WIFE he would not have had the start he got when he got it & the career he currently has.

    T.I., with all his good sense & supposed moral values is by far one of the most disappointing black men in the entertainment business today. His examples of manhood are exempt of all truth & decency. We can put aside his insertion on that Iggy person…at the end of everyday she’s business & business is income. One cannot knock that but with everything else this fool has done considering he’s married…he’s a complete disgrace in my eyes. I don’t want to hear about their “open marriage” because even THAT wasn’t enough for him to do his devilment respectfully. How vile & thoughtless of him to disrespect his wife & children.

    So, now he has a “brown skin girlfriend” who is known to be a paid trick? REALLY??? Is that supposed to mean some thing to anyone?

    I have zero respect or concern for T.I. & expect for his demise to come soon enough for all to see in same manner he so thoughtlessly allowed his wife to be drugged the perverbial “humiliation ringer.”

    • You know, T I had his whole Family Hustle empire…and he blew is over some pieces of stray miscellaneous ass. Including that under baked Australian, none of these his looks like anything. And how u gone introduced your kids to your paid prostitute and you not even divorced from they mama? Trifling and Shameless.

    • Well stated and I agree 100% Ms. Reg. I watched an episode of his show for the first time last week and I immediately realized that mess is scripted as hell.

    • Let the church say, AMEN!

      This ios why I love HSK. Gives me hope that there still exists a conscious black community.

      Sec. of State, Henry Kissinger in the 1970s wanted an all-out assault on the black population so he got one of the social engineering institutes (Rand, Rockefeller, Carnegie Mellon) to push homosexuality into the black community. Think about the pimps in the blaxploitation movies. Shit is introduced and 20 years later it is the norm.

      T.I. ain’t nuthin’ but a DL rapper and he is so afraid that his cover is blown. All this subliminal shit comin’ from him and other fa&&ot shitheads like Lil Wayne, Baby, A$AP Rocky and they really think that we are buyin’ it. HSK Fam let ’em know we ain’t fallin’ for the okey doke.

  5. T.I. needs to do some soul searching. Guess he ain’t found the right one to give it to him the way he likes.

  6. Ms.Reg and LOL! I agree with y’all 100%! And this why I WILL NOT GET MARRIED!!

    • DR1,

      Yes you will! You’ll get married but you won’t “settle” nor will “you put up with the rampant bulshit we repeatedly see & hear about going on in marriagessence all for the sake of having money & a certain lifestyle.”

      You know damn well Tiny should have divorced T.I. long before now…if for no other reason but to show her daughters & sons “what marriage is supposed to really mean.” They could have stayed single & kept up this kind of foolishness!

      • Ms. Reg, If I didn’t get married in my 20’s what make U think Imma get married in my 30’s? I am 38 and my son is 15. No ma’am, I love my freedom. I agree up to where I see the bullshit. And that bullshit is the reason I am single as we speak. No ma’am. I created an imagine that folks around me do not see me with a man. The reason because the first dumbass insecure female comes into my face about her man is getting a beat down from hell itself. No ma’am its not for me.

        • Da Rai….do you have more than one son? I thought you had an 18 year old that was on his way to college, ma?

          • Oh no, just one child. My 15 year old special needs son. He is the one his high school is helping me get him in the College Life Program at USC in Columbia, SC. When he get into his Junior year at high school we get the paperwork started. He is a smart young fellow with his rotten self.

            • Ahhhh, good for you both then. I’m glad yall found a program that suits his needs and will help him get his education. I know that little man is your heart.

            • I didn’t know you had a special needs son. It’s good to know you aren’t holding him back because of his issues. I have an autistic cousin who my aunt and uncle had in regular school all her life, she just graduated from Towson state. If she can do it, your son can too.


  7. If it’s true that he introduced a girlfriend to his kids then I hope his kids see how he’s making their mother cry and they turn on him and refuse to go the show with him. He’s the least necessary person on the show. It would be better without his corny behind self.

  8. This must be the long weaved chick he showed up to the spot he takes Iggy and was refused entrance. Why would you bring her there with your son if you bring Iggy also? These men are getting sloppy

  9. His daughters will grow up to he hoes and strippers, because that is the kind of woman their daddy likes. Men with daughters have to be very careful about the women the choose to interact with. If you don’t want your baby girl to be a slut bucket, don’t associate with slut buckets.

      • Niq Niq, sadly, is gonna be a promiscuous lil slut like her momma and sneaking, because Tiny is very sneaking with her promiscuity and sluttiness. i believe she did f*ck Floyd Mayweather.

        • Tiny’s not sneaky. She is very predictable. I bet she creep around ATL tricking on D-boys, young dudes, and underground rappers like Pastor Troy. That’s why she always wearing that tacky, cheap, and slutty Citi Trends gear with a crew of chicks that are also undercover tricks.

  10. It will alllllllll come to light in his kids. If TI has dabbled in homosexuality, one if not several of his kids will be gay. Ask Magic. Ya can’t mock God, put on a front and think you’re getting away scott free. The way he’s helped poison the minds of the youth…there’s a penalty for that. All the BS that he’s done undercover will be revealed in the lives of his offspring! He’s dogged Tiny out, expect to see his daughters treated the same way. If Tiny is also promiscuous, expect the kids to be the same way. Both TI and Tiny are very foolish. Just because he has a large bank acct does not mean that he’s a REAL success in life. What the parents do in moderation, the kids will do in excess.

    • right on @Anon!! RIGHT ON! i truly believe Messiah, the oldest son, is gonna be gay, if not bisexual because you can see the li’l gestures and movements already with him. the truth will prevail one day with TI being bi tho. so stay tuned. that “punk” who just cant keep quiet will spill the tea and will get tired of being silenced.

      • Major with his cute self is a young child with an old soul. He is too humble. Watch what I tell y’all him and Deja are going to make something of themselves. King on their other hand is going to be a playa.

      • @dubbautee I totally agree. It’s something about Messiah that is not comfortable with his masculinity. He’s the oldest and he is very immature giggling all the time, holdin his head down, and he’s not comfortable with dating. He has low self esteem and very insecure.

        • @scorpion girl…u need to be a Psychologist, chile..because you laid it on the line so meticulously. guess u can inject shyness in their about him too. and i think that TI wants him to be so much like him, manly-wise, until Messiah may just break his heart in his later years in life and tell him that he is indeed gay, or bisexual.

        • I hope Messiah wasn’t molested or has “experimented” with other young boys. I don’t put anything past living in Atlanta. If you ever watch brother Baba Mwalimu Baruti, him & his wife have a Afrikan-Centered school in Atlanta. On one of his youtube lectures, he stated that he was speaking to a female friend that is a certified counselor & she was stating that she has cases involving 2 sets of 6yr old Black boys were found to be performing O**l S*x on each other on the back of the school bus. I worry about children all over the country, but in Atlanta is like the haven for Black Homosexuality or more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKq7iKZHmRg. If not this video, then look at brother Baruti’s youtube channel.

      • You right about that. I was thinking the same thing about his older son Messiah. I pray he doesn’t though because he seems to have a humble spirit. Him & the youngest son Major have the potential to be “good men”, just hopefully, a good woman can set Messiah straight.

  11. well if he is with said chic – she’s (somewhat) of a vast improvement from his former wannabe ride-or-die chic the Miss Piggy replica, Tiny. just sayin. But T. I. aint nothing but trash his got-damn self though to say the least. and he need to come on out the closet and admit that he’s bisexual…because a reliable source knows him and have been touting for years that T.I. is indeed and in fact bisexual – and also says he has a li’l d*ck….Lol..smdh. mus be his stroke game, which is why htese different and various women get hooked on him, because he’s by far not ugly none whatsoever.

    • T.I is well known for the size of his thang. I feel sorry for the poor bottom that messes with him.
      I also don’t think Tiny minds T.I being bi because I have read she is too. I also read on another site that Tiny hooks T.I up with girls. She hydrates them and provides him with condoms. *shrugs* That’s some new kind of love I can’t relate to.

      • yeah…i did hear that about the pig replica myself. smdh at this and at them. and i dont even watched that overly-fabricated garbage of a show he has. he needs to go ahead and pull the plug on it since he’s now has moved on to another level of trash for a woman.

  12. Both Tiny And Iggy Are Ugly Finally I.T Is Fucking A Brown Skinned Sista!
    I.T Must Remember The Only Reason Why He’s Famous Is Because Of The Black Community White People Wasn’t Checking For Him

    Iggy Is Ruining His Reputation Tiny Looks Like Miss Piggy On Drugs!!

    • Tiny really does look like she’s on something. I don’t know if she’s had a stroke or what. But that is not natural. I don’t know which reality tv chick looks the worst. Tiny or Hazel E from LHHHollywood.

      • @scorpiogirl

        Tiny Is Fugly Black Men Stop Assuming Biracial Are Beautiful Because Some Of Them Are Not!!
        Tiny Looks Like A Drugged Up Miss Piggy And I.T Looks Like Kermit The Frog Their Both Muppet (Hot Mess)

        Tiny Was On The Breakfast Club And Her Sun Glass Were Sliding Off Her Big Ugly Nose She Kept Putting Her Sun Glass On
        But It Kept Sliding Off This Stupid Bitch Should Of Took Them Off!!!

        • Tiny’s problem is not that she is bracial, it is that she is deformed. Her whole body is really deformed.

      • chile aint now who’s what and who look the worse because they both look a treacherous, horrifying, defective-looking mess in the faces. just hard-looking to the utmost in the faces due to all of that blotched plastic sugery trying to keep up with the chics of Hollyweird.

      • chile aint no who’s what and who look the worse because they both look a treacherous, horrifying, defective-looking mess in the faces. just hard-looking to the utmost in the faces due to all of that blotched plastic sugery trying to keep up with the chics of Hollyweird.

  13. Glok your comments today were especially hilarious, lol! I totally cracked up. I agree with the comments about Messiah too. I was flipping the channel the other day and I caught a clip, I thought he was a girl, he is looking real feminine lately.


  14. Life is not all about looks but in Hollywood it’s all about appearance, and Tiny just does not have the physical attributes too compete with the females TI encounters during his field of work which in turns causes her to be fodder for the blogs.Tiny is on borrowed times and she should cut her losses and get her a regular dude who’ll appreciate her because he’ll think she’s the best he ever had.

    • The truth is they both settled. Tiny got with T.I. because he was a young boy toy she could trick on. T.I. got with Tiny because she was a sugar mama, freaky, and had industry connects. Tiny is not sexually satisfied with T.I. and T.I. is not in love nor attracted to Tiny. They are just holding on and have gotten comfortable in their relationship. Tiny is slutty. She likes her ass slapped, hair pulled, talk sh** , and like to talk dirty in bed. Tiny style and the way she carries herself screams “Fuck Me”. She always prancing and bouncing around looking like she wants to be f*cked. She just has a high sex drive and looks like she hasn’t been f*cked enough. When she finds the right one that sexually conquers her, you will see her whole style and demeanor change. Sex drives her. She will settle down when she finds the right one to sexually please her.

      • I doubt she gets any real enjoyment out of having her fake Ass slapped in bed.

        • @scorpiogirl

          Tiny Looks Like A Wet Tampon!! There’s Nothing Sexually Attractive About Her What So Ever T.I Is Fucking Her For Sake
          She’s His Beard And T.I Is Her Beard Which Works Out So Perfectly Only In Hollywood Not In The Real World

          Personally I Couldn’t Share My Woman With No One!! I’m A Bed Room Bully!!!!!!! I’m Aggressive In The Sheets That’s Why My Woman Cries While
          I’ll Ride Her!!!!

  15. TI is a pedophile. thats why his kids gon be f*cked up b/c he already subjecting them to the elites. Somebody put up a video on youtube showing how he was grabbing his son in a very very sexual way & the boy looked scared…smh…Draya is so f*ckin sexy, I didnt kno she was a madam/pimp. damn I guess them vh1 checks got bitches strugglin

  16. I Remember Back In The Early 90’s I was Dating A Girl (A Real Freak In The Sheets) She Wanted To Have A 3Some

    I’m Cool That’s Do It But Should Wanted To Do A 3Some With Her Brother And His Girlfriend!!!! I’m Like Bye Can’t Be Fucking
    Relatives I’m Not Down

    I Was Pissed She Lied To Me I Dumped Her While She Was Expecting

    • yeah…his vids stay banging with actual beautiful and fine women, but his off-the-air life…bulldog-looking and pigglet-looking trash for women. and he is definitely a poor excuse for a dad because he teaching that army he raising how to be pimps and loose whorish women.

  17. I can’t believe that we’re commenting on a post pushed by a desperate, self-promoting hooker… SMH… maybe the good out of this is that she’s booked solid for the next couple of days, LOL!! Well played, get that money while you can! There’s a loooooootttt of competition out there, especially in the ATL!! Try *leaking* this to MTO next! O_O

  18. You know I troll all the the time….interesting. But I must now give a comment. I believe these celebrites are into much more than you will ever know cause you dont have the pass TI is just fulfilling his contract like the others money is God….

  19. let me school yall on some real shit. two things. one, his family show IS inspiring to some AND THEY (family) are are perfect example of how to build an empire. two, he IS a man. done.

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