Nicki Minaj’s Moms’ Gets Gospel Singer On ‘Em…


Move over Karen Clark — Nicki Minaj’s mother is attempting a gospel music takeover… complete with auto-tune!

That’s right, ya’ll! Carol Maraj has taken to carolling God’s good word. Not too sure how that fits with Black Barbie’s apparent agenda of turning out turnt up youth, but it’s going down just the same.

Take a listen to the track “God’s Been Good”, recently released on SoundCloud:


    • She is pretty. It’s a shame Nicki is so unhappy with the pretty features she has inherited from her mom.

      • Ms. Miraj is a very attractive lady. She has such a calm, humble spirit, too. Not saying Onika should’ve done gospel, but she is too smart and too talented to do what she has done.

  1. Aww, look at mama with her little “I wanna be a white girl” with my dead Chinese woman hair weave. LOL, like daughter, like mama. Minaj’s please GTFOH!

  2. Hell naw!! If something “mysteriously” happens to Nicky we know what went down…

  3. she’ll get ass injections and said jesus told her to do it.

    any fool can get a hit using autotune.

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  5. Her daughter is a modern day whore of Babylon but she gone “sing” Gospel. Satan is bold yall.

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