While Jay Z Rocks Tom Ford, Tom Ford Clowns Mr. Carter!


“I had to go on rap translator to understand what it meant… he wears Tom Ford. That’s how he gets his high. Who doesn’t like that?” ~Tom Ford

Is Jay Z’s track dedicated to Tom Ford really a secret serenade to the designer? I don’t know, but I can tell you… not only does Tom Ford say he needed a “rap translator” to understand Jigga’s vocals, ‘Holy Hova’ didn’t make a dime from his lyrical endorsement of Tom Ford’s brand.

“I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford.” ~Jay Z, “Tom Ford”

To add insult to injury, the flamboyant fashion designer made it a point to highlight Jay Z’s Tom Ford “knock off’ tee was the inspiration for Ford’s new line of blinged-out Tom Ford runway jerseys — going for $6,500 a piece.

“It’s like ‘good cop, bad cop’… you have to be nice and supportive.”

Here’s what Tom Ford had to say about Jay Z’s “Tom Ford” track:

“He emailed me and said ‘I’m writing a song called Tom Ford.’ I didn’t know what to expect, but I trust him. He’s a good guy. And then I heard the song. I had to go on rap translator to understand what it meant. But the message is actually quite positive. He doesn’t do drugs, he wears Tom Ford. That’s how he gets his high. Who doesn’t like that?”




  1. i wouldn’t want everything I’ve created coming out of the camels mouth…

  2. I think it looks stupid for him or any rapper to praise these designers or brands as if they have part ownership. It makes them look so stupid…These designers are not flattered by that especially when their peers laugh at them. Stop chanting Tom Ford, Versace, and Maybach repeatedly as if these labels is your God.

  3. He is not a good guy. He’s a thug in a suit. He encourages kids to smoke cigars, sell drugs (all i want in this life of sin), and to do shady business deals/gimmicks to sell records. He is a pariah in the music industry.

    And he constantly sucks up to anyone with white skin. Take the money away and he’ll be back to the thug drug dealer he started out as.

  4. Jay does all that to stay relevant..Like I been there done that mentality. As if TOM FORD is the new fad because Jay been doing it before you could ever afford the brand and if you never heard of it now you have because of J. Im sure Tom doesn’t mind until his stocks go down. I’m sure it went up a bit when the song released. Now everyone thinks there ballin but they got no savings account and kids are starving with no education. Aint that some shit

  5. they all holler out high fashion designers like they are the shit. to me it’s like rubbing your money, cars, fancy clothes in your fans faces, knowing that they can’t afford any thing that you are bragging about. Then these STUPID ass fan/stans
    defend their every action when cleary your fav dont give a damn about you just want your money to buy more Tom Ford or those bullshit shoes Beyonce is bragging about in her drunk song. If they did they would not be making points of what they have and what you dont or cant afford. it’s sad and pathetic. I know some people are like ? shoes!!!
    that my point unnecessary bragging!!!! TRUTH

  6. I tell you a puppet gots to do what a puppet gots to do. Pleasing massa and the dark one is Jay Z’s priority. He looks so stupid. Tom Ford don’t give a flying fig about him.

    Tom Ford and the rest of them probably throw him a few scraps here and there to appease him. I can just see Jay Z now groveling saying thank ya massa, thank ya massa.

    • You remember how BROKE their faces were when an exec for Cristal said he didn’t want their asses drinking that brand!

  7. Tom Ford is a class act compared to most of the designers. He may be gay, but he isn’t all sissified
    and flamboyant. I would never describe him as a queen. And I don’t blame JayZ for rockin the TF shit.

    I would too if I could afford it.

  8. I agree with comments 1-8.

    JayZ is the ultimate useless, uncle ruckus, traitor ni**er.

    But what do we expect from an ex thug drug dealer who hot his own brother ad his mother is a dyke?

  9. So Jay couldn’t shout out any black designers? Jay sure knows how to use those big ass lips of his to kiss YT folks asses. He and the Mrs. are so desperate and pathetic that they’ll do anything to be praised and talked about. Both of them know damn well these top YT designers don’t care about black people nor do they cater their products to black people.

  10. 2pac said it best in 96 big ass dick sucking lips how you gonna be hawaian sophie one minute and be a tough ass mafia man the next bang you dead.

    at least tom didn’t say nothing bad or racist now a lot of blacks are gonna buy his clothes now.

    • I didn’t see your post before I posted below. I said the same thing. These fool are going to flock out and buy these bullshit rags. They’ve already forgotten the Barney’s incident so they’ll go to any length to buy this shit. So disgusting.

  11. Tom Ford has been around longer than Jay-Z and he will be around longer than Jay-Z. That’s not an endorsement it’s an embarrassment.

    • beyonce’s downfall will happen when she gets arrested or goes to rehab numerous times.

      or when jigga’s music stops selling jiggasalmost 50 who wants to hear a 50 year old duded talk about ride or die rifing bumping makaVELI.

  12. I love when blacks kiss white dudes asses, and get patted on the head like a good nigger. Lmao. Hilarious

  13. What a total sale out!!! I guess the people told him to do that this isn’t even funny you out loud jumped on Tom Ford to promote that WACK ass line of over rated rags yes rags SOLD AND BOUGHT BY THE HIGHEST BIDDER!!! Try’en to get people to buy that bullshit

    • Wack ass line? You do know tht Tom Ford was the genius who brought Gucci back to prosperity in the 90″s don’t you? His work is fabulous and never in bad taste. I could understand you saying that about many top shelf designers, but not TF.

  14. Oh great. Now young blacks are going to flock out and buy all this cracker shit. Somebody need to put some shackles on this nicca and throw his ass back in a cotton field. Let’s see his coon ass rap about that. I surely wish his old ass would just disappear. I’m sick of him his shuckin and jivin

    • If a bunch of “young Blacks” are going to run out and buy his “cracker” shit, pleas tell me where they work so I can go apply for a job there.

      Few to no young Blacks will be rockin the Tom Ford.

  15. *Sigh* The reason DAME started Roc-A-Wear was because at the time (98/99) Jay was calling himself Iceberg Slim/Iceberg The Rapper/Jigga. He was heavily rapping & endorsing the expensive urban clothing line called “Iceberg”. Everyone in tue streets was tryna cop or sport Iceberg to get the fly on. One day Dame & Jay went to Iceberg’s CEO’s office and asked for some free clothes since they was the main reason why business was booming. Those CEO’s laughed at them and their request. So DAME with his degree in business and marketing said FUCK IT WE STARTING OUR OWN CLOTHING LINE & ICEBERG WILL BE IRRELEVANT! !. And they did just that. Now years later Jay still bein a coon and making songs/endorsing shit he’s not getting a dime for. FYI he gets paid for everything he’s or his name/brand is apart of, so the real question is why endorsing a man’s brand who barely knows of you or you r mus

  16. I dont understand why these rappers pay homage to people particularly white people who dont respect them. Jay Z has always been the ultimate sellout especiallly the incident with Barneys profiling blacks in their storess. Also snitching to the white man about the distribution deal that would have happened with Dame Dash, J Prince, Suge Knight and somebody else. Jay Z nobody respects you!

  17. Hey Jigga, let’s hear you shout out Trayvon Martin, Jorden Davia or Jonathan Ferrell. That’s why I no longer support Jay-Z he keeps his nose in the ass crack of white coporate Amerikkka.

  18. old money is old money they dont give a phuck about some new ninja with with a litte bit of new money

  19. JZ desperately needs acceptance from the white man if you will recall on one of the late nite talk shows when asked about his racial background he answered TAN, not wanting to be black. The talk show host was shocked. I was so embarrassed for JZ. He is a sad and confused individual and he is old.

    • Very true, JZ is a f*ckin’ middle-aged adolescent. You can hear it in his voice, which is why I never liked him. For me, his voice sounds like a 14 year old. And you know, there is a psychological foundation to our vocal sound.

  20. jay sneeze (yes im allergic) came out as an uncle tom slave and will be dismissed as one.

    • Gay z is nothing more than a big rubber lipped slave puppet. his lips are as big as the Pirelli tyres I have on my car lol

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