50 Exposed Down Low Diddy, Steve Stoute & ‘Rick Ross’!

50 Cent Calls Out Gay Rappers

It may now be deleted from his IG, but Fiddy’s message behind the historic social media blast remains. Can someone say ‘Baaad Boyzzz’?

For those of you who may have missed it… Fif posted the pics on Sunday, before deleting the post captioned:

“I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao.”


  1. No one cares about this any more. Diddy takes care of many women and children. So what if he is bisexual and freaky.

    50 is way more gayer than Diddy. Everything he does, the way he treated Ciara and Vivica, his child’s mother reeks of hate of women, and gayness. Diddy treats all of his women well.

  2. More disgusting than shocking, however; pic 1 is disgustingly shocking because, Rick Ross. He is quite repulsive! How does one even begin to get aroused…male of female? UGH

  3. There is plenty of evidence that outs some of these industry dudes sexuality in question and I for one will never try to make an excuse for these celebs because I’m no idol worshiper. And may be a first for me because I think these dudes will sell their soul, their Ass and their mother for a dollar. But I ain’t buying the first picture…it’s a horrible Photoshop, I got a 12 year old that can do better work than that. I buy the story but miss me with the pic.

    • Thanks Eddie. That seems like a reasonable explanation to me. I agree, it may well have happened so I’m not saying dudes ain’t gay, but that particular photo seems weird.

      • Look at both pics. Look at the hands on the one with the pink shirts. like i said, i think its funny stuff going on but the pics dont appear real…..50 needs a.better staff…..his photo guy is slipping bad.

        • @Eddie,
          I dont know about the Ricky Ross photo but the Steve Stoute and Puffy 1
          have been circulating for YEARS
          Way before 50 got his hands on it in the very EXACT pose

  4. Only a jackass will post that caption. And I have
    Been jackass. If he is gay or bi that is fine.

  5. 80% of the male rappers, singers, actor’s etc…in the Entertainment Industry, are light in the loafers and are as sweet as a tall glass of pink Lemonade.

  6. This is the side I don’t like to see of 50. He needs to leave people alone before they start airing out his dirty deeds.

  7. these pics are old really seen them before.

    puff will run through anything g.

  8. no wonder puff was fascinated with rick and nicki making them fufill his big and lilkim fantasies.

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  10. Ewwww anybody who sleeps wit diddy Wit out a condom is nasty!! Diddy has had the industry men that is and what did we expect officer Ricky ross is now suspect a gay man? Wow well I heard you can’t get a deal final until diddy bends them over the industry is poisonous to these thirsty wanna be rich and famous people its sick and why is 50 act’en like he wasn’t with it to. They turn’en these cats out and it’s sad

  11. 50 is definitely a bigger Queen then Diddy. Hell, they’re all GAY or Bi. 50 just acting out right now because of what Stout said about his music career being dead. 50 acts like a women.

  12. Is them Niccas kissing in that pic or is this more of HSK photoshop? Let me take another look…I think them Niccas are really kissing. WOW. And look how they both got on pink shirts in that other pic-Diddy shirt is HOT ass pink. Ummmm uphmmmm ummmm. Oh my. Welp now I’ve seen it all. Take me now, Lord. I’m ready. Always read around the blogs that Diddy went that way. Never thought I’d see proof with my own eyes.

  13. If I’m not mistaken, 50 and Soulja Boy have a pic with 50’s arm draped around Soulja the EXACT same way Steve’s arm is around Puff, and Soulja is shirtless looking like 50’s bitch..

  14. Damn near everybody in the industry is gay! That is why those two Boondocks cartoons are so funny! All of those rappers and r&b singers are gangsterlicious!

  15. ^Pretty much. Between the two infamous ‘BET’ episodes and the one about Tyler Perry (‘Pause’), I’ve noticed many overlaps between what they portrayed and what’s on this and other sites. Case in point: The line in the ‘Uncle Ruckus Reality Show’ episode from the Reggie Hudlin parody (The President of BET at the time) about ‘the only people who are negatively affected by BET’s programming are black children’ and this statement from an ‘Industry Insider’ on this blog:

    “…Rappers like Lil’ Wayne are paid to f*ck up the minds of black children. That’s his whole mission. His only mission.”


    It goes without saying that all three episodes were banned for telling TOO MUCH truth about the Entertainment and Music Industries as they relate to blacks, which would explain why Aaron McGruder wanted to end the series after the third season, which was summed up by a comment from Huey in the Obama episode:

    “…What’s the point of talking if nobody ever learns?”

  16. i notice that eminem distance himself from the rest even though they probably got him too
    maybe thats y he stayed high all the time in the past cause he found out first hand what the industry was all about

    • em and proof acted like fags.

      bizarre made lyrics bout f*cking his cousin in his ass.

      like how royce da 59 dissed em and d12.

      he said to proof since em signed 50 I don
      t see youyr teeth as much.

      topld d12 they’ll be raking 50’s leaves.

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  19. Sorry I’m not buying the rumor that Rick Ross is down with the agenda. They only include guys that they are actually attracted to that’s why they had no problem taking down Biggie

    • Ross is into something and is down with an agenda. He is being used to dumb down the youth and teach blasphem. He mocks Christ (as the rest) and mocked the death of T. Martin. So he is down with something, I have -0 respect for all of them.

  20. That nigga Diddy been smashin dirty hairy asses for years. He likes fuzz ball booties

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