Nicki Minaj Slams Kylie Jenner for Fueling Travis Scott’s #1 Album

nicki minaj kylie jenner travis scott album

Nicki Minaj came up with all sorts of excuses as to why Travis Scott couldn’t possibly have the #1 album, which was reported as outselling her fourth studio album, Queen. She even lied to her Barbz that official numbers for album sells and streams were wrong!

And Nicki was really in her feelings after Kylie Jenner announced she and her daughter, Stormi, would be joining Travis on tour, which Nicki thinks helped to inflate his numbers.


nicki minaj travis scott album

The numbers don’t lie, Nicki!


  1. Illumin@ti Is About To Sacrifice Nikki Minaj !!! (see: lil kim being fake friendly now)

  2. A bunch of no talents fighting to hold on to the last seconds of their 15 minutes.

  3. Nicki had a good long run she lasted longer than most female rappers who get one or two albums and then fall off

    Time for her to move on she can always sell pussy

  4. She is so petty. Nicki almost 40 years old still talking about some damn Barbie and arguing with people almost 20 years younger than her like bitch grow tf up. Her stage presence is horrible, her album sounds like her last albums she needs to hire a new team and focus on a new image instead of bashing others for becoming successful.

    • @ 8:27…..LMAO @ “almost 40 years old still talking about some damn Barbie”.
      Yea, she’s sounding like sour grapes for real.

      • yess like there is nothing worst than a sore loser. No one wins all the time idk why her crazy ass think she’s immuned to losing she’s trying to be on azealia banks’s Level now

  5. If she’s educating folks about the music industry I am all for it, but her obsession with being #1 and wanting awards and recognition and isht is just ridiculous. Does she create music cause she wants to or is there another reason. Now she’s comparing herself to an historic slave woman – damn! If she had slave LINEAGE she’d know this is wrong! Now I want her to stfu! I have had enough of her!

  6. I remember when lil kim got 5 mics in da source for ” the naked truth.” Ppl were screaming “hell no” but that shit was fire. Props to them for takin a stand even though lil kim scares me now with all her different faces. Chucky’s grandmother. She got down with that album.

    I breaks my heart that nicki and cardi are pushed into our faces as the pinnacle of female rap when cash doll.and rico nasty are way better. But u know these niggas and niglets will worship anything light skinned smh. Will let white female rappers(?)stay relevant. And other buffonery.

  7. PTB pushing white, brown, yellow, red – anyone but black rappers. Kardy B was created. She is not black and I am tired of her trying to ‘act black’ and then dog out her black man on social media like all he’s good for is sex. We get enough of that with the K Klan.

  8. Wasn’t no female rappers pushing the lesbian agenda til.nicki came along

    Ok you had female rappers and singers dress like dykes but they never played with that lesbian.chit like Nicki did

    Nicki was used to.brimg in lgbt like the rest of cash money

    • @CrazyChris

      Hey chris was that really nicki minaj when she was younger and looked like a str8 up butch dyke? I know u know lol.

  9. Her ride is over and she knows it. It doesn’t matter is she came up with the best album of all time, it’s over and she has been replaced. Her best bet is to save her money, downsize on her lifestyle, and exit that life or, she will end up dead. Those are the options.

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