A Drunk Blac Chyna Goes Off on Paparazzi


    blac chyna drunk paparazzi video

    Blac Chyna was spotted with a red Solo cup and an opened bottle of champagne in the car being driven by her boyfriend. When paparazzi captured a photo of her, Chyna went off, demanded they delete the photos and told them they better not mess with her because she’s a “from D.C.”

    Click the arrows on the IG post to see how it all went down.

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      • They pretty ratchet in N. VA, don’t get it twisted.
        Them hoes over there, like to fight too.

      • D.C. People Are Like Gangs In Jail !!! (No initiation needed) ~ Trey Dee From The Dogg Pound Said This On VladTv !!

    1. She’s lucky she has paparazzi following her funny looking ass in the first place. She sucked and fucked a many to get to where she is now and wants to complain girl bye

    2. Lucky isn’t wasn’t the po-po! Funny how black folks always represent their city like that means something…”I’m from…” “Ima ______B!” We don’t play that in ______!

    3. she must have the kardashians publicist because she is always in the D level tabloids.

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