Guy Who Found Bobbi Kristina Unconscious Dead of Reported Overdose

max lomas bobbi kristina

Max Lomas, the guy who found Bobbi Kristina Brown unconscious in her bathtub back in 2015, was found slumped over a toilet “with a syringe nearby” inside his friend’s bathroom.

The Mississippi State Medical Examiner claim the 28-year-old was seen alive by the friend 10 minutes earlier, but after the reported overdose, he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Heroin was listed as the suspected drug in play.


  1. Blind item on another site says this is the handy work of Nick Gordon & Cissy Houston. The cover up continues.

  2. Everybody in that drug circle ends up dead

    Bk had a friend who was not even on drugs ended up dead

    They had to have been.involved in some devilish stuff

  3. Who was that @CrazyChris 8:04? The friend that wasn’t on drugs that ended up dead.

  4. How about he supplied Bobbi Kristina with the drugs that killed her then put her in the tub to make it look like a overdose and an identical murder scene to her mom. Nick Gordon was the fall guy. They were partying it got out of hand and they tried to cover it up

  5. Vivid imaginations or just too much damn time on all of your hands which is it? This is what happens to junkies they od and some die. Period.

  6. I don’t care – she thought he was her friend. Dragging Bobbi Kristina’s name up over and over serves no purpose. Her mother was a one of a kind vocalist and a star and this little girl died tragically amidst the mess that was her life. We will never know what this white boy knew and what part he played during her death. Didn’t the female friend die too? Run the credits cause this show is over.

  7. Man i tell u that heroin is tryin to make a comeback.

    Usage has spiked in Atlanta and other cities. It’s spilled out from the ghetto to the suburbs.

    2 ppl from my old neighborhood were found dead in a car not too far from the hood from a heroin overdose. Just slumped over dead at 3 in the fuckin mornin. And this is as middle class black hood; they weren’t known for usin heroin, just cocaine.

    Bobbi kristina got caught up in all that and couldn’t shake the demon that was right in her face. Accidental overdose or not. That’s a easy way to get away with murder as we all know kurt cobain didn’t really kill himself. That evil trailer trash bitch courtney love murked him. Kurt was only doin heroin because he had tremendous stomach pain and he got hooked. Kurt was tired of that big lipped jealous cunt and she knew it. Now she on empire lookin all docile compared to the loud mouthed black women who try to intimidate with their abrasive nature.

    If u gon use heroin just snort it don’t inject it lol.

    • Ummm…nope, riding that dragon by any method is deadly, and although this vid makes light of it, it’s no laughing matter

      NARCAN should be given away wherever they give out free needles, no questions asked, Real Talk.

      I want one cuz you never know who’s using these days. Friends Fams and Foes…I’d rather be prepared to save a life than having to helplessly watch someone die right and front of me, smh.

      • Sheet what happened to good ole crack lol?

        It’s super addictive but you won’t die PHYSICALLY from it i heard .

        Whitney and bobbi didn’t die UNTIL they started chasing the dragon casmh.

  8. The withdrawal from snorting is the same as shooting if it becomes a habit. Poison doesn’t provide healing.

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