Nicki Minaj Compares Herself to Harriet Tubman

nicki minaj harriet tubman

Nicki Minaj continued to rant about losing the number 1 spot on the music charts against Travis Scott. In a moment of craziness, she even compared herself to Harriet Tubman…

nicki minaj harriet tubman 2

nicki minaj harriet tubman


  1. Harriet Tubman is spinning in her grave like a meat slicer thinking about this bullsh*t.

    All because some no talent got mad that she didn’t sell as much as she thought she would. We could drag Nicki to hell and back TWICE and it still wouldn’t be enough.

    Somebody get the poor girl some help. She actually thinks she’s somebody.

  2. Welp Black America you all created this over-rated narcissistic Bytch! I was never a fan.

    • Black America did NOT create this…NO one makes it in the industry w/o selling out!!! Literally and figuratively…

      If you don’t know shit and it is obvious you don’t, STFU.

  3. I saw her accept an award last night on the VMA’s and her gigantic fake ass is too much! She looks stupidAF.

  4. First off tbh Nicki is not a black American so her comparing herself to Harriet Tubman makes her sound even dumber. They must have this bitch on Kanye West’s drug regimen because she’s beyond delusional and needs to sit her old ass down somewhere

  5. Shameful and pathetic marketing tactic from a subpar “artist” but it’s to be expected from the same female that used Malcolm X’s iconic photo for a cover to Lookin Ass N#$%a. Such a wonderful display of narcissistic ego inflated by the BC.

  6. I agree with every comment here!
    I was through with Anaconda – like this society needs another black female naked and posing provacatively for media hype. 2018 should be the year we STOP applauding this mess!

  7. Stupid wildly popular entertainers always feel drunk with power and feel like they can do Anyting in da world. Instead of just stayin in her lane and performing her ghostwritten lyrics lol. Knowin god damn well benovolence is mars’ ppl’s words to her. Talkin bout harriet tubman. Only thing she care about is is her bottom line. All the girls and boys that wanna eat her punanny. Nicki Minaj turns out girls daily whoooo!

    Arrogance and narcissism oozes from her pores. Talkin about harriet tubman. I can’t believe her. Dumb illuminati entertainer. She need to shut up fo reels lol.

  8. I only have one comment about this article. …I hate those fake baby bangs ….the baby hair is gone dog…that is all…carry on…

  9. How come these Caribbeans never talk about people from THEIR countries? Instead, they come here and hijack black American history and culture and engage in identity theft! I wish these peoples would worry about themselves and leave us alone.

    • Exactly. Like I said this bitch is not a black American. People love stealing stuff from black American people smh

  10. This hoe is losing her mind because her ass is on the way out. Just bow out gracefully Ms Minaj.

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