Nicki Minaj Drops Remy Ma Diss Track ‘No Frauds’

nicki minaj remy ma no frauds

It took her long enough, but Nicki Minaj has finally clapped back at Remy Ma in her new diss track “No Frauds” featuring Lil Wayne and Drake.

According to iTunes, the song is a hit:

What do you think? Too little too late?


  1. Her fanbase is full of faggot ass niggaz LOL Brainwashed like the devilish industry wants them to be. Now Remy about to murder this cement injected bitch with FACTS and those all those washed up battle rappers gonna be crying too LOL #PunisHER

    • Right here!! I hate that she responded but I’m glad she ain’t mention the lady name, did not hit below the bet and she getting paid. Because it it ain’t free to listen to them songs. Lol but I not think that other lady could do that with her Nicki diss no matter Howe good her diss was lol

    • We right here honey. This is actually not a reply. Its just a song that she dropped a few diss lines in..since yall were dying for her to say something. And there was no lie in the shade she threw. Meanwhile Remy flooded hers with lies that Nicki’s haters wanna hear. All the guys Remy listed that Nicki slept with all came out to deny. Also Nicki neva openly supported her was confirmed that her mom loaned her house to pay his legal bills & bail.
      Her ass didn’t pop because she had fat transfered and not implant. Nicki makes the news always but Safari only makes the news becos of Nicki. And now Remy made headlines..why? Becos of Nicki

      • Wow fat transfer? Where did all that fat come from then? She was skinny before. Lol stop caping for her she dont even know you

      • Gurl you are silly as hell. Wtf you mean fat transfer. The bitch was tiny. Y’all hoes kill me. Nicki fans are gay people little gurls and stupid hoes with multiple kids by different men living on section 8

  2. I think Nicki feels Remy is beneath her and that’s why she didn’t respond in a timely manner. They’re both bullies so hopefully they’ll cancel each other out.

  3. Isn’t it beautiful to see blacks encourage each other to degrade one another. That’s why I love rap battles so much “Yo mama a hoe, you black as fuck, you poorer than me, I move that snow” Smdh Cooning never stops

  4. This girl has no talent at all she’s just self hating calling darker skin women shaneyney and nappy heads in her song. She trully thinks she’s better but black women will still big her up. I hope her Karma is soon and swift.

    • Nicki and that lady about the same color, how did this turn into a dark light thing. I could see if this was Mya and that lady but Nicki about 1 shade lighter than her

      • Apparently you failed reading comprehension in 4th grade. I cited just a couple incidents as proof that Nick Minaj thinks she is better than DARKER WOMEN hence why she bleached her skin to be even lighter and make her eyes look chunky with eyeliner.
        She was signed to color struck coon Lol Wayne because she’s lighter. Have you heard the things he has stated in his music about Dark Skin women?

        • You must be dark? Cause I’ve not heard 1 person mention color in his beef and if Wayne like light girls, that’s what he likes, who cares. Light men usually like dark woman. You act like there’s something wrong with dark ppl and I don’t think Nicki is light skinned at all, before or after bleach, If that’s even true. She brown, not even caramel!

  5. Ayyyyeeeee Pretty Girls stand up!!!! Not even a fan but I’m all for supporting bad bytches from hatin hoes….

    I almost feel like we got played, like That lady was paid to ruin her own career so Nicki can sell these songs. Oh well, if so,it worked on me. Because that one line about her missing out on her son life for 1k, had to hit every part of that lady gut as a Mom. Plus if her son ever hear it, he will never forget that!! Yikes!!! She better learn how to leave ppl alone. She should’ve just stayed on Love and Hip Hop, she was doing pretty well on that show.

    • REMY – her name is REMY – had a few choice lines for pink wig. Pink wig had ONE line and you riding that? yeah ok!

  6. What’s the difference between Remy ad Nicki both sold sex and that’s all they could offer terror squad played out when pun died and ain’t fat Joe broke these days Nicki punked out Iggy and Mikey because they wannabe hoodgirls no match but still this is played out for both if them rappers just can’t make mobey

  7. OKay so I get why Remy is so hot supposedly all of a sudden. I never knew her husband was a rapper and a good one at that. So everyone is supporting her because she’s married to him. I just listened to some of his music and he’s definitely talented. They should have spent there time promoting him, instead of hating on Nicki. Now his rap career may never take off.

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