Nicki Minaj Does Drake, Drops Nearly Naked Pics To Plug ‘Anaconda’ Release

Nicki Minaj OVO Fest Drake

HSK Exclusive – Drake is said to be lying in the details behind why Nicki Minaj has pushed the release of her single ‘Anaconda’ back a week.

A source exclusively tells HSK… the Pills n Potions princess has signed on as Aubrey The Actor’s “surprise guest” for his upcoming OVO Fest in Toronto.


Nicki’s doubling up with Drake-date (August 3rd) falls two-days before her rescheduled released date (August 5th). Add that to the recently dropped, nearly nude pics… and it appears Dirty Nicki’s pulling out all the stops to try and keep her numbers up, and stay relevant.

Don’t you agree?

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  1. Her azz looks like two over-inflated beach balls. I suppose brothas find that sexy.

  2. Fake ass or not, nikki is sexy..I think shes had the best post plastic altered procedure thus far…

  3. I remember her giving some I interview where she swore she gave up nothing for her success….no throat. No ass. She is a lie. No one who wants to be known for talent gives lap dances onstage and posed nearly naked.

  4. What does posing nude (and heavily photoshopped) have to do with music?

    So seeing this pic of her everywhere FOR FREE is supposed to make me want to spend money on her crappy music?

    Maybe if it was Iggy Azalea. I hear she’s the new face of hIp hop … BOL! Just kidding guys…

    • She was heavily airbrushed. Looks like one of those old No Limit album covers. Just missing the gaudy background.

      • She wishes it was a gaudy No Limit cover with the army tanks and gold chains!

        • master p had the cheapest album covers he spent little money promoting his artists.

          at least you heard of no limit artists.

          rap a lot album covers were cheap and j prince spent no promotion on them whatsoever except scarface and geto boys.

          mercedez album cover was classic for one reason and she was copying Adina howards album cover./

      • I’m glad someone else saw the untouched photos with all of her back fat and ripples. She was a lot darker, too.

        • Yeah she was brown, not yellow, in the originals. Wish they were posted on this site…

          How does thIs make her money? Why would I ever buy a song I can hear on radio for free?
          I can look at this porn picture for free too?

          • You have to ask someone with a penis how she makes money. She has never seen a penny of my coin. Pink Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Roman Reloaded, Regurgitated, Resuscitated — I have never supported Nicki. Beyonce got $9.99 of my money when B-Day was released because Deja Vu was crazy. Other than that, she hasn’t received anything else from me. I wouldn’t show Rihanna my wallet, more or less the currency in it. Then again, I support talented people who actually have substance. They still exist and they aren’t doing silly shit as a means of promoting themselves and/or their releases.

            • Willie:

              $9.99 didn’t make me nor will it break me. That was several years ago, and I’m not sorry for it.

              Heterosexual men may not be buying Nicki’s music, but gay men are. She, Iggy, Rihanna and Beyonce all have a large gay male following. I honestly believe the gays are a lot of these women’s bread and butter.

        • The supposed original, pre-photoshopped, is on MTO.
          However due to the notoriety of that site with publishing fake, I wouldn’t recommend.
          To make matters worse, the said OG, looks airbrushed to fit the article, lol.

          • The majority of blogs post false stories and don’t remove them or print retractions. Very few people who run blogs actually have journalism backgrounds or journalistic integrity.

            • Ok so you proved his/her point that mto is not reliable so stop referencing them dummy

            • You’re hopping on threads referring to me as a dummy, yet you have failed to post a remotely intelligent response. People are quick to bring MTO’s credibility into question, but they aren’t as unreliable as people claim.

              Folks swore the photos of Oscar de la Hoya in drag were photoshopped. “Experts” came forward and lied, stating the pics were photoshopped, yet they were real. Keep believing everything you’re told and continue proving who the real dummy is.

          • By who? Nicki? Ha.

            The originals look real. Real back fat and real ripples and real brown skin.

            No ones skin is that even over their entire body. Not even a baby’s skin is that uniform in color and texture. Only in photoshop.

            The 2 photos appeared elsewheres besides Mediafakeout. We all read it. Lets not fight about it.

            • People will believe anything on the internet, im not saying shes perfect with no backfat im saying those supposed originals are photoshopped by mto to make a story

  5. I like Nicki but she stole LiL Kim style who I love. Nick fame is come to an end. I’ll definitely take Nicki or Iggy. Iggy cool but she s not Nicki.

    • Correct. Once u show ur ass like 42 times no one gives a phuck. Ask Madonna.

      • Madonna’s net worth says otherwise. Madonna’s fans are loyal. She still releases good music and she is a hell of an entertainer. Nicki started out a gimmick and that’s where she will stay until she is no longer. RIP Nicki Minaj. Her time is up.

        • Loyal fans are an asset, even when the artist is bordering on sub par musically. Her last Album wasn’t that great and his subsequent tour was abysmal, with large pockrts of canceled shows n low turnouts.
          Gotta hand it to her, she still works her ass off, in an attempt to produce good music, it Just out of sync

  6. It may have been classier to pose seductively with that pink fitness ball than the Black Tail inspired squatting in a thong in fecal position. The Google meme is funny. People are creative.

  7. Yea that’s true.
    But then again, a few of the notable newspapers are without their share of journalists who are quite unscrupulous.

    • People throw a lot of shade and slander Sandra Rose’s way (because of her disdain for Beyonce and Obama), but she is really one of a couple bloggers whose stories are usually on point. I also like the fact that ONLY her members can post to her site. A lot of them are idiots, tbh, but I like the fact that she doesn’t condone savage behavior. My dislike re: her site is that she stays up certain people’s asses — Monica, Tiny and Slimm from Plush Blue Ent. They are ‘FOBs,’ friends of the blog, so posting derogatory comments about them can get you banned. Lol. Otherwise, she has a very well run site.

      • Gotta have favourites, the bills must be paid, to ensure nothing gets in the way of the bloggers ass kissing, ;).

        President Obama, is not as popular in the blogsphere, as I have discovered and, it seems , neither is Mrs Carter aka Beyonce. So I can understand Ms. Romain’s stance in regards to those two

        • Are you from across the pond? Sandra Rose is Atlanta based but London born and raised. I saw you spelled ‘favorite’ with a -u.

            • Alright! Welcome! (You may have been a poster for awhile, but I’ve just recently seen your name.)

            • ‘Tis good to have some new blood, so-to-speak, on HSK. Folks who transmit good vibes through a computer or smartphone are a gift. Again, welcome!

  8. Nikki is just going through the phases most queens artist go through. Most of the top shelf queens artists go though a list phase in the career. Nas Fiffty LL even Run dmc all had that cold couple of years where they missed the wave and waited for new ones to arrive. Nikki bread and butter were her outstanding verses and top notch production. She coupled that with some Pamela Anderson tits and lady gags gear
    And she was on. Them custom outfits and wigs cost about 40,000 a set. Now she like busta and missy found out that shit comes out your check. So now she looking like a regular chick. Pretty but regular and her songs are behind the times. Iggy got a dope flow but rap enthusiast no she has mastered everybody flow from Mia x to eve. She remind me of ludachris. Very dope but unoriginal style. Nikki should write some battle raps and kill some of the weaker female battle rappers. ( leave Jaz and official alone.) remember Remy put her foot in Lady Luck ass before she got locked up. If anything go the hova route and make a takeover track and stir some
    Beef up. Nikki can hold her own on the mic
    But she comes off as thirsty and a reacher
    To hold the publics attention. ( and her own marketing folks probably made those booty memes. Cause her and kim k got the weirdest looking buts this side of a trans convention.)

  9. girls take notes you wanna sell records show your ass.

    career fading because you fake but when another white girl with injections come and take youyre spot what do you do.

    show your ass again.

    yes go ouit sell sex, kisds giorls, give lap dances you know get more inplants, nosejob, breasts, did.

    play the bisexual role say you like men but wear a strap on while rapping.

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