Nicki Minaj: Broke People Should Never Laugh!

nicki minaj queens radio broke people

On the latest episode of Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio, the rapper went OFF on broke people and artists who can’t even make it to the top of the charts.


    • She already is.. These Entertainers are NOT banking like they claims. This FRAUD as Bi!@h is as fake as they come. She will lose all of endorsement deals as well. All of this shyt she talking.. She DON’T know is hurting her CAREER.. What’s left of it. Stupid h*.. You’re a Has been sit DOWN..hang it up Flat screen. Ha. Funny how that song came out I believe in 2011.. Now LOOK at her CAREER now. Ha.

  1. Nicki Minaji the corporate sponsored artist, who is a handpicked puppet used by the powers that be to block really talented artists from getting into the music industry BYE FELECIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She’s past her expiration date and she knows it. It’s why she is lashing out at everyone. No albums, no tours, nothing. Hopefully she saved her money. She already sold her soul so no redemption there. Cardi will suffer the same fate soon enough.

  2. Does this broad have any money?!!! Cash money don’t pay their artist,we all know that!

  3. So at this point she’s hoping that trolling will work for her?

    That’s an interesting business model.

  4. Off topic: This story is not being reported by mainstream media. A white man who is a convicted sex offender pissed on a 5 year old black girl and called her a n***er. No charges were brought against him. The incident happened in Kent County Michigan. The District Attorney said the little girl lied about the story. The white man who is a convicted sex offender was released from police custody.

  5. I’m starting to really not like this bitch. She’s gonna be the one crying very soon when she realizes she sold her ass and soul to Satan for nothing as her rap career goes bankrupt. Anybody can get money but not everyone is going to do dumb shit just for a piece of paper that eventually will disappear.

  6. What would happen if she didn’t have her ‘radio station’ to broadcast her vents…would she just implode??

  7. Can someone please put her out of her misery…….I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one trick pony happy about anything!!!!!!!

    • Exactly. For someone that lucked up and had her dream fulfilled she sure is miserable about life.

  8. Watch out Nicki

    Birdman bout to drop you

    Your album sucks

    Instead of beefing with cardi she should have tried to work with her

    Talking bout her personal business with safaree who still trying to be a rapper himself

    We know Nicki is crazy and bipolar she turns into a drag queen named Roman named after that pedo satanist

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