Blac Chyna Has a New Man & She’s Trickin’ on Him!

blac chyna boyfriend cj

Blac Chyna is done with rapper YBN Almighty Jay, and is dating an entertainment exec named CJ. She’s already flaunting him around town and trickin’ on him too!


  1. See this is precisely why a lot of chicks out here
    are nuttier than squirrel sh*t. They go from dude
    to dude, with little to no down time in between–
    allowing all these dudes to enter into them, leaving an
    imprint of their aura/spirit (good or bad) attached to
    their souls (heart, whatever)… which is not at all easy to
    cleanse yourself of when you’re done with that person.
    Ever wonder why so many of these chick out here are with
    so many twisted personalities you’d think you were having a
    conversation with Sybil?! One day they’re hot, the next they’re
    cold as ice?! Confused, never satisfied (spiritually, mentally, physically,
    sexually, or financially), romantically restless, etc, etc, etc.

    Sadly many end up desperately seeking solace in drugs and alcohol.
    Hopefully, for her and kids sake, this is just a money move/publicity stunt.

  2. Haters leave the girl alone. Let her live and get your self a life. If she s happy let her be happy with this new man. Losers !!!

  3. Ummm, she’d better not go to his home country and meet his family. They would stone her over there.

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