Nicki Minaj Beefs With Taylor Swift Over VMAs

nicki minaj taylor swift beef 2

Nicki Minaj got put in check by Taylor Swift after ranting about the VMAs.

A very salty Nicki took to Twitter to rant about her videos “Anaconda,” and “Feelin’ Myself” not being nominated for Video Of The Year at the VMAs.  Then she threw out “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.”

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T-Swift took this as a personal insult, as the tall leggy pop star is nominated, and fired back at Nicki.

Minaj then tried to cover it all up and act like she wasn’t subtweeting Taylor.

nicki minaj taylor swift beef 4

If she had nothing to say about Taylor then why did she act like she was going to pull a Kanye and jump on the stage when the award’s presented – just like he famously did to Swift when she beat out Beyonce at the VMAs.

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  1. Nicki was a very slim chick before the uh butt injections… Why is she hating on a body type she was naturally born with?

    • IKR? At kitty. without butt injections, plastic surgery, weaves, wigs, false lashes, false nails, heavy makeup, fake breasts, the majority of the industry chicks would only be a semblance of themselves! laughing really loud! laughing really loud!

  2. What’s to talk when it comes to a trivial award from MTV, a channel that still kinda calls itself ‘music television’? She’s just mad she didn’t get the same ‘recognition’ as Taylor.

  3. Nicki needs to see a shrink with her bipolar self. I have no respect for trash like herself. Taylor could give her a few tips on how to be a lady. Nicki is a disgrace. At least Taylor has real hair

  4. Taylor has real hair,tits, and ass. She didn’t have to compromise herself like you Nicki an insecure little witch. Keep getting those ebts awards you ghetto troll.

    • I’m no fan of Nicki’s but let’s not act like Taylor doesn’t wear extensions, get lip injections and didn’t have her teeth her boobs done. If you actually pay attention to Taylor’s stunts you would see how much she has compromised herself. The girl is clearly a lesbian but her people would rather market her as a serial dating hoe than reveal her truth. She’s just as fraudulent as Nicki.

    • Its called the BET awards and why must you white people degrade black culture by calling everything associated with blackness “ghetto”. Your girl Taylor is the one whose had 50-11 boyfriends in just two years. Nikki has only dated 2 guys that we know of AND she has “non ghetto” awards as well.

      • Some of the guys she ‘dated’ she bearded for. In other words, some of them are gay or bisexual. Who am I talking about? The most famous ‘boyfriend’ she had: Harry Styles. He’s gay. No really. He is.

      • WTF are you talking about? I’ve Googled and searched everywhere and can’t find anything about Taylor Swift having reconstructive surgery.

    • What the f*ck are you talking about! Go look at Taylor Swift’s old pictures. That rat face bitch has had plastic surgery!

  5. Their all a gimmick and fraudulent and that’s what the music industry is based on. If your someone of a certain age and have common sense you won’t buy into this garbage.

  6. The only difference between Taylor and Nicki is Taylor have good PR ppl cover up for her. Other than that, they are both skanks

      • And Taylor should talk about pitting women against each other.The song “Bad Blood” is talking trash about Katy Perry.Both Nicki & Taylor are full of crap,this is a publicity stint at best.

  7. both of them have compromise in order to get into the industry!! they have to compromise their morals, values, and / or belief in order to be put on, and stay on! SMH at them both!

  8. We all know who Nicki Minaj f*cked to become a celebrity. I want to know who the hell Taylor Swift f*cked to become as famous as she is? Did she suck off the same people that Jennifer Lawrence sucked off? I also want to know why all of these white girls love this rat face bitch so much? Taylor Swift can’t sing, can’t act and can’t dance, but she is the number one singer in hollywood. I just don’t get it!

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