Lil Wayne Kicked Off Jet For Being Too High

lil wayne high on plane 2

There’s been more trouble for Lil Wayne on a plane as he was kicked off a jet for getting high.

Early this morning, Wayne and his crew were on a private jet and they asked the pilot if he’d mind that they light a few spliffs.  The pilot refused their request, and the plane took off.  Not even twenty minutes into the flight the pilot could smell weed being smoked on board.  The dude was not messing around and immediately turned the plane back around and kicked everyone off the plane.

Weezy and his crew got off at the Fort Lauderdale airport, and when he was leaving the plane someone spotted him holding a double cup filled with a “pinkish-purplish water.”

lil wayne high on plane 3

Back in 2013, Wayne had issues with drinking too much lean and several times had seizure-like symptoms while on planes.   He’s supposed to be steering clear of the stuff or his brain will fully give out.

The rapper’s camp says the plane turned around because of a mechanical issue, but that’s just a smoke screen for Tunechi and his boys smoking up while in flight.


  1. Have you heard the shit he puts out as music ??!
    His brain is already fried mush !!!!…

  2. This fool will not learned. U see how Whitney, MJ, Krissie ended up. Sounds to me that Baby is about to be rich again.

  3. Instead of doing drugs he should have spent time watching Baby and his $

  4. And yet when he finally ODs, many will declare that he was sacrificed ala Whitney.
    I bet you if he would lay off the lean, he won’t end up dead.

  5. If he don’t go ahead and kill himself already. Jeez. Either take a dirt nap or get positive and figure out your problems. Good look to you Wayne. Hopefully you will chose to get help. There are tons of psychiatrists at his disposal that can treat depression organically and cognitively.

  6. baby already tried to have him killed earlier guess young fag has better head and ass.

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