Meek Mill Exposes Drake! And Disses Nicki’s “Gay” Ex

meek mill safaree drake diss 2

Meek Mill put Nicki’s ex, Safaree, on blast and then exposed Drake for using ghostwriters.

Feeling himself and then going on a Twitter tangent, Meek Mill got things started off by calling his girl’s ex, Safaree “SB” Samuels, gay.  This is after a video of Safaree shaking his backside has been making the rounds.  He calls SB gay for letting Nicki grind all up on dudes in her videos when the two were together.

meek mill safaree diss

Once Milly’s shade juices started flowing he turned his attention to other rapper’s in the game, most notably Drake.  The Philly rapper exposed the Toronto singer/rapper (sapper) for not even writing his own rhymes.

meek mill safaree diss 4

meek mill safaree diss 5

He says that Drizzy refused to tweet out Mill’s album because they put him on blast after finding out the verse he put on it wasn’t even written by Drake.  The MMG rapper says he doesn’t want to mess with anyone who is using ghostwriters and called Audrey a “dweeb.”

meek mill safaree diss 3


    • Did anyone notice all same hand signs from every rapper in this pic ??
      Look again !
      Like attracts like !

  1. So Nicki was getting raw dogged by a switch hitter for 12 years and you’re running up behind that and kissing her in the mouth?

    They makes you a wierdo and possibly gay yourself Meek.


  3. This nigga is so in love, he acting like an insecure stalker. Who runs around talking shit about their girlfriends ex’s? I mean damn. Is Nikki dating Drake or you Meek? If she by your side then forget about them past niggas and focus on the two of you. Jealous behavior like this isn’t attractive and he’ll lose Nikki if he keeps this up. I dont see Nikki dissing his babymoms or his past girlfriends. Before you know it, Meek gonna ban Nikki from being within 10 feet of any male AND request she burn all pictures of her with men that are NOT him.

    • Wait. He said Safaree “let” Nikki do all that stuff? I see. So Meek’s gonna tell Nikki what he’s gonna “let” her do?
      Big words from a small man. If Nikki’s not faking that empowerment she preaches to girls she will show Meek Mill the door she will “let” him run out of.

      • Basically. Meek so drunk in love that he don’t know what to do with himself. Alot of guys act like him when they get in their feelings over a woman for the first time. I think Nikki is gonna easy on him because she gets it, but Meek needs to reel himself in. Where are his friends?

  4. what is this, a lovers quarrel?? ijs, I see some DSL up in the pics, for real, , for real!

  5. also, look at his hands in his pics! he’s down with the boys club!! Smh! Switch hitter! laughing really loud at the pot calling the kettle black! Who isn’t gay in the rap industry these days?? 0 – K?

    • what you said! ! exactly!! pray for me, and my family, sis!! My Aunt Jean that was in a coma 2, or 3 months ago,and was doing alright, and came out of it about a month ago, or maybe two, but she just went into cardiac arrest this past Sunday!! 🙁 I’m just now hearing about it just now, so I’m about to get off line!! Gotta see what the funeral arrangements are going to be! GBU! One!

  6. Meek and nicki just started dating anf theyre not married so meek cant telll her what to do that fling tjey got wont even last long safari did somethong right he was with nicki 12 years and meek been with her a few months

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