Azealia Banks to Action Bronson: “F*cking Fat Slob”

Azalea Banks vs Action Bronson

Azealia Banks jumped on twitter yesterday to weight in on the feud between Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson.

“F*cking fat slob. I want to see him get f*cked up so badly.” ~Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks went on to say that she remembers when she first met Action Bronson, he insulted her, but now Ghostface pulled his card the Baby Blue lyricist, is quiet as a mouse.

“Remember when Action Bronson had all that mouth to insult me but now that Ghostface pulled his card he’s mum.”


  1. Queen Zealia gives no f*cks. lol.
    I do remember Action Bronson apologizing to her tho…

  2. But really tho, Ghostface saying he’s gonna kill the guy & Azalea wants to see him get f* up? This guy has a lot of enemies & when he comes up dead they’re looking for you.

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