Nick Gordon Marks Whitney’s Birthday With Mural… IN INK!


“Tattoo for the beautiful artwork of something that means so much to me. @REALbkBrown and I love you.”

HSK Exclusive – If Nick Gordan should ever desire to see an image of the late Whitney Houston, he won’t have to look further than his forearm. That’s the spot where dude just had a mural of Whitney marked into his skin. Nick’s latest tatt session went down shortly before he and Bobbi Kris rang in Whitney’s August 9th birthdate… complete with a cake.

“Please let her [Whitney] rest.” ~Cissy Houston


This isn’t the first time Nick’s gotten inked up with Whitney in mind. Back in November 2012… both he and Krissy had matching tatts of Whitney’s first and last initials inked onto their wrists. That’s before the pair turned renegade on The Houstons… with Bobbi Kris going as far as lashing out against her grandmother. I wonder if Krissy made it a point to reach out to 80-year-old Cissy Houston on Saturday. Know why, Krissy? On August 9, 1963, Cissy gave birth to Nippy.

Cissy previously spoke out against Lifetime’s barcoded ‘biopic’ of lies based on Whitney’s life:

“Please, please let her rest…

Lifetime has chosen to go ahead with the movie about Whitney in spite of my family’s objections. No one connected with this movie knew Whitney or anything about her relationship with Bobby.

In the two years since Whitney’s death, many people have stepped forward to speak about their close relationship with her. I find it difficult to believe people who knew and supposedly loved her would participate in a movie about her done by folks who didn’t know her. We are exhausted by the continuing misinformation and comments offered by people who did not know her.”


  1. The ugly looking elephant in the room is really Bobbi Kris. She is a straight up no hairline having tacky weave wearing crack head. Some people should not procreate when they have a history of drugs. You my love should’ve been swallowed.


    • @Dee you are one cold hearted beeyatch I hate how BW diss each other over LOOKS when most are OBESE BABY MAMAS! BP are cold as ice over a struggling soul. The FIRST to call out a mentally ill BW. When most of yall got bastards and weigh 300 pounds. No I don’t have kids no I’m not obese yes I’m sick of BP dissing this child when she CLEARLY is still suffering over the death of her mother, cold hearted slaves!!!!!

    • Yes she really looks like she is on some bad drugs in that picture and we are not talking about not weed. She is way too young to be looking like that I don’t wish nothing bad on her but she is truely following her mothers foot steps.

    • Anybody catch how weird it is to dedicate ink to his “ma” and be married to her daughter, who is his “sis”.

  2. Damn bobbi kris looks real bad she betta slow down for she end up like her mom not a good look damn bobbi lookin bad out here.

  3. Damn Bobbi Christina is FUGLY as hell. Find it hard to believe that Whitney is mother. Damn

  4. Notice the devil horns shout out.
    The tat looks awful.. could’ve picked a better (less drugged and dragged) picture of Whitney. Maybe one from her 20s when she was healthy…

  5. Both Bobbi Kristina & Nick need to stay off social media; go to college & get jobs. These 2 have waaaaay 2 much time on their hands.

  6. Bobbi looks old like in her late 30s and next time that Nick decides to ink a tribute portrait of himself he should call Doug Hardy or someone with reputable work instead of that person who effed up his forearm with that prison tat of Whitney. Probably paid the artist with weed.

  7. I could be wrong. But I don’ t think any1 on this site really dislikes BK. Some of u can probably understand/relate to her pain.

    On the other hand; I wish some1 would just shake some sense in her head b4 it’ s 2 late.

    Unfortunately; BK only seems to listen to her brother/husband Nick. Who i truly believe is influencing her in a negative way.

  8. HBD to Whitney, I watched most of her music videos on her B’DAY she was a 1 of a kind entertainer and will be missed R.I.P. Whitney

  9. Somebody needs to get this child away from this user and in Rehab he is only with her for the money Bobby get your health in order and take care of your child


  11. Can Bobbi Kris even read? A lot os these cele kids are illiterate. Willow and the Jenner kid who both humiliated themselves in Public when they could read the TelePrompTer. But ask the about sex drugs and party and they know it. Their pay-rent are the worst. They don’t lookout for their kids education or wellbeing only wealth being

  12. damn he forehead looks like ice rink!! krissy is d*ck whipped by nick!!

    her father needs to be man and get her way from that free loader!! he’s using her for fame and money and in return nick is d*cking her and plying
    with drugs to keep her sweet and happy!!!

  13. Yeah Bobbi k looking kind of cracked out. I hope she gets the help she needs. Saw a pic of her in a bikini and looking like skelator.

    • She and Nick workout like crazy. His twitterpage is a thinspiration the gym selfies and GNC products on the kitchen counter. He has seemed to have mellowed some and have a lot of positive photos and sayings posted, along with hunting rifles.

  14. Damn her skeptor in her nose is gone! Damn too much coke can damage that nose so bad that her nose looked f*cked up.

  15. Leviticus 19:28….enough said! Keep the commandments of THE MOST HIGH people. We are Hebrew Israelites. Don’t follow the strange customs of the other races.

  16. And whats so sad about it is Bobby Kris have more than enough money to get plastic surgery, her teeth done and still have more than enough money left over for her and Nicks drug binges. Smh

  17. She looks worse than her daddy! Whitney was pretty and mann did she spit out an ugly rock! Bobby looks like a half witch and half crackhead!

  18. Nick was suppose to buy my brothers corvette and didn’t have no money but wanted the car just because he is with the Houston’s family. Butthole trying to get perks already but didn’t! I was not going to let that happen.

  19. This child is really lost and has no one to come to her her aid born into fup faimly uncles plying mother with drugs so they could stay high saw whole family use her mother even her grandmother she has nobody she can trust they just waiting for her to kill herself so pat gary grandmother and other crack head uncle can get whitney money why else has noone tried to get her off drugs so sad

  20. Bobbi Kristina has some beautiful skin that nobody pays attention to because of her bad weave, Bobby Brown teeth and crackish ways.

  21. This chick needs to realize that the ONLY discernable trait that shares with her late Mother (RIP Whitney)…is the “addiction” gene.
    She doesnt have the talent that her late mother has.
    She certainly doensnt have the looks.
    I wonder if she really…deep down inside…resent her mother’s beauty and talent? I wonder how many time she’lamented the fact that she is mistaken for Bobby Brown FAR more often than she’s recognized as being related to Whitney?

    That would certainly explain ALOT.

  22. Bobbi K: “hey…let’s get matching tatoos of my Mommy?!?
    Nick: “’re paying right?”
    Bobbi K: “Of course!…Then afterwards, lets go eat at my favorite steak house!”
    Nick: “Okay…you’re paying…righ?”
    Bobbi K: “Of course..hey..then let’s take a romp in the jacuzzi..and “party” as my mom used to say..then smoke up a fortune in drugs! You down?”
    Nick: “Okay…you’re paying..right?”
    Bobbi K: “RIGHT!..what else do I have to offer?”

  23. Despite Bobby Chris’s looks or any other thing you want to judge her on, she is keeping it 100. She is a smart young lady who is making her own choices and educating folks that are paying attention. Wake up and pay attention, you just might learn a thing or two from an experienced old head that happens to be in a young woman’s body. Unfortunately for her, she has seen and been through more than most of us can ever imagine. Much luv Bobby Chris we see you!!!!

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