drake-vs-wayne app

Ya’ll think this wolf-ish-ness is a joke tho! It’s NOT.. that’s my word. Toronto trickster, Aubrey The Actor has upped the ante with an app that allows you to — in Drake’s own words — “send your energy.”

Drizzy just dropped ‘Drake vs. Lil Wayne’, a ‘tour app’ allowing you to chose the rapper who will reap your energy. So what do you get in exchange… other than possibly having OVO all up in yo jack? According to Owl Man, your choice would bring out who you want first to take to the stage during his tour dates with Tunechi.

Peep what Aubrey says in the promo pushin’ this idol-ism:

“Not only do you decide who wins but you decide who starts the show.”

Here’s Tunechi’s take on the tech’y trickery…

I don’t pick up weights. I already go enough weight on my motherf*cking back. I lift blunts everyday, all day. And this workout regiment right here, when you just lifting these blunts everyday, it makes your forearm ready to knock a n*gga like Drake clean the f*ck out. Know what I’m talking about?”


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  1. I wouldnt evemn waste my energy on this coon this these niggaz ar.crazy than a muthaf*cka.sellout azzez some of thesr dummies.out here gon.buy this stupid azz shit get the f*ck otta here.

  2. Yooo jack what’s good wit that Alayna Kush Chick I see she’s been Layin Low key I really like her she’s pretty & her ass is spectacular please give an update I wanna know what she’s been up to! S/n I stalked her twitter & no tweets

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