Nick Gordon Sued For $11M For Beating Bobbi Kristina

nick gordon sued bobbi kristina

Nick Gordon is facing the consequences for beating Bobbi Kristina Brown and stealing her money.

While poor Bobbi struggles to hold on to life in hospice, Nick Gordon was cashing checks out of her account.  Authorities have started looking into Gordon’s involvement in Bobbi’s injuries which led to her coma and vegetative state.

We knew that Kristina-Brown’s estate was coming after Gordon, especially after reports that he was not only using her money while she was conscious, but was even spending her inheritance while she was comatose.  Now, Nick has been hit with an $11 million lawsuit for inflicting bodily harm on his girlfriend, and extorting her funds.

nick gordon sued bobbi kristina 2

Gordon stepped out of a Starbucks and wound up getting doubly served,  as he was issued the lawsuit while holding his coffee drink.  The document accuses him of causing the damage which led to her being found unconscious in a tub.

“The loud argument ended and Brown was later found unresponsive and unconscious, face down in a bathtub, with her mouth swollen and another tooth knocked out.”


    • That’s what he gets for drinking that gay ass Starbucks !
      Should had a hot chocolate threw in a her fat piggy face !!
      That white boyfriend drug dealer didn’t get papers!!

  1. Nick definitely has something to do with but, he did act alone. What about Bobbi K’s white boyfriend? he hasn’t been questioned or served papers. But Nick has, because he’s black.

    For some of you coons, defending her white boyfriend. He was there in house! he supplied Bobbi k with drugs!

      • @19:51 Unless somebody gonna did dude up and get the answers but until then, he is deadlier than a run over snake. And I for one is NOT stirring up them bones for no damn body! @ Woman Who Cares, U can ask him. But I thought very serious he won’t help much.

    • Do you ask these questions because you want answers? do you ever read responses? I already told you that the police can’t question her white ex-boyfriend because he lawyered up immediately after BK’s
      drowning. Nick either doesn’t have the funds or doesn’t have the smarts to do likewise.

      Also you twit, Nick and the white dude were dealers in business together. How do you think he met Whitney and BK to begin with?? He’s been dealing since he was a punk kid.

  2. I have heard about the second man in the house. He was even interviewed by a reporter because I saw it on TV. Still, he walks free.

    • Aiko, for the cops to hold him they would have to charge him. Obviously they don’t have a case on Nick or the white kid. You do get it that these papers served are for a civil case right? There is no criminal case at this time.

  3. That punk did her in and the Browns are wise not to give him a dirt nap old school they are using the legal system the Browns have suffered enough they don’t need a family member jailed over this scrub ass punk. Nick did her in why bring up the white boys they didn’t have access to her money they weren’t living with or sharing the bed every night with her GTFO caping for this punk bish!! He is the common thread between the deaths of Mother and Daughter and don’t come for me I know all the conspiracy theories and the circle points goes back to Nick and Raffles whatshisname!

  4. i hate to say it, but you sure as hell can’t squeeze blood from a stone. but go after this murderer because he’s the one that killed this poor girl. she wanted to leave this punk-ass loser because she saw that he wasn’t the man she thought he was. get every penny from him Brown Family and Houston Family, even though you’re gonna have an arduous time getting one red cent from this broke faggot-ass killer. and make sure he serves prison time!!!

  5. …their drug pusher slash supplier killed himself by overdosing because the heat was getting to hot for him due to him and this loser had EVERYTHING to do with Kristina’s tragic stage she’s presently in.

  6. Y’all tell me where in the world this fool is going to get $11 million from? Is he going to kill himself next like the white dude?

    • DaRa: they know that they won’t be getting a plug nickel from Nick Gordon. The purpose of filing this civil suit is so that the Houston/Garland attorneys can depose Nick and ask him all the questions they have about the time leading up to the drowning under oath.

      Since the Fulton Co. authorities do not have a solid enough case against him to charge him with anything criminal, the only way to make him talk is for the family to sue him in civil court. As you know, you can’t take the fifth or remain mute in a civil case(remember OJ??) so this is their best shot at getting to the truth. It’s kinda slick, but it is legal and it works.

      • Well damn! That sounds like some OJ shit to me! And know what? Why now to do this we they could have been did this in the beginning before the white dude killed himself? Boy, a hit dog will holler, but in this case, that dog is dead!

    • The day after BK was found i the tub. He’s from a upper middle class family so his daddy got him a good lawyer with the quickness.
      This doesn’t mean he is guilty, it just means he doesn’t want to talk(and incriminate himself re: drug selling.)

    • the drug pusher who used to supply them with the drugs has died. nigga overdosed because shit was getting too heavy for him and he knew they were coming after him next. you know white people will kill themselves in a New York-heartbeat when crap gets too steamy and time gets too hard in life…they simply take their own self out….damn fools.

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