Madonna Treats Her Black Kids Like Slaves In Instagram Post

madonna black kids slaves

Madonna is catching serious heat on Instagram for posting a racist picture of her two adopted black kids on Instagram.

The photo shows 50-year-old white Madonna receiving a foot massage from her adopted African kids, Mercy and David.

People have accused the washed up pop singer in the past for appropriating black culture, and even adopting children of color only to further her social status, so this pic set some people off.

madonna black kids slaves 2

madonna black kids slaves 3

Her comments are littered with people going in on her for posting a pic of two young Africans rubbing an old white woman’s feet, but there have also been people coming to her defense.

madonna black kids slaves 4

What do you think, was Madonna out of line or is this just motherly affection?


  1. It’s just Madonna being an attention whoring idiot as always. It would have been nice NOT to post that picture and then she wouldn’t have been called out on it. Common sense, right? Screw her.

  2. When are black people gonna realize, white celebrities only adopt black kids, it’s because the higher up’s tell them too. Something to do with melanin.

    It’s soo interesting how these white celebrities don’t adopt Chinese or Indian children!

    • Meanwhile you got black mothers beating they kids over everything and calling them niggas and motherf*ckers during the beatings.

      Stfu Madonna ain’t racist and ITALIANS ain’t white.

      • Rage much?

        The pic’s in poor taste, but that’s what madonna’s known for. Well, when she was relevant, that what she USED to be known for.

  3. When are black people gonna realized that there are more Black kids given up for adoption and in the foster care system than any other race BP tend to dump kids like hot bags of garbage yet try to get PC when a white persona adopts one?! FOH my Daddy and Mother made us kids rub their feed every now and then. Yeh this bish is an attention whore period but she did more than the average BP -she took in those kids when most BM are giving UP their Black kids. And I’m not a fan of this heffa. Any mature person can see this is a PR stunt to sell concert tickets kids rub their parents feet all the time.

    • You sound dumb as f*ck. Most black men do not give up their kids and you have no statistics to back your statement.

      • Hit dogs hollaring! Bitter bum babydaddy you married to the mohter of your black kids hell no!

      • @Qualial,,, Let me get your ass straight like right now! First of all I can agree or disagree to anybody’s post on this blog! Secondly, I am not a motherf*cking sellout! U got the wrong one when it comes to me! And third, if anybody is a damn coon it must be a your trifling ass! Now let me do what I do and U do what U do! Have a motherf*cking day!!!



      • They do. Just like they harvest our organs and sell them on the black market. Look up the Atlanta child murders, which was satanic ritual and so called bro was the fall guy for it,but he didn’t do it. The elite was behind it!

        • If you exercised a drop of logic you would see that your theory is as wacko as can be. If a celebrity of Madonna’s wealth and power wanted some “melanin” or “blood or organs from a black person” they sure as hell wouldn’t adopt a child who will cost them close to a million dollars to raise from birth to adulthood. Have you been to Africa? Well I have and it is the most violent and corrupt hellhole on earth.
          Life is cheap and life expectancy in most countries is LESS than 40 years. Slavery is rampant in many countries even today, and in areas such as Darfur and Rwanda, people are slaughtered for the price off a pack of gum.
          Her kids are from Mali, one of the poorest countries on the continent. If a person wanted to buy a year’s worth of Malian human blood they could easily.
          She could buy a whole family and take their blood every damn month for the price of a car in the US.
          So why in the hell would she adopt two children for the purpose of obtaining blood?? Do yo conspiracy theory people ever think through your crazy beliefs??
          She loves attention and she loves to shock. That’s likely the reason why she chose to adopt kids who are different from her. Good for her and better for them. Even with a loon like Madonna for a mother, I guarantee their lives are 100% better than they would have been in Mali.

        • Yeah it was some racist who killed most of the kids. But Wayne or whatever his name is did do something.

  5. These silly black folks who are to dumbed down to realize that white people has always been our enemy, are the ones who keep getting us killed

  6. People need to stop posting very fuking moment of their life online. Who has time to keep up with this?

  7. (madonna) has been in the industry for more than four decades. (she/he) knows a thing or two about image. image is everything. (she/he/they) (have) has just attacked our children’s sub-concious with that photo image. F**k her

  8. and if you don’t know by now that caucasians drink blood, shame on you

    • You mean like the Masai tribesmen?? Lots of Africans sole source of protein is blood. They cannot afford to eat meat, so they drain the blood from their goats weekly(not enough to kill them) and drink the blood.
      I have never heard of Caucasians drinking blood unless it was in one of the vampire movies.

      But keep up the stupid and pointless racist commentary!! It makes you seem so evolved!

    • Self proclaimed vampires, and I’m not talking about people inspired by Twilight or Interview with a Vampire either. But I digress. Keep it up with the racial stereotypes. You’re doing just fine.

  9. I use to massage my mom’s feet and paint her toe nails. How is this racist??? Man I wish ignorant people would lose Internet service.

  10. A white man on YouTube injected himself with Melanin, after he injected himself with melanin he’s skin got darker and darker.

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