Nick Gordon Says Bobby Brown Is a Joke

Nick Gordon vs. Bobby Brown

Nick Gordon jumped on twitter to blast Bobby Brown for only having seen his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, four times in the last five years.

Here’s what else Nick Gordon had to say about Bobby Brown:

“Dude is a joke played out. He is here for publicity … Listen at the end of all this I took care of Whitney Houston and Kriss which was very hard on someone my age. They cried on my shoulders!!!!”


  1. Nick Gordon just imitated Bobby and Krissy just imitated her mother, Whitney.

    Supposedly, one of her friends, 20 years old, a pretty young black girl died of a heroin OD last year in March. The whit boy who was in the house with Krissy supposedly is a suspect in delivering the drugs to her.

    I’ve got one thing to say ’bout all this:

    If our children start dying from HEROIN again, then we did not teach our children the danger and deadliness of heroin, and more importantly, the agenda of the white society to kill us. We need to teach our kids this ain’t the time to be follwin’ after the white kids.

    If our kid start dyin’ from heroin again, then black folk ain’t shit and we will deserve what we will get

    • How you gon help to destroy the 100M Dollar golden goose? Man, I would’ve wiped her Azz after she used the turlit. I would’ve turned on light b4 she walked into a room.
      nick is bitch made and irresponsible, plain and simple.

      • you ain’t a junkie. junkies don’t value nuthin’, not their life far less someone elses.

      • Aww hell naw I agree with you. Even if Nick DIDN’T love BK, there is no way he would want to get rid of her. NOT A CHANCE! Because if and when they were finally legally married, he would become the heir to the WH Trust(along with Cissy and Gary.)
        He may be a bad guy, but I don’t believe he tried to kill her.

    • The million dollar question that I want answered is this: WHY? & WHERE? did whitney choose this dude to come live with her and the daughter?????

      …couldn’t she hire a female nanny or a caretaker to cry cry on her shoulder???? Why this nigga?

      …and where the fuk is this niggas own family at????

      • rumor is that his family through him out the house because he was smoking weed and being unruly. don’t know how much truth that holds, but that’s “the word on the street”. lol

        • So that’s it, he was a pothead, so they called Whitney and Bobby to take him, see how it all turned out, LOL!!

  2. Hey Nick, there is a time & place for everything. And this isn’t it.

    The tr

    • Goodness thank you for saying that. Nick is a little punk – and Bobbi Kris didn’t want to see her father and she made that very public. He needs to gone somewhere.

      • Not sure if that is true on the showed that she started in right after Whitney dead BK said that her father was not answering her phone calls.

        Now your only child with this woman/ celebrity has died your child is 18 years old and you know as a parent she is going to need to or someone to get through this. Bobby needed to be there despite whatever the reason was because he was the only living parent that was left. Maybe if he would have pushed through he would not be feeling the pain that he is going through now. I do think that Nick Gordon has a tendency to be an azzwhole. From what I hear he Nick was jealous of BK fame because he felt that he was also Whitney son and deserve recognition. I also heard that BK through that she was as famous as her mother they both were delusional. If you were really Whitney so called son then she would have left you some money even when she didn’t show you off to the world.

  3. You are so right. He is way out of line. I knew it was just a matter of time before he starts showing us just how horrible he really is.

  4. Hope you get better Bobbi Kristina. All the best Bobby Brown we know this must be so hard to be going through.

  5. If this Nick character wants to start talking…he should talk to the police..coward

    • I wasn’t going to say anything until somebody agreed with nick… No disrespect to you but Nick needs to have a whole arena of seats. It’s been know that Bobby Brown has been trying and connect with Bobbi Kriss but Nick was all in that girls ear talking shit about Bobby Brown telling her it’s in her best interest to stay away from him. That’s been reported several times. Nice try Nick but no cigar dude.

      • I agree. That girl had too much access to money and drugs and she’s hardheaded. I think not just her father but some of her siblings and cousins tried to.connect with her but she was too drugged out. And didn’t Nick post some crazy shit on FB , posing with a gun and threatening people?
        Plus Nick knows at this point its unlikely BK will awake and be able to tell what really went down so his love and devotion seem very fake to me. Bobby Brown is her parent. Most parents would be grateful if their kids partner tried to save them from drowning. His animosity toward Nick let’s me know there is more to this story

        • Oh yeah, there is a lot more. I know part of the problem is that when they took him in Bobby, as bad as people think he is, is still a man and Bobby was the only one who would call Nick on his bullshit and choke his ass out when he needed to be. He walked all over whitney, and so did Bobbi Kriss. Part of their problem with Bobby was he was the disciplinarian and spoiled kids don’t dig that too much.

          • That’s right. And where the heck is nick’s family, this orphan has the nerve to talk about someone’s relationship with their father.

  6. Even if you think Bobby Brown is a creep..that has nothing to do with his love for his daughter. He loves his daughter and thats all that mats right now. Plenty of children rebel against their parents for whatever reasons..but as they mature they almost always go back to their parents. Nick Gorden has passed his place..the nerve of that man to think he means more to her than her own father and everyone else.

  7. Nick gon get his issue if he keep tryna f*ck with the browns. Bobbi Kris chose not to have a relationship with her dad cuz of ppl like nick all in her ears. Had she listened to her father and family jua maybe she wouldnt be fightin for her life now. It dont matter how long you seen ur kid specially when they grown n think they know it all, you protect your child n thats what Bobby’s doing. Nick jus mad cuz he cant run that i care for your daughter bullshit on her family and he has no control over this situation. I hope they really beat his ass for gp. It might not solve nothing it want help Bobbi Kris condition but he needs a beatdown for that bullshit he posted.

  8. This clown nigga talking shit I say let him in the hospital and let them Brown’s give him a Orchard park beat down freeloading ass nigga

  9. Bobbie never had a support system starting with her Grandmother,her aunt Pat pimp Bobbie right after she lost her mother. Nick used her and Bobby Brown is too messed up in his on head to be a responsible father.

    • @Sandra, I agree with u except for ur comments about Bobby. I truly believe that he turned his life around. And tried to build a relationship with his daughter. But she didn’t allow it to happen.

  10. Nick is a liar. He loves Bobbi Kristina so much that he won’t even talk to the police and tell them what happened to her. That’s sad. He has no money since Bobbi Kris is on the hospital. He can’t pay for lawyers or anything else. Yet he is still taunting Bobby Brown. He really needs to get it together. He’s very suspect. Why don’t he tell the police and her father how Krissy got those bruises on her face. Tell them just how he took care of her with his fists….coward..

  11. This creature needs to find another rock to crawl under and stay out of the media. BK wasn’t smart enough to get rid of him – hopefully someone else is.

  12. He took care of BOTH Whitney And Bobbi Kris??? Ones dead, and the other is clinging to life!!! He shouldn’t be so quick to brag about the type of “CARE” he gave!!!!!

  13. Yall can hate on Nick all you want, but that kid is not lying. Bobby Brown is pretending to care about his daughter all of a sudden. He really has been a absentee dad in her life. Now that she is near death he is playing the role of a loving dad. This is all a scam, and when she dies he is going for that money Whitney left her.

    • @Tell It, exactly what was Bobby Brown supposed to do. I think he tried to reach out to Bobbi. But she wouldn’t have it.

      The only person she was listening to was Nick Gordon. Can’t blame Bobby for everything.

    • You and me are the only ones who believe him according to the comments here. I think Bobby is being a horrible father RIGHT NOW!!!! Forget about the past 5 years. He won’t allow her to go with some peace and dignity because of his own guilt and pride. The doctors have told him the truth. And the truth is as bad as it gets: BK can be kept alive on machines forever, but she will never have a life again. He is too selfish in his own feelings to accept the pain and grief, so he says “I’m leaving it to God and waiting for a miracle” which absolves HIM from making the call. That’s selfish and all about him, not Bobbie Kris. There is NO miracle that is going to heal that child’s severely damaged brain after being under water for 20 minutes and then on a ventilator for nearly a month. IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. If you REALLY want to trust it to God, then take her off the machines and allow God to work a “miracle.” God wouldn’t need her on life support to work a miracle would he?
      This child deserves better than being the center of this Brown Family Circus. There are parody sites all over the internet dedicated to this tragedy right now and it sucks. BK would not want to live in a bed hooked up to machines for 40-50 years. Would you? Bobby, make the painful decision and be a father for once. Allow the family to grieve and then eventually have closure and move on. Show some maturity for once in your life.

  14. If he REALLY loved Whitney and Kriss the way he says he did/does…he wouldn’t talk about his woman’s father or Whitney’s baby daddy/ex-husband. Guilt manifests itself in many ways, and Nick, you looking mighty angry and guilty right about now. Why you mad??? You didn’t get to finish her off in the tub? PHUCKTARD!

  15. I believe Bobby has not made the decision to let Krissi go because he feels guilty about the type of father he has been over the years. Even Whitney would complain about Bobby promising BK one thing and doing another. For example: Saying he was going to come see her, etc., and not following through.

    Bobbi didn’t have the family support she really needed after Whitney died. Whitney treated Bobbi as if she were her best pal instead of as a Mother. Sad.

    Allegedly, Bobbi could see that many of her family members wanted to control her, and of course, wanted her cash. She didn’t like that at all. She didn’t feel safe around them. Would you? That’s what I thought.

    • That’s because drugs make you paranoid. Celebs/rich people stay talking that Yang about not wanting people to want them for their money…and yet they flaunt it. Why not move somewhere incognito , live beneath your means and cultivate real relationships. They never do it because they want it both ways . And whether BK ever realized it or not, yes she did need someone to control her. Being out of control is what caused all this tragedy.

    • Yes. He gets all her personal belongings. But not the Trust which was specified to go to the Houston family in the event of BK’s death.

  16. I never heard of anyone being underwater for 20 minutes and be able to recessate them. It amazes me how a total stranger is so quik to pull the plug on someone else’s child. How easy it is for to tell this man how he should feel what to do with his child. Do you have children..have you been in his shoes before..and if handle your business the way you handle your business. Pretty sure her grandmother and siblings have a say even though he has to make the official decision. Maybe some people wouldn’t want their families go give up on them so quikly. It hasn’t been years..that a different senario. Have you talked to her doctors or heard from Bobby Brown or his lawyer about her current condition or prognosis. Information comming from any other source is speculation at this point.

    • When your brain is that damaged you are beyond help. Most mature adults have directives in place to prevent this from happening. Very few people want to live their lives in diapers with tubes feeding them and breathing for them.

      You say that it hasn’t been that long, so they should perhaps wait a little longer. Not to be rude, but do you understand that the longer she is on the machines, the worse her chances of normalcy are?
      Have you ever been around someone who had a debilitating stroke? Their brain was only oxygen deprived for seconds or a minute at the most, and they often lose the ability to speak. So picture a brain cut off from blood and oxygen for nearly half an hour. The Emory doctors have been honest and are trying to help Bobby, but there is frustration growing now. If he doesn’t come around soon, expect to see her moved to a long term facility.

    • Aint that the Truth!

      cissy aint fooling me not one bit. The evil shows all in her face.

  17. There is a whole lot more to this story than the public is being told. The root of it all is money. Bobby lawyered up for a reason. He is trying to find a loop whole in the will. That is why he is keeping krissi on life support.

    • BK already inherited from WH. So the money is hers. If she dies intestate ,her father would inherit her estate because he is her next of kin. So if money was his motive seems to me he would remove her from machines in.order to get it. That’s why I don’t believe money is his motive.

      • Sorry anonymous but you are misinformed. I won’t explain it to you in detail because I’ve already typed it out in an older thread. The WH Trust is very very specific and locked down. Bobbi K had only received a very small payout with the balance to come at 30.
        Bobby gets NOTHING even if BK dies. NOTHING.

        Many folks believe that he has lawyers working feverishly to find a loophole or another means to break the trust.

        • I’m not misinformed. The trust covered what would happen if BK died before Whitney. As it is, she did not, she inherited from her mother. The money in that trust is hers unless her
          mother specifically designated that it would go to another relative on the event of her death . It’s not likely BK has a will but Thats besides the point. Anything she inherited is hers even if the will wasn’t fully executed at the time of her death.
          As to you having addressed whatever on a previous thread so be it. I’m not trying to go back and forth with you. I know that at this point its going to be up to a judge to settle the question of who gets what. Wills and Estates law is very complicated and at this point unless you read the will personally, IRS akl speculation for you me and everyone else.

          • You are misinformed. BK has not inherited all of the money yet. She will not until she is 30. The trust has Cissy listed as next of kin. Get your facts straight.

          • Yes you ARE misinformed. The Trust states that if BK dies, the balance of the trust is equally divided between Cissy and her 2 brothers.

            Do your research before calling people out. It’s not that difficult.

            • Fuck you both. I said Whitney’s will stated that if Bobbi died who would get the money. What BK inherited is hers and goes to her next of kin which is her father whether you all like it or not. You have a lot of goddam nerve talking about me calling somebody out. I was very clear in what I said and if anyone take issue with it that’s on them. Arguing about someone else’s money is just dumb and I’m positive the lawyers will battle it out and the judge presiding will ultimately decide. If it comes to that. Bk is no longer in a coma according to Radar. So I’m glad her dad didn’t pull her plug and i hope every cent of that money remains BK property and can be used for her care. That is all. Idgaf whatever else yall have to say.

            • Is there something wrong with you? Perhaps you were under water without oxygen yourself.
              1. Again Whitney’s trust states WHO will inherit the trust in the event of Bobbi Kristina’s death. That is a fact. It’s not up for discussion. It goes to WHITNEY’s blood relatives.
              2. BK is out of her coma per Radar on Line?
              Girl your reading comprehension sucks. The doctors are taking her out of the medically induced coma(for the third time) again testing what will be her body’s reaction. The last time she began to have severe seizures which was indicative of her brain damage. So they put her back under.
              Now, they’re trying again. The real story is that they’ve reached the end of their rope with Bobby. They want him to see exactly what condition she is in without their medical intervention. This is NOT positive news at all.

            • Is there something wrong with you? Guess u rarefied world where a clap doesn’t get a clap back. I states my thoughts , you took issue with it and then called yourself reading somebody. For a disinterested party you certainly seemed vested, unlike myself. So let me just reiterate what i said earlier 1) arguing about someone else’s money is ridic 2) Fuck you.

            • Oh and 15:20:Bitch you ain’t shit for that underwater comment, you demonic little cunt. I can’t even.believe a money grubbing deathwishing whore like you would even fix her lips to say such a thing but I ” see” you. Now your earlier comments make sense. You are not even human . I could wish on you that someday someone you you love gets held underwater but you probably aren’t capable of such and emotion and also why wish harm on someone who has the random bad luck to be associated with you? I mean, why should they be punished because you are an asshole?
              Yes radar said it and on hsk it has been duly noted that they have tried before to bring her out from under. 3 hours ago they reported that they did it again. What of it? Were you hoping she would pass on you evil.cunt? Anyway ,I have nothing further to say to your ass. I never did actually. Re read the thread and its clear who was minding their own business and who got involved in a statement that wasn’t any of their business. I’m sure you will show up again. Creeps like you love negative attention. Maybe you can find a lawyer that can explain to you that the money Bobbi Kristina inherited actually belongs to her, moron.

  18. I understand brain damage and all that…how much if any we just don’t know yet. All Im saying is people should leave the man alone right now..the truth will come out soon enough. People are judging this mans actions and motivates already and no one really knows whats exactly is going on with her. Until Bobby or his Lawyer gives an official update as to what is truely happening…people should just let it be for now. If you pray then pray for her and wish them well for now.

  19. If people want to assume they know what is what, use the word “if” and or “maybe”. Like “if” she has brain damage then you do this. “If” she is not getting better you do that. “If” blah blah blah is the case then “maybe ” her father is a what so ever. That way you can speculate without sounding like your her dam doctor, or maker because no one knows exactly what the real details are yet until it comes from him personally. Gosh. Its not that hard.

    • You are wrong. A doctor can say that someone in her condition has no possibility of a recovery of her faculties. That is basic doctor 101.

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