Kobe Bryant Retiring After One More Year

Michael Jackson Kobe Bryant BFF's

Kobe Bryant confirmed that, he’s going to retire from playing in the NBA, after the 2016 season. The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard went on to say that, he was a student of the late great, Michael Jackson.

Here’s what Kobe said:

“Michael Jackson was one of my mentors. When I was 18, he introduced me to his muses. I had never seen a Fred Astaire film…I wanted to know how he sold 50 million albums, so he walked me through how he prepars, how he trains, how he writes, how he studies.”


  1. Feel bad the Kobe has to go out with such a TERRIBLE team. He prob wont even get to extend his farewell tour into the playoffs. He was the closest and best of the ‘Jordan’ clones and none of the young kids have his KILLER instinct. It turned people (and teammates) off but you cant argue with the results.

    1st Ballot Hall of Famer.

  2. If this is about Kobe, why is Michael Jordan’s picture up there. And I agree with the person who said f*ck Kobe because he dirted hs mothers. But long before he was gonna sue his mother he turned his back on his entire family. He told his parents to get out of his house and move back to Philly because they told him he needed to get Pre-nup. Turns his back on his entire family including his sisters. Then proceeds to and pays off all of Vanessa’s family debt, including the 500,000 of bad business decisions her father made but couldn’t help his sister get a car. Refused to talk to any of them until…….you got it, his ass IC accused of rape and is facing jail time. I have never heard one good thing about this cat, I don’t think he will be missed. The again, no one misses Jordan either.

    • Hold up, hold up, hold theeeee hell up……oh that’s a good one HSK. how did yall get Uncle Bens head on Michael Jordans body??? LMMFAO!!!

  3. He should he has had more injuries than my grandmother over the last few seasons. Of course the Kobe stans will come at me. Sucks the Lakers wasted his prime years(24-29) with the likes of Walton and Kwame Brown.

  4. good. sit your bitchass down. need to retire way before then. then maybe that team can see more wins when you’re gone and without u. whiney-ass pervert.

  5. That’s good no team can win with only one shooter.. I never liked the looks her gave his father, disrespectful little nerd.. The rooster been made his plan and it’s worked out great for his wife.. What type of lowdown Shiite human being, don’t give their family, his blood a few millions, he won’t miss it.. But karma is a sob. Bye bitch I dislike you every sense you played Shack for a whorer, but he showed you, you are the p*ssy.. Ummm shack did get that ring, he earned with a not so good team. Lmao.
    Go hide you lil sissy ass down anywhere ..

  6. Also you never took notes from MJ, because he never ratted out few humans period, just he rag magazines..l your mouth is like your arse, wide open, always talking smack.. You have never been all that,

      • I can’t say I do, but he’s disgraful to my generation..
        Again bye Bitch and keep your selfish ass at home…

  7. I think he just bought that girls mother a 3 million dollar house. But told his own mother that her house couldn’t be moret than 800 thousand. He should be embarrsed, this dude is unbelievable.

  8. Facts: Kobe’s parents objected to his relationship with a non black girl. So much that they did not have a relationship with him for four years.
    2. Kobe, the sensitive man he is, told his wife, four months after the birth of their child, that he wanted out-divorce. Didn’t even think she may have had Post Partum Depression, nor that it was not the right time to tell her that. She attempted suicide and was hospitalized. Then, they say, his dad wanted to see his baby, (just after her suicide attempt) and warmed up and the relationship began again.
    3. Just before the scandal with KB erupted, he once again wanted out-divorce. But then stayed with her for his image. She was humiliated, as I would be, especially having to play the part of a loving wife, forgiving, etc,. rubbing his hand when he made statements on TV. Having to appear with him everywhere, as if he cared about her. Yes, he gifted her a 5Million dollar ring, but that did not mean a thing.
    4. She continued to put up with his almost non stop cheating. Often she would take the girls and wait for him outside when they trained. But that didn’t stop his cheating.
    5. Then she announced after 10 yrs of marriage, that she was filing for divorce. She had plans to buy a place in NYC. But the dirty media one day, ( I heard a man (bitter) ex husband of her mother but I did not know who he was-that is how dirty media is-didn’t say a word -just heard a man talk) and no feedback later. I read much later he was her stepfather. He said: ” Vanessa’s mother taught her to stay married for ten years. ( guess in CA and’or elsewhere) after 10 yrs of marriage you get mucho money from a divorce) He also said ( not verbatim) that Vanessa’s mom wiped him out too after 10 yrs of marriage, and that Vanessa’s mom needed money too.)
    Well, then I started seeing pics of them at events. About ? months after her divorce announcement. She looked gorgeous, tanned, dressed to nines, and they held hands and she looked radiant and happy at all the events. Good actress. Bet she was seething inside. Wonder what changed things?? Did he have a pre nup eventually? Divoce never happened and she had to remain living with a cheating, insensitive man. No she is not a saint. But imagine how she felt being rejected by his parents because she was not black. I remember seeing her trying to look black, like bi racial. Had tanned skin, hair relaxed, maybe to win his parents over?
    I sure would like to know why she didn’t go through with the divorce and why he also decided to stay married. Wonder how they get along? Hard to live with someone you wanted to divorce. (both did)

    • All of this may be true, but that just means she is as bad as he is. If she wanted to leave, she should have gone. No matter what, she WILL be paid.

      This is a prime example of why marriage is for grown folks; you could be of legal age and still immature. I’m not saying it always makes a difference, but at least mature adults are more apt to struggle in their hurdles together.

      They just need to split. Give Vanessa a huge lump sum and CS and put a clause in the divorce decree that the kids cannot be around their parents’ SO unless they’ve been together for at least a year AND they are getting married.

      • You are absolutely correct. If she wanted out she would definately get half. An image is NOT worth your peace on mind.

        • She thought she was going to get half. That’s why she had plans to look for a place in NYC. Things did not work out that way. I don’t know what happened but it seems she was going to get way way less. Not what she thought. So she has to swallow her pride and keep on with him?

  9. Thanks for the info. People always make her seems like a goldigging whore int realize he put her through trauma. Hate the daughters have to witness it. Kobe has always been an entitled arrogant prick from what I hear. Older cousins said he has a reserved parking place while attending Lower Merion and why would he invite a celebrity to senior prom?

  10. a classic tale of a dumb nicca who wifed up a non black women!

    got no respect for basketballer’s who parade their white bytch around the basket ball hall
    acting like their better then an average nicca, just because they got a white gold digger on their arm

    • I don’t mind people marrying outside their race. I am mixed too just as Vanessa is. He didn’t want to remain married to her. Nope and probably just in it-both of them-for the money. He didn’t parade her around because she was white. She got tanned and tried to pass for light skinned black girl. Paraded her around when they didn’t divorce just to pretend they worked things out. She is not a gold digger. Loves her daughters. Always around for him and hoping he would change his cheating ways. Nope. Only got worse.

      • @anonymous

        this is getting little bit boring don’t you agree!!
        i don’t give a f*ck if your mixed or not. black baskball player always pick a pasty white bytch over
        a f*ckable and sexy black women is their lost. white women are the original gold diggers

        these black athletes are dumb because white women are using them like slaves
        while these pasty white bytchs go on shopping spree. these nicca’s are working their butts off

  11. Kobe should have retired this year. He hasn’t been looking good and he could save his legacy by gracefully bowing out now.

  12. This whole thread has actually made me dislike Vanessa less, and dislike Kobe more.

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