Kevin Garnett Wants To Buy The Minnesota Timberwolves

Timberwolves Owner Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett wants to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves, but the teams current owner Glen Taylor, doesn’t wish to sell.

Here’s what Kevin Garnett said:

“I want to buy the Timberwolves. Put a group together and perhaps some day try to buy the team. That’s what I want.”

Here’s how Glen Taylor’s responded:

“I’m not interested in selling my team until I find out what the Atlanta Hawks, who are for sale and currently are taking bids, end up going for.”

Here’s what reported:

“Kevin Garnett is the highest-earning player in NBA history, making $327 million in salary since he was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1995.

Garnett was recently traded back to Minnesota, and it sounds like he has plans to stay with the team for a long term.”


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    • That’s your sad story and life experience dice. But don’t inflict your bitterness and hate on those who have lived a different life. Your obsession with the slave/master dynamic speaks for your inner voice.
      I see no one as a master. I(along with my family)own over 30 businesses employing thousands. I relate to the master role, never the slave. Perhaps if you hadn’t allowed yourself to surrender to your embitterment, you might have mastered something other than angry blog commenter.

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        • My husband, father and brothers run the family business. I have leisure time and I enjoy this site mostly for the humor. As for the jhewish comment, lol, the only contact I have with them is at functions we throw for employees. They work for US, not the other way around. Can you wrap your pointy little head around that?

          • I can wrap my head around it (the pointy comment suggests that you are a Jhew) – now prove it!

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  2. Then Anonymous, you are the deadbeat family member that causes resentment because you extract profits without input. I guess when your husband divorces you and your brothers buy you out, then we will be seeing more of you with less condescension.

    • Lol Deadbeat? I didn’t say I do nothing, I just said that I have a lot of leisure time. My father believes that “to whom much is given, much good is expected” so I represent the family in all charitable and philanthropic ventures.
      And I doubt that my husband is going anywhere, because I’m the one with the money. If he goes, it will be my choice.

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        Unless of course, you just appear with a gown whose cost would feed a town in Haiti as you do seem that shallow…

        But of course, I am just entertaining your fantasy. No one brags about their NON-CONTRIBUTION to their own family business. We get your types on this blog every so often.

        BTW, EBT is not a dividend.

        • LOL. I doubt that you’ve had much interplay with my element if you truly believe that all women keep their noses to the grindstone of their family’s business concerns. Most of my peer group do nothing but shop, play tennis and have lunch.
          I’m considered the “hard worker” of my circle.
          I will agree that I am an anomaly here on HSK, and I can understand why I seem out of place.
          But dammit, I like the people who post here regularly. They are some of the funniest folks with lots of common sense…much more so than the effete twits at Slate, TNR and The Daily Kos.
          What is a EBT? jk

  3. Godspeed young brother. With blacks comprising 75% of the league and 45% tv watchers it would be refreshing to see black ownership. The NBA is no longer predominately White as it was prior to the 70s, someone needs to cater to this new dominate demographic. Soon it will be middle age black men(and their Beckies) who will can afford the season tickets and skybox seats. At least he isnt going after a shyt franchise like the Hornets. Get that Bruce Levevson,(Atlanta Seahawks) mentality out of ownership. Feel the same for Latinos in MLB.

    Dont really follow NBA that much besides playoffs so when Garnett and others retire I probably will lose visibility. Doesnt seem the same anymore.

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