Don Lemon Disses Kevin Hart

Don Lemon Disses Kevin Hart

“You’re a Black Man In a White Tuxedo”

Don Lemon dissed Kevin Hart in an interview on the red carpet during the Oscar Awards show last night. Know why? Because, Kevin Hart cracks jokes about Don Lemon all the time on his BET reality show Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Lemon went on to tell Hart the reason why he has a girlfriend like Eniko Parrish, is because he’s rich.

Here’s what Lemon told the comedian:

“You have a lot of money, that’s why you got her.”


  1. Ha ha ha…I say diss Kevin Hart all day long because he is nothing but a load mouth and he is not funny just goofy. Its not hard to believe that his woman is with him because he has money..he is an annoying little piss.

    • LOL…to each his own.
      But honestly if we’re going to call out men who are in relationships with trophy women just because they have $ we’d be talking many, many men from Hollywood to Tokyo.
      You know how women (even those with their own $) love some “financial security.”

    • I was just about to say that I couldnt stop staring at her and loved the dress! Kinda understand why men drop their wives for younger more attractive women.

      • IKR? Her dress is sick. And what I really like is that she is so understated and minimal compared to the f;ashy gowned actresses.. LOVE the cafe au lait dress against her beautiful skin and her hair is perfect for the look. Just a simple Judith Leiber clutch and no fussy jewelry. So modern. Wonder who styled her?

  2. I have to wonder how much of Kevin’s public persona is actually HIM and how much is an act.

    Look at Stephen Colbert the character vs. Stephen Colbert the actual person. If you’ve seen interviews of him out of character, he’s a completely different person.

    It’s called ‘acting’ for a reason

    • Will Farrell seems like he would be a complete and utter spaz. But his wife said his real personality is quiet and gentle and he’s actually very reserved.

    • I love me some Katt Williams, but I can see where Kev is so much smarter about dealing with his stature. It makes more sense for him to be happy go lucky and self deprecating. Otherwise, he would be round here getting slapped in the face on stage, carrying a gun and needing Suge types to protect. He’s a humble silly little dude who knows how to stay in his lace while killing the game and making millions. This

      • Exactly. And that makes him both wise and smart.
        I bet he wouldn’t get within 500 yards of Suge.
        And he knows his silly little stories about his cheapness etc, keeps the average man from hating him for his ever growing wealth. I predict he is going to be huge.

  3. i guess kevin realized gays run hollywood,sports,news,etc and he has gotten down with them trust that. these awards are not nothing but satanic they sex orgies at these award shows all of them are bisexual. i don’t see how they do it

    • It’s the gays or the jhews right? So a straight black man doesn’t have a chance at stardom without compromising his manhood? You are pathetic. Those who choose to get down that way do. Those who don’t don’t. Same with women. Not all sleep with directors for parts, and their path may be slower, but they do exist, believe me. Same with the men.

      • do you work for hollywood? hmm why are you defending these people do you know them hey beleive what you want

        • I believe what I know, and I know that not all black or white men f*ck men for parts.

  4. Don’t care for Kevin’s comedy. At the same time I can’t wait for somebody to serve Don Lemon up on national TV one of these days. LOL.

  5. That’s very disresctful. That’s the type of comment you can make if it’s a show where Hart is going to get roast. No need to make a fool out of him on the red carpet

  6. This silly homosexual gets way too much runtime. Must be sucking off someone mighty powerful!

  7. O brother..Kevin Hart is a silly load mouth all day long..not just when he is so called acting.

  8. Look at what he said about his ex wife at the award show which no one found funny..just tasteless…he is baffune

  9. I’m embarrassed by the tuxedo joke on a white nationally televised show. Don might be gay but gay or not he read kevin ass man to man. Ni33a let’s not get it twisted. You got your beautiful exotical looking woman because of the money you make and for nothing else because she would be there other wise. Now Don know better that that black joke but I don’t blame him for the other read.

  10. It’s the plants calling the grass green. Both of them are some shuck and jiving,house kneegrow koons!

  11. Yeah didn’t mind him calling him out on everything else…but the tuxedo comment was terrible especially comming from one black man to another..didn’t even make any sence.

    • I didn’t get it. I was like, ok, aren’t there a ton of white men in black suits.

      • I though he was making an illusion to the old silent Negro smiling servants in white tux, black bow tie, and kid gloves that worked for the wealthy Whites. Similiar to Paula Dean’s rants. I love to see dark skinned people in White. The color contrast is awesome.

  12. Not a fan of Kevin Hart. In fact, I don’t like men who are short and unattractive.

    • He’s short, but do you really think he’s unattractive? If her were 6’4 don’t you think he would be very attractive?

  13. Don Lemon is an asshole. Kevin’s very reserved these days because what he say can lose him potential future money. I don’t hate the guy, he came up from being a comedian.

    Don Lemon, “You have a lot of money, that’s why you got her.” That’s a cunty thing to say. I’d slap the piss out of you for pulling a line like that.

  14. His girl is a fellow Jamaican. Look people they have something in common…she is a gold digger and he is a goal digger

  15. Apparently Kevin cant keep Don’s name out of his mouth…always cracking so called jokes on why you so upset..

  16. ohh now that’s what you call a read. the white lady was crackin up he played the hell outta lil kev, his girl kept it movin and played it off..donda like, dont come for me unless i send for u bish!! hahahahaha

  17. It’s never any fun when the rabbit has the gun. Kevin seemed extremely uncomfortable.

  18. don lemon = carton banks

    sellout coon who sucks on white men’s wrinkly dick!!

    • & kevin Hart isn’t a coon who sucks on white men wrinkly dick either? We all saw him wit the dress onn

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