K. Michelle’s Lesbian Homey’s Are Throwing Her Under The Bus!

K Michelle Boo Mandy Williams

HSK Exclusive – K Michelle’s Creative Image Consultant, Kendrell Bowman, said the Fallin’ lyricist is currently dating her hairstylist Mandy Williams.

Here’s what a source revealed exclusively to HSK:

“So I attended K. Michelle’s “My Twisted Mind” tour in Shreveport, New Orleans. I can’t even lie, she killed it. I later kicked it with K. MIchelle’s, Creative Image Consultant, Kendrell Bowman, and she gave me a drop.

Ken, told me the reason why K.Michelle, can’t keep a man! Drum roll please…It’s because she’s confused on if she even wants a man or a woman!

Ken is my girl we went to high school together. I know her mom Sue, very well. So, when Ken came into town, I had to hit her up. She doesn’t get to come home often, because K. Michelle, has her under lock and key. Literally!

Ken told me how she’s been staying with K. Michelle, for a while now and how she had an apartment in Brooklyn. K. Michelle, asked her to move with her to LA, telling her it would be great for her career.

K. Michelle, won’t allow Ken, to work with another artist. I was really surprised when Ken, told me Wale, wanted her, but K. Michelle, wasn’t having it. K. Michelle, requires Ken, full time for her THOT pics on Instagram.

Ken. told me K. Michelle, doesn’t have any real friends. That’s why K. Michelle, is always on social media picking fights. Ken said K. Michelle, Sits at home and picks at other artists by tweeting.

Ken went on to say that K Michelle, kicked her out around this time last year with no where to go after she gave up her apartment and moved with her to LA. Ken said she’s just waiting for a bigger artist to come along so that she can leave K. Michelle, once and for all.

Ken said the situation is very negative and anybody that tries to leave K.Michelle, she starts nasty rumors about them like she did with that other girl Paris.

I kinda feel bad for K.Michelle, Ken, said her hairstylist Mandy, is her girlfriend on the side when she’s not chasing these men for songs to write. I already knew K. Michelle, was bisexual, but my thing was how can she be a lesbian with captain d’s between her legs?

Ken who’s also a lesbian says her nickname for K. Michelle, is ‘Fish stick,’ and that Mandy, is from New Orleans. So, maybe she likes a little tang taste to her cootie cat.

K. Michelle and her writer Blush, aren’t even speaking right now. She’s treating Blush, like shit.

It’s sad Ya’ll!!!

Pray for my girl.”


  1. That was so hard to read because of all the unnecessary commas. Sheesh! I had to stop because of an ache behind my eyes. Wtf?! Who wrote this shit?

  2. K Michelle will not be in the game too long because she is burning bridges too quick and when the great fall happens shes gonna land very hard on that stankin azz of hers. Shea no A 1 star anyhows.

  3. Why is it after someone spends a long time on a SEAfood cruise they want to let the CAT out the bag and start rumours????? if men/women ate the fish dont start telling now it must have been a good meal to stay that long lol

  4. I guess the rumors are true, everybody not gonna say the same thing about someone and it be false. She better get the trap checked.

  5. Never liked that girl and I wouldn’t be so quick to believe anything that she says about anyone like Memphis. I think she is a bit kookoo for coco puffs. She clearly steps way out of line and find anything wrong with her behavior..like the time she hit Karlie Redd in the face..totally unprovoked…she is way out of order

  6. K Michelle has a nasty attitude and I can’t see a man putting up with her let alone a woman. She treats people like crap.

    • That’s because no amount of money she has can cure that fish smell she can’t get rid of.It’s making her life miserable and she holds on to anger.

  7. Either Michelle wanted Ken to spill this so call TEA or Ken wants Michelle to fire her ass.

  8. Toya Wright was on Wendy last week promoting her book and Reginae’s sweet 16 and she said Memphitz lost a lot of money because of K Michelle’s lies.

  9. I question anyone’s intentions especially when they have all kinds of negative things to say about someone after the break up.

  10. i wish the f*ck i would pary for K. Michelle always-lying ass, the funkbox smelling ho. im starting to believe Memphitz was framed and lied on now regarding everything this nasty-ass diking skank K.Michelle has said about him. she’s always eben a liar and of course she cant keep a man because it’s true, the sleezy slut loves women. which also solidifies the fact that she knows gay men when she see ’em because she’s a damn lesbian. i never liked this clit-licking, messy-ass, always-keeping-up-sh*t dike.

  11. Yep…this girl is way to nasty..and so early in the game..her career will get parked soon..there’s almost no more nasty things for her to do…wow

  12. She got a big mouth to…talkin about Idris Alba or what ever his name is..that older actor..I liked him and when she started talking about their love affair..I thought wow he looked way more classy then that to be involed with that thing…you just never know what makes some people tick…wonder how he feels about her now..embarassed much Alba?

  13. Since K Michele is clapping back at folks on social media..has she ever adressed her stank vagina accusations…


      Interviewer-Good morning K Michelle I see things are really getting hot with your music career

      K.Michelle -yes that’s right but motherf*ckers want to talk about my p*ssy smelling hot.

      Interviewer-yes I read about that but did not want to bring up the subject but how do you deal with the nasty rumors?

      K.Michelle-I ain’t got to deal with shit they say cause who making the money who stacking them chips?

      Interviewer-Well according to a few men you’re making the money and smelling like fish and CHIPS.


      (K. Michelle throws a flower vase at me )

      Interviewer-So you think throwing things at me and your bad temper will get you far in this business?

      K.Michelle-HOE you don’t know me or what I got going on in this business you better take yo ass out of here with that bullshit.

      Interviewer-What if we can offer you a contract to do a Gordan’s fisherman commercial since your name is connected with the word FISH?

      (K.MICHELLE kicks the shit outta me and spits at me ).

  14. I’m confused. I thought Kendrell Bowman was a dude. Last time I checked he was. Not sure about this one.

  15. Her name is Kendria Browder not
    Kendall not sure we’re that came
    From and her director name is child basquait

  16. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ Fish sticks LMAO why does everyone keep saying KMICHELLE is musty and funky. HaHa at her having no life and picking fight with other artist. She demonstrates her pettiness all on her own.

  17. So I’m confused – is she bumping uglies with the consultant or the hair stylist? See…when I was in college I thought about experimenting with females however THIS shit right here, that ‘fish stix’ junk is just too much of a turn off. I guess that life just wasn’t for me, lol.

    • I will call No Homo for you. Smegma isn’t a turn on either. A lot females got down like that in their younger days and are now married with children.

  18. So your not gay…why would you think about experimenting…were you influenced by all this gay is ok agenda they are promoting in the media…glad you came to your sences

  19. Someone somewhere is out to end K. Michelle’s career, whatever the eff that is. She gets more ink here than Beyonce.

    • That’s how it is on here. They’ll get off of her and on to some other barely known. I’ve never heard one song by this woman and don’t understand the hype surrounding her. Nobodies like Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore, Pebbles’ supposed son, and several others have all had a very prominent spot on this blog for long periods of time. They’ll tire of K and move on at some point.

    • Keyshia Cole has a bad attitude too but at least she ain’t try to ruin somebody’s career like K Michelle. Keyshia’s reality show airs tomorrow on bet at 9:30pm.

  20. She just seem like a lazy black woman. Seriously, how long does it take to cleanse and wash your p*ssy. that’s insane.

  21. Lol…I havent heard any of her music either…only know of her because I seen a few episodes of love and hip hop two seasons ago and now she seems to be everywhere with her nasty self..thats why I commented on her..smile

  22. black women black women, why???

    black men is all your fault if you wasn’t parading your white pasty bytches around then black women
    wouldn’t be doing these nasty and disgusting stuff

    like f*cking men on a 1st date or one night stands, taking naked selfies or sex tapes

    black women are trying to compete with white women for black men’s attention, sadly black women
    aren’t winning!!!

    k.mitchelle is playing a fool’s game!!

    • It’s very telling that you are speaking of yourself when you feel black women compete with white women.

      • you dumbots are f*cking stupid, i’m speaking the truth!!
        black women are competing with white women, because black men are giving these pasty bytch all their attention

        black women are wasting their time because white women are competing with black women
        black women stop lowering yourself for black men, some of them are sellouts and coons

  23. My statement wasn’t on black women in general. in fact, I said lazy black woman….which she is…..if she don’t take a few minutes of her day to wash her p*ssy.
    You can’t blame black men for white but he’s for NOT washing down there, sorry.

  24. *EDIT- you can’t blame black men or white bytches for NOT washing down there, sorry.

  25. Whoever this is, is lying their butt off!!! Shreveport isn’t even in New Orleans LMAO

  26. If thats the stylist in the above photo then she looks kinda transish or a stud in transition.

  27. So now you get this girl who is living with K.Michelle in trouble for what? Just so that you can spill some tea? Really … good friend of yours? YOU better hope she doesnt do YOU DIRTY LIKE YOU JUST DID HER….. DANG …Some people … REALLY ?! PUT A ZIPPER ON YOUR LIPS WHY DONT YOU .

  28. Yeah..I was thinking why is girl spilling tea and calling out the person who told her..probably in confidence…even mentioning the persons mothers name..you cant tell some people anything anymore…the girl would have aired the tea herself if she wanted it out there

  29. Uh! K Michelle mentioned in a interview that she in to women too!

    Sooo this is not earth shattering news…..and doubt this will hurt her career

  30. OMG this tea is tooooo sweet! I hate that that K ain’t f*cking with Blush right now cus K and Blush did well on writing songs for Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart.

  31. Why is such a secret to keep when you have a girlfriend? As a female I loved to stunt w/ my bestfriend even flirt in public after a great night or w/ my my girlfriend I mean when you’re equally as sexy it’s no embarrassment Be yourself I understand wanting to keep a low profile as a star in the limelight but w/ K. Michelle that can’t be the case but it obviously was for MiMi & Erica since they didn’t want to be portrayed as such Smh

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