Dame Dash Decides To Blast His Lawyer & Accountant


Dame Dash is using social media to expose an allegedly crooked lawyer named, Donnel Surares, and an accountant whose name is, Barry Klarberg.

Here’s what Dame Dash revealed about Donnel Suarares:

“Beware of cowards like this he is a lawyer name donnel surares he takes advantage of weak woman and makes money off wasting time and separating family’s so he can feed his own…he is the worst kind of culture vulture he straight up told me he is only here to take my money to feed his family I’m def gonna sue him and I hope it will be in the paper because I’m going to make an example out of him…I’m sick of dudes that get paid by others dudes bye.”

Here’s what Dash posted on instagram about accountant Barry Klarberg:

“This guy to the right is the accountant I was paying 250 grand a year to be a Buisness manager…he personally told me my taxes were paid in 2005 and they weren’t… His name is Barry Klarberg he makes money off of new artist and athletes untill they spend it all then spends there money on his family… I know this from personal experience…if you work with this dude check your books… I’m just saying…ask all his ex employees and his ex wife how dark he is…I’m just using my platform to warn innocent people based on my experience…I’m not even mad…my information is factual #culturevulture @_pgtv @hip_hop_motivator Barry I promise you I’m going to make sure the whole world knows exactly what you did…and as a man you should be able to articulate your perspective…it’s going to be in the form of education not anger or emotion…I’m up so this is not coming from a place of distress…I’m just sick of guys like you taking advantage of our culture…it’s our duty to warn each other #nofear #harlemstickstogether #itstime”



    • FOR REAL!!! Dame wasnt talkin’ that SHIT when he was riding in a Maybach, SCREAMING at everyone, saying that he ‘needed’ a BUTLER and was comfortable paying that accountant 250K. This dude is sooooo sad. Lately all I’ve seen him do is go from celebrity to celebrity begging rich people for money (guess he got a BIG $0.00) so I guess its time to SUE EVERYONE!!

      He just better be glad Kayne fell for the okee-dokee and cosigned that ex-producer credit on his garbage straight to video movie (They’re not even gonna waste money making DVD’s just use some leftover Betamax tapes. Nobodys gonna buy it anyway…)

      • black Opz thank u fo tellin da damn true shit somebody please give dis broke nija some $ so his damn tired azz can shut da f*ck up

  1. Thats his problem for being stupid and thinkin that everybody and anybody is his friend smh obviously Aaliyah would have divorced him a long time ago if she was here cause Dame is one of those niggas that think a woman will take care of him lol HELL TO THE NO

  2. Hiphop is not our culture because we don’t Distribute our own music so we can’t possible claim it as our own.We are just the talent on the front lines while the lable owner sit’s in his Luxury Suite or boardroom making all of the money off of our talent without breaking a sweasweat.Dame kills me when he says our culture when he’s living proof of just being a Pawn with no real power like how the Roc was stolen from he and he couldn’t do nothing about it.

    • It is our culture we created it out of our situations in our hoods. It was stolen and perverted like everything else they touch. It is up to us to take it back and cleanse it of all the bs they have poisoned it with.

      • We don’t own Mastering nor do we have our own distribution companies so on that note we are just workers.If we don’t own 100% of our works than we are just fodder to be individuals with the real power to sign/release artist.

        • The blue print is ours and we sold it and continue to sell it. It is not their culture because they have not and cannot duplicate it. They definitely profit and have tried to copy it, but the culture is not theirs. The commercialization of it i’ll give you that they have mastered. Actually the bastardization and stripping down and exploiting of all things yes i will concede that part of the culture is theirs.

  3. I take it that the first dude was Rachel Roy’s lawyer and if that is the case the he told you to your face he was gonna break your ass. So, where is the foul Dame? Second dude, hey you paid him to do nothing and you should sue his ass. But your ass is also to blame. You talking about one year of taxes not being paid. In a year when you were worth more than 50 million dollars. 2005 tax situation didn’t break you boy, poppin tags and bottles did that.

    • Everyone has to sign their tax return. He must have signed his without reading it first. I’m starting to think he is a chronic blamer. Boohoo “everyone did me wrong Boohoo.” I will never forget his obnoxious cocky ass on MTV Cribs when he was showing his London triplex. Boohoo Dame….no one feels sorry for you.

  4. dame kills dame never wanted aaliyah didn’t he use aaliayh as a blood “sacrifice” offering to be with these kind of people to move in the entertainment world and ended marrying rachel. dame is on drugs look at him. dame knows that aaliyah death was no accident so does her family. he’s going out of his mind with culture vluture

    • This has been said here before: Dame Dash is the worst possible advertisement for “blood sacrifices.”
      His life went to shit after that crash.
      But no one will acknowledge that.

  5. You should have taken your own advice dame but noooo you were busy being a ass hole yourself, you should’ve been check’en the books, what around comes around I’d say, well let’s see where this goes,clearly you weren’t paying attention, get shit in writing not just go off of what they tell you, get it in writing

  6. I like how you all sound on this post..its to bad none of us who actually see whats gone wrong with our people are running things..we would be in way better condition..

  7. when it comes to money black celebs trust white people with their money!!
    not saying is wrong or right but they should atleast hire a brotha or sistah when it comes
    to money these black celebs are none the wiser they trust white people not black people

    all rappers have joosh accountants!! ain’t the really interesting, you’d think these rappers would help the black community but nah!!

    then what makes it really worse is these same white accountants ripping the rappers etc

    • Money is money sweetheart. People don’t give a f*ck about color, loyalty, nor circumstances. It is what it is & it ain’t what it should be. Real life.

      • white people have been known to steal money from their ethnic clients
        the only reason why their get away with it because their white
        people trust their money with white people. because other race think white women are superior

  8. I always wondered why they are always the last to know what happens to their money…adding and subtracting is done the same way even with a few extra zeros attached to it…if you awant an account fine…I’d be counting my money along side my accountant. He seems intelligent enough to get to where he was before..take a course bro

  9. He should have been paying more attention to his finances. Instead he was busy pouring champagne on video ho’s and throwing away his white t-shirts everyday.

    • I remember that crap where he wear he “popped tags” for a new outfit and shoes everyday. Also consumed a lot of Armadale with type 2 diabetes, no wonder he now looks like a great uncle in his 40s and has financial problems. And they say women are the emotional, illogical spendthrifts…

  10. Stop blaming the white man. They stole nothing!!!! Open your eyes and look at your own damn selves if you want somebody to blame.

  11. Thanks for the tip Dame!
    “Crabs Ina barrel “on this site. Sometimes our community can be so damn ignorant. Just read through this thread… How many of y’all have ever personally invested/ managed multiple financial assets worth over $10k, much less $250k??

    Instead of kickin the dude b/c you’ll never be in a position to need this info, give him some credit for admitting his weakness and failures. It’s a teachable moment.

    It’s not easy for a man to admit they f*cked up their money… But admission is the first step to recovery.

    • LMMFAO, man you can’t be serious!!!! Dame Dash is full of shit, Dame I’d the crab in a barrel. What makes you think there is any validity to what Lame Dash days. He flip flops more than a fish out of water, first Jay is a Snake, then Jay is a great human being. Dame is the crab and I will tell you why. While he was up, he was a big headed person who treated everybody like shit telling everybody how much “cake” he had. Bragged about popping tag and never wearing the same thing twice. He had a platform and promoted nothing positive. Everybody who followed in his footsteps ended up like he did. Allen Iverson took on those same policies, huge crew and never wear the same thing twice, now lok at AI. But AI made the choice so he is mostly to blame but its still wreckless of Dame. But what I dont understand is, how the hell you gonna promote buying clothes everyday when you are getting them for free. He was popping tags because he was gettin all his Rocawear for free, and still went broke. That right there makes him a Crab.

      NOW, that he is broke, the culture is being jacked!?!?!? well if that’s the case, he helped provide the guns they are using to jack the culture. Yeah he is the crab. I love to see black people doing well, I love it. I also love black people who take their people into account when making business decisions. People like Hakeen Alojuan and Stephon Marbury who when presented with lucrative contracts to endorse shoes said that they wanted their shoes to under $40 because they understood that you black people would buying the shoes and didn’t want the parents to have to struggle to get them, nor did they want people to be dying for something with their name on it. The understand the negative energy behind that kind of thing, but that’s probably because they are not lovers of money. Also black men like Jamal Madhburn, an ex NBA payer who puts on seminars for young black people on how successfully to invest their money and the power of responsible spending. One of the few people that were successful businessmen before they retired from pro sports.

      But Lame Dash talks all of this shit while he makes movies about black peope selling drugs and killing eachother. Then continues to promote “popping Tags” makes an online clothing company called DD poppington and proceeds to price the shit out of the price range of its target group. $165 sweatshirts and $2000 jackets…he is the damn crab?

      Then he accuses Barry Klarberg of ripping him off ten years after thevavt…..LMMFAO. Well if that’s the case, why aren’t any of klarbergs other high profile clients complaining about Taxes not being filed, this is part of hat his firm does. He just helped Timberfake acquire part of the Memphis Grizzleys and is probably the person behind helping Jay Z acquire part of the Nets. Let me give you some information. Dame Crossed the wrong people and he wants back in the fold so bad he will say anything. Lame knew who he was dealing with the mans name is (Klarberg) the name of the Company is (Monarch). THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR DAME DASH

      • You truly didn’t get the point…reading is fundamental. I don’t need u to give me information, you said nothing new.

        • Ok, your point was that Dame Dash was giving a warning by letting us know that this guy was a thief and people should be thankful for the info, ok i got it. but My point is that dame dash is full of shif and I don’t believe him because he is saying the dude ripped him off tem years after the fact, shit dame has been broke for over 5 years. And that the dude he is blaming has a huge firm with many high profile clients and he has helped many of them gain wealth. Dame is he only one crying and accusing the man of robbing him. Now I’m aware that the dude might be a crook but there is no proof nor is there anyone corroborating dames accusation. The dude has enough clients to where even it was half true, somebody else would be saying the same thing that dame is saying, but there isn’t.

  12. Even if you outsource your taxes you taxes you would be wise to request duplicate filed tax data from the IRS just to confirm that your taxes have been filed. Bcuz at the end of the day the IRS comes looking for the artist. Artist can save more money by incorporating, paying taxes and using as many tax deductions as possible. Stop blindly turning assets over to people! Much love 2 this Creatives!

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