Chris Brown Calls Drake a Groupie


During an appearance on the Breakfast Club, Chris Brown said that, after he broke up with Rihanna, she went to a corny singer/rapper, Drake.

Here’s what Chris Brown revealed about Drake:

“That dude don’t make me no check,” said Brown about Drake. “I didn’t make no record with him. He was just in the studio. He was a fan.

With old girl – the first one. Who else is Rihanna gonna go to? Who else in this game she gonna go to? Some corny singing rapper?”


  1. At the end of the day they all are slaves in the industry under the watchful eyes of TPTB.

    • So true and while I like CB he decisions haven’t been hitting on much to be judging Drake they are all chasing something unhealthy.

  2. Why does he keep whining over these two shit stains…Chris just stop..let it go already

    • He kept trying to talk around Rihanna’s name, but they kept saying it. He needs to tell interviewers to stop bringing up Rihanna and Drake.

    • You do realize that dicaprio has most likely been passed around the industry so him being 100 percent hetero is most likely incorrect

    • He angry as f*ck that Rihanna ignores him. Rih’s pops already spilled that tea. Now she seems happy, Chris is madder. Podat

  3. Drake is not good looking at think anyone wants to get with him is just gross…

  4. I hope Rih never gives either of these two clowns the time of day ever again. They both continually bring up her name when they need attention. It’s pitiful. They need to get over it like she has! !

  5. Isnt Drake captain save a hoe? I mean come on, Drake is known in the industry for paying these stripper broads for a 1 to 1 session if ya know what I mean… why do you think they always taken pics in his house n shit. He paying they asses and the way they see it, they can make good money 1 night or weekend than working the entire week and making shiit money. Some of those instagram thots are just glorified prostitutes aka strippers. Selling that Pu$$y to the highest bidder.

  6. chris brown is too cute too be fawning over big headed rihanna, drake is ugly as f*ck

  7. I think that Drake is Handsome!! So please miss me with that shyt that Drake isn’t handsom… Liars.

    • I agree. And think Rhianna is gorgeous. She stole the Golden Globes from all the actresses when she arrived at the end in her poufy ball gown. But the haters here refuse to admit that she is the IT girl of music along with Taylor.

      • You will never get any black blogs commenters to give Rih her shine. However if there was no Rih, there would be just one other big name, black entertainer called Beyonce.

        Even after the incident, if chris woulda been smart, his name would be huge. Selling out stadiums with his shitty music. But he is an unstable hoodrat with no decorum.He f*cked his career up. Big time

        • Black blog commentators don’t give any black women shine. There is an uproar if someone does. I just think to myself “They have others races watch self hate, no respect for their own kind, and wonder why we don’t get the respect”. Smh…

  8. We all know Rhianna has a big forehead and we all know she is on the nasty side..but she is pretty good or bad

    • Don’t matter what she is or isnt. She aint the one talking shit about a relationship that was dead two years ago. Chris is a down low bitch ass

  9. Funny he should call Drake a groupie, but the last time I checked, Drake’s cd’s were selling better than Chris shit was. Maybe Chris might want to rethink that comment.

  10. I cannot even front on Chris Brown. He’s right about Drake singing rapping ass! I mean who goes around phucking nasty groupie haux’s when you can have a bad bish? That is some straigh groupie hoe shit. I mean the 1st, 2nd year of stardom I can see dudes doing this, but after while, it gets lame, stupid and he becomes a walking AIDS case. I find it funny though when light skinned dudes attack each other though…it seems so juvenile like childish junior high schoool beef….LMAO!

  11. Chris is a corny singin rapper too though. 110lb midget runnin around claimin blood lol!

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