Mike Epps Debuts Granddaughter

Mike Epps Granddaughter

HSK Exclusive – Mike Epps and his daughter Bria, posed for a picture with the comedians granddaughter.

Dig the drop:

“Mike and his daughter have put the tough times behind them. Since Bria had the baby, Mike is a happy grandpa.”


  1. Ol Granpaw Mike lol she’s adorable mike! you a grand pappy man congrats are in order, god bless

  2. She is a cutie. I want to nibble those chunky cheeks and steal that fur vest for myself. So chic!

  3. Mike seems so fake. Eric Benet posted a pic of his family and received raved reviews 2 days later Mike post a pic of his family. Cute little girl – but so what.

    • Eww he’s like 50 with an adult daughter and he is still skeeting and making babies? These men. I saw the pictures. He has an attractive family and his oldest India is a beautiful young lady. I like how the whole family sported natural textured hair.

  4. Eric Benet is gay. Just ask the people of Long Beach, Ca. Pine avenue is one of his fave hangouts.

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