Nick Cannon Sticks By His Cuts @ Kanye Despite Being Hacked


    Nick Cannon vs. Kanye Westnick-cannon-jive-turkey

    Nick Cannon’s Twitter account may have been ‘hacked’ — but he’s sticking to his Tweet tirade at Kanye West!
    According to Nick, a 17-year-old is responsible for taking over his Twitter account, but he owns up to what he Tweeted about Yeezus.

    “Real geniuses don’t have to tell everyone that they are geniuses.” ~Nick Cannon, @KanyeWest

    Check it:

    nick-cannon-vs-kanye-west Screen-shot-2013-12-02-at-4.53

    Is this the first time Nick Cannon’s called out Kanye? Of course NOT! Just ask MiMi.


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