Nick Cannon to Mariah’s New Boyfriend: She Looked Better With Me!


Nick Cannon resorted to taking a low blow to diss Mariah’s recently released photos showing her looking like a beached whale with her new boy toy.

Nick took to his Instagram to post throwback photos of him and Mariah during happier times. Mariah’s body is bangin and she actually looks happy! WTF happened to her?

Damn, MiMi fell OFF!

Doesn’t Nick have a baby on the way tho? Maybe that’s where he needs to be focusing his energy.


  1. That’s some serious shade right there. Not fair Nick, she’s had two kids and a decade added.

  2. Nah, she looks stupid with you too. She just doesn’t have any lady swag whatsoever…..too edomite!

  3. She was at her lowest when she married NC. Not fair to him but she was lost and feeling fat and acting crazy. He took advantage of this and would never have had a chance with her at her high point. Soon as she felt better about herself she was ready to book.

  4. Nick is the black Kevin Federline. With a bit more talent and a bit more money but those two punks still played their ex-wives for a long game.

  5. “Chubby” is always better than “slim.” I don’t want to bone a chick that doesn’t have an *adult* body. Who gets turned on feeling on bones?

    That said, I wouldn’t bone this chick, thick or slim.

  6. I don’t think people realize how they’ve been conditioned by industries and other unnatural crap. Years ago, no one would call some anorexic-looking chick sexy.

    Fashion designers realized decades ago that if a woman was nice and thick, no one paid attention to her outfit; so they started using anorexic chicks that no one found attractive. They didn’t want to tell people that, so they convinced people it was “hot.”

    It’s also easier to sell more clothes to people who aren’t fit and healthy looking. If you’re a fit woman or man, you can wear anything and look fly. Imagine a fit dude with jeans and a tee on. Imagine a fit girl with a random summer dress on. You can’t convince them to spend a whole lot on nice outfits, but you can convince scrawny dudes and really overweight people.

  7. He can barely carry her in his pic either. But Mariah got to be bat isht crazy for a dude as desperate as Nick to not be able to be with her. She even drove that billionaire Packer packing. That’s a sad day when an UGLY big-headed mofo leaves you. smdh. Mariah, it’s your world gurl, we just trying to get a nut.

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