Kanye Finally Leaves the Hospital, Did He Get Booted Out?

kanye leaves hospital

Earlier today, sources reported that Kanye West was being a pain in the azz up in the mental ward of UCLA hospital. The rapper was giving the staff a hard time, and he wasn’t allowing doctors to do their job.

When HSK reported the news, we asked this question: How soon before UCLA Medical Center gets fed up and sends Yeezy packin’?

Welp, it looks like the doctors have finally had enough, because numerous sources are now reporting the manic rapper has been released.

After spending over a week in the hospital, he was cleared by doctors to leave on “Tuesday night.”

Wait, what?

First he was acting up as early as Wednesday morning, but now he was released on Tuesday night??? This don’t make no kind of sense…

According to sources, doctors were convinced the rapper had been “stabilized,” so they let him go.

“Kanye couldn’t take being in the hospital anymore. It made him feel like he was going crazy. Kim wasn’t there all day; she was home with the kids, so Kanye was lonely and it wasn’t helping his situation.”

Wait a minute, but I thought Kim was by his side this entire time??! Hmmm…

The hospital released Yeezy to Kim, and his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam, the same man who called 9-1-1 when Kanye was admitted to the hospital.

Wait a minute, I thought the person who called 9-1-1 was Kanye’s personal trainer?!

This mess ain’t even adding up! Are we sure Yeezy is still alive? Jay and Bey need to do a welfare check because something’s fishy…


  1. “Stabilized” aka “reprogrammed.” We’ll just have to wait and see what time reveals, to see if he’s truly been brainwashed again. All of these celebrities are truly slaves. It’s sad that even with all of their money, they’re still not free.

    • They wanted the fame and fortune – at any price. I have zero sympathy for any of them.

      • For the one’s that willingly sold out- I completely agree. However for the one’s that were born into the industry mess, or who were MK ULTRA’d, I have a great amount of sympathy for them.

    • On a different topic, where is the story about Micheal Jackson’s secret girlfriend by Jacky Jasper that was posted recently??? This site use to be the shit. Now it is seems white washed.

      • @anon00:55, that post was from November 2012. Thought it was strange that it just popped up out of nowhere. You can hit the search button and u will be able to find the post.

  2. No they said the doctor was the one who called and had him admitted, not the trainer.

    B & J could care less about that nig…and would prob put a hit out on him before checking on him.

    That man is not clinically crazy he is just f*cked up in the head on many levels.

  3. Maybe this is just a gimmick to gain huge publicity & cash in on an insurance scam. His handlers & kimye can only get paid from those cancelled tours, if there’s a valid reason i.e medical. Let’s face it they’re not new to this, remember the other insurance scam, with that fake hotel robbery?? Nothing surprises me these days?

  4. Wow it took all that time to reprogram him I truly feel sorry for him I do and I pray that they will one day find God and get out of Satan system you guys be finding some funny looking picture of him I bet that’s the face he makes when lover boy is in town

  5. If the hollywood devils kill Kanye West, I will not lose any sleep! I’m sure the KKK bitches will celebrate.

  6. hopefully the kartrashian didnt have him injected with nothing. he knew what road he was heading when he chose her

  7. Now we get to see if this was a scam or if Kanye really had a breakdown. I’m watching.

  8. Sorry not gonna say everybody’s death. Is caused by the elite oh my dad died of old age cause I serve satan

  9. Any Black woman who is defending Koonye is a damn fool. I find his whole downfall hilarious he deserves it that’s what he gets and that’s what all sellouts get he actually thought he transcended race with his bullshit raps?

    That he-bitch is in the Order he failed and he went down that’s what happens when you don’t obey he signed on the dotted line he sold his soul

  10. Did jay z have it arranged for kim to be robbed MN

    Was kim getting robbed a message to kanye

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