Mariah Carey Rebounds With New Boy Toy


Leave it to Mariah Carey to go from a billionaire to a broke backup dancer.

The singer finally confirmed rumors that she’s dating 33-year-old dancer Bryan Tanaka a little over two months after splitting from her ex-fiancé James Packer.

46-year-old Mariah and her new boy toy frolicked on the beach in Maui in a series of staged photos.

“They were all over each other, making out and not wanting to be more than a few feet apart. They swam in the ocean and he picked her up to kiss her. She was jumping into his arms, and he bent her back over his knee like they were dancing.”

James apparently felt threatened by Bryan prior to breaking up with Mariah, and he thought something suspicious was going on.

He flipped out on Bryan at one of the singer’s concerts in Las Vegas, and he reportedly submitted a photo of Bryan to security at Caesar’s Palace and told them to ban him from coming to Mariah’s shows.

Looks like his suspicions were right.

What do you think about Mariah looking like a beached whale in Maui and hooking up with this much younger man?



  1. Mariah Carey is an old hoe, who’s way past her prime; still trying to hang on for relevance. And doesn’t this bitch have kids? How’s motherhood coming along? She’s just further sabotaging herself. All these old so called “legends” are trashing their legacies, and doing disgusting shit for attention. Most of them will die like dogs, and will have nothing in the end.

  2. Mariah needs to slow down. I’ll be watching her new show on E! this weekend. 🙂

  3. She looks like shit. Not that she ever was very attractive.

    Time for her and Madonna to accept that they are aging(in Mariah’s case) and old in Madonna’s.
    They are both in anger of being just comic relief.

  4. I don’t see the big deal. Fat old men have been doing this for years. If she wants to be a Sugar Mama and sponsor a boy toy…do you!!

  5. She’s faking because of that other dude. She doesn’t want that hapa gaysian.

    She likes women. That’s probably what the other dude figured out. She should call Pinky to bust her down with the strap. lol

  6. hopefully he really wanna be her “butterfly” and rebound her career instead of being one of the 99% of males nowadays that would f*ck any thing and every thing just for a bitch to take care of them LMFAO

  7. I think she would’ve been more fashionable in a housecoat. Ugh her fashion sense is tragic TRAGIC I can’t.

  8. Thank goodness she can sing because this chick ain’t got no rhythm, no sex appeal, almost no color and no shame!

  9. This is all PR to get people talking about her most celebrities are doing completely ludicrous and ridiculous antics just to get some shine, from teenage television stars to middle-age singers from basketball players to politicians.

  10. If mariah wants to screw around with her new boy toy thats her problem ..
    she isnt using anyone elses female parts but her own. Whats all the stress about ?

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