NFL Defends Players After Trump Calls Anthem Protestors B*tches!

donald trump nfl sons of bitches

During a Huntsville, Alabama political rally for Republican senator Luther Strange, Donald Trump decided it was a good time to voice his opinion on NFL players who kneel during the national anthem.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b*tch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’ You know, some owner is going to do that. He’s going to say, ‘That guy that disrespects our flag, he’s fired.’ And that owner, they don’t know it [but] they’ll be the most popular person in this country.” – Donald Trump

Trump also called for fans to boycott the NFL if the anthem protests continued. That’s when the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, finally chimed in and other players threw in their own two cents:


  1. Wow!!! Trump reach a all new low.. Alot of People dont do the pledge.. For one reason or another.. Me being one of them!!! And its my choice!! Our country is going in a different direction,at light speed .U followers need to wake up and smell the coffee.. We are one natural disaster away from the goverment taking over completely.. And re structuring everything #whatsCOMEINGnext!!

  2. Thats what u get when u get a guy in office who has no political experience whatsoever

    • This has nothing to do with not having political experience. Because if the truth be told there are a lot of them that do have the experience that feel the same way!

  3. This is interesting for a Blog catering to Black folk and people of color, to be told from “Dotard Trump” that the majority of Black Athletes are Sons Of “Bitches”! Because those who do not stand for the National Anthem and who choose to kneel are! While he has put America one sneeze away from War, with North Korea Psycho Dictator Kim Jung Un! Wake Up Black America!!! The next time u hear The National Anthem at a sports event KNEEL!! For Pride, Conviction and Condemn Racist Attitudes, Against President “Dotard Trump”!! ~

  4. Trump what are you doing??? I was riding with you but why are you arguing with sports players instead of fixing the country? Like come on now, the president of the US should not be responding to stuff like this. You should have something better to do. Stop trying to make everybody like you and just fix the country

      • I just know hes not racist like ppl think. He own a lot of land by my house, including a golf course that he makes public. The white racist ppl in our neighborhood wanted him to make it private to keep the inner city (blacks and Mexicans) ppl from coming to our area, theg even offered to pay. and he told the the white racist ppl to go f–k themselves its his land and he can do what he wants. This happen many years ago before he ran for president. I respeced him for that.

        Obama took the KKK campaigm money when running for president. Trump refused.

        • Unless you live in his brain, you don’t know shit.

          So what about being able to play golf, it is still considered a rich man’s game, meaning most of the people you mentioned cannot afford to purchase the proper equipment.

          Also how long ago was this? You do know there was a time he was a registered democrat.

          I would not defend any of these people, because they all have underlying motives.

  5. Trump is a master of television. The healthcare bill failed again which had them dancing in the streets so as a distraction he has a rally and says this. Its all spin and we are living in season 18 of the apprentice.

  6. He also does not have a casino or allow smoking at all in his hotels. That says he has some morals. I dont think hes racist and i dont think his idea are bad, hes just unprofessional.

    • right. never saw his children in the tabloids falling out of clubs drunk or on coke. his kids are well mannered and make their own money. trump shoots from the hip and says it like it is and people rather listen or look at a dressed up lie than the naked truth. he’s 100 and people can’t handle being told the ice cold truth. period. end stop.

    • He called players mothers bitches, noot the players. SOB = son of bitch. Trump talkiing about they momma is a bitch.

  7. #45 is a massive attention seeker! He made those idiotic comments seeking attention! We at best should take note and ignore the H*ll out of him! Roger Godell should have several seats! He is just as bad as #45! Racists people get the FOH!

  8. Trump is not the right guy to deliver the message to be respectful of the flag and anthem but this massive player move will harm the league and everyone in it in the long run. Rest assure the owners know about it. The next rounds of contract negotiations will include owners telling the union to stop screwing the pooch. While I agree that no one is onboard with police violence, taking a knee at work is not the way to go either. I know many support the QB, but if I did that at my private employer, I wouldn’t be working there anymore as much as the owner agrees with me.

    Now it’s gotten out of control and it will result in poor fan attendance which translates to lesser pay for players, which will translate into a lockout because of the lousy contract coming down the pipes. There will not be guaranteed contracts like the players want. This protest has made sure of it. This is not about CK, Trump, or anything. The stakes are higher. Now the union boss is saying it’s not about football anymore, meaning he wants political displays. I think people turn on to football for football. Not a popular opinion but people have had it with the NFL. Stick a fork in them.

  9. Donald Chump: President (Puppet) of the USA (United Sins of America)

  10. Half the coons in the NFL don’t care about black people. and only marry white women don’t be fooled. Trump is ignorant af so what he said doesn’t surprise me. They always gotta do black vs white shit in this country every couple of years.

    • Son you’re right about that but Trump should take a good look into his own business practices, he doesn’t hire black women to work in most of his business and we’ve never ever had a dumb as POTUS stay his dumb ass on Twitter.. This dumb MF thought he could run the USOA like he ran Trump International.. He thought it was so easy, but I fault the dumb SOB that put his fat stuffed ass in office, he’s pitiful as a Presidenr. I wish I lived anywhere than here.l This dumb MF can’t get shit done at the White House but stay his fat ass on Twitter.. He hires and fires people like its a joke. He’s accustom to yes men and women.. Any who do his kids think they are King and Queens, oh hell no they’re all theives and they all up to their neck in Russian money scam

  11. YOU LIVE HERE, so how about YOU work on getting a life.

    Oh wait NO ONE LIKES YOU, outside of being a troll you must look like one too.

  12. Now blacls wanna fight racism and racism.been in the world teumo didn’t start racism.but he puts it out there like it is

    I can’t take blacks serious until they stop killing each other and quit holding hands and rioting when a white fat dunkin donut eating ass cop kills a black

    Kneeling aibt nothing refusing to pledge to a flag means nothing whites believe in action we need to do it

    • White people kill each other all the time no one says until they stop killing each other I can’t take white folks seriiously. That is a stupid statement for stupid people.

    • Right! White ppl and other races ate looking at like ooohhh thats cute, lets join. But lets see if they willing to put they money where they mouth is. Do something, build up the community if you too scared to go on strike. . But do something other than take a knee. I been ignoring the national anthem since I was 8, never stood up for it since then, never. Ive seen plenty of players not participate on every game Ive ever watched. Colin just made a scene for his own sake.

  13. Colin Kappeatrick was not worried about doing all this until his career was on the rocks and over. He held on to it an extra year by starting this mess.

    Now Steph is actually making a statement when he has something to loose. But Colin is a joke and I believe he did it for attention or becauae he had nothing to loose, career was already over and on its last leg.

    These NFL players are mostly dumb, so I cant take them serious with any of this. If they care so much, start building up the communities with all that money you got and stop spending it on the strip club, Kardashians and clubs. Until then they are irrelevant to me. I used to mess with one and when he was poppin, he did not care about nobody but himself, now that hes broke hes pretending to be humble and trying to play hero but only to keep his name in the spot light. Cause everything he does he wants a cookie for and only does things if its public for everyone to see.

    Steph Curry I take serious, Colin just trying to keep his name in the spotlight.

  14. LovelyLady

    I can dig it. The first thing you’ve said that i liked.

    But colin wasn’t on the last leg of his career; granted his flaws as a qb were better exposed but he’s still better than most of these guys playing.

    He really believes what he is protesting(those light skinned blk ppl are always the most afrocentric) it’s just the timing and for some reason those crackers get butt hurt over that damn flag. He, just like me, didn’t think the backlash would be this severe.

    • He may be doing it sincerely, but we will never know because he started it coming off of a bad 2015 season. The niners was most definetly getting ready to release him before 2016 final cuts. But it was delayed because it was going to make them look racist or whatever.

      I just cant rock with Colin, I dont believe its sincere because all he can do is gain from the situation, but Curry on the other hand, legit got nothing to gain but everything to loose.

      Colin lost me when he said he was putting up his 2016 salary. If he really was legit, he wouldve just put up past money, not try and make the NFL look bad if they cut him and he gets no 2016 salary.

      The NFL is on Trump side and every other politician. They just putting on a show to make sure they ticket sales stay up.

      Like Donald Stearling. They couldnt kick that man out of the Staple Center unless he let them. He got enough money to talk. Just prob pretended to sale just to not make the NBA look like they support racism, which they do. They was more concerned about the black players going on strike and how much money they was gone loose. So they told Stearling to kick back and let them pretend they did something, but believe me he still counting funds. All his towes still standing tall in Beverly Hills

  15. Trump called their mothers bitches, not them He talking about their moms very disrespecrful.

  16. The NFL is defending the players, aka the NFL are defending their slaves. The NFL is master Reynjolds and the players are Chicken George.

    • Right!!!! Lol cause aint nobody watching the NFL without the black players and they know that. They dont want them to go on strike and cost them millions of dollars. But watch when the season end. They gone chop all the mediocre ones contracts in half and find a new group of slaves. .

      The NFL aint fooling me. Atleast Trump let you know he an azz. But The NFL is smiling in your face just to keep the 2017 season alive.

  17. Look above the distracting chaos, THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY IS CORRUPT and part of the agenda, don’t get it twisted, and their puppets do as they are told.

    I don’t know much about this man Kaepernick other than he has a Bible scroll with Psalm 18:39 tattooed on his right arm. Underneath is written “To God be the Glory.”

    And the last time I checked, kneeling was a for of submission:

    Kneeling is a basic human position where one or both knees touch the ground. It is used as a resting position, during childbirth and as an expression of reverence and submission.

    I can only hope and pray that he is kneeling to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob but when I look at some of the people backing him I’m not so sure…. YOU will know THEM by their fruit.

    Aaaahem (clears throat) then there is another act of kneeling when one is preparing to take an oath “Kneeling on my naked right knee, my left forming a square; my right hand on the Holy Bible, square, and compasses, my left arm forming an angle, supported by the square, and my hand in a vertical position.

    I guess we will know when his NFL career changes…

    Stay Armored

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