Trump Heated Over Steph Curry’s White House Diss

steph curry donald trump white house

When Donald Trump found out Stephen Curry didn’t plan on visiting the White House with his championship Golden State Warriors team, 45 was HEATED! Here’s how it all went down:

And look who came to Steph’s defense…


  1. Way to go Steph Curry. I respect his decision. I consider his wife to be a hero. She exposed the NBA for what it is; a rigged sport.

    • Steph parents raised him right. Although I actually like the trump hotels and have nothing against Trump. Its nice to see when someone can stand for something on there on two feet.

  2. Tom Brady refused to visit the White House when Obama was in office. White owned mainstream media did not report it. Gee I wonder why?

    • Interesting! Why wasn’t this blown up like this is? Could it be a distraction from something?

  3. Dang I like Steph and Trump. But Lebron right, how you gone uninvite somebody that already declined the invite???

    I dont know anything about politics to judge a president but Im glad Steph Curry stands his ground if he doesn’t beliebe in something.

  4. Lol but somebody please tell me why is Trump on Twitter? Like he too old for this and its unprofessional for him to even respond to this, dont he got better stuff to worry about like Korea?

    • N. korea is NOT a threat…they are just trying to find a way to start shit with them so they can go in their and take over.

      Pay attention people! There are only three countries left who do not have a central bank and n. korea is one of them! They are trying to take over the entire financial system to usher in that one world currency!

      And that whole obama and cuba thing was also a front for them to put down their guard too, they are another one of the countries w/o a central bank.

  5. Don’t we have a bunch other things to worry about…such as the various hurricanes that have devastated many..North Korea….He is a bonified loser…and anyone who voted for this moron is just as bad as he is…this country is doomed for sure.

    • I dont think hes a bad person, he just dont know how to communicate professionally. Trump is om to the real game, most of yall belive what the news, muslims and activist say. Trust and believe theres a much bigger game plan and it aint coming from the whites like yall think. Theu being used as ponds to keep us down but they aint the ones manoplying right now.

  6. They so powerful, that even this website womt allow you to type they name. It will delete the comment automaticaly. I would tell yall but they already got it blocked on here so I cant type. But believe me Trump aint our problem and neither or the police or white ppl

  7. They control so much they have blocked they name on everything so nobody can post nothing on the internet about them.

    Just remember, when playing poker, you keep a straight face until you have a full hand. The most obvious forced on us is the smoke screen to hide the real deal. Trump the only president thats willing to do something about it, but he too busy arguing with everybody else.

  8. Shut up.

    You talk too much thinkin you know what u talkin about. Watchin conspiracy youtube videos thinkin u know how the world works.

    Republicans are fair game to young black ppl. They don’t know any better. Democrats ain’t shit either. Politics is very sticky. Republicans r an easy punching bag for simpletons who don’t know about politics. All democrats do is throw money at every problem and overtax u at the same time. All republicans do is hoard money and leave ppl to die. They are no good guys here.

    I will say the republicans tried to end slavery in 1912.

    • Fool they did not try to end slavery for our benefit, it was for theirs.

      After they made their $ they no longer wanted us here and wanted us all to be shipped back to Africa, because they knew someday we would outnumber them.

      Why do you think our communities have so many issues?

      Systematic racism has been an effective tool for them for centuries and they know nothing will change the status quo they have created.

  9. Anonymous

    You dumb cunt. You are describing the DEMOCRATIC party with everything you just said.

    I love the democratic party now because of the aforementioned systematic racism of that same party. But they made up for their sins by giving us soooo much free stuff and a black president? Nigga we good. Roll that shit up and let’s get high!

    • The cunt is you bitch, all you are is house ngger scum.

      The fact you don’t know these parties play for the same team, let’s me know your level of intelligence…outside of the fact you can’t form an independent thought to save your life.

      • Preach!!!! Thank You!!! I was gone tell dumb dumb that but I aint even feel like waisting my time to type it.

        They all play for the same team!!

      • Honestly im starting to think, this is somebody affiliated with this website, just trying to get is rowled up on every post. Cause they cant be that dumb

  10. LovelyLady and anonymous

    Both of you bitches need to shut up.

    U ain’t sayin nothing new yawn.

    Elaborate instead of playground name calling.

    You hoes know u can’t. U probably automatically vote democrat cause deep down you know most blk ppl need a helpin hand.

    • STFU Bitch, you came with the name calling because all your mind-controlled ass does is slob on the knobs of your kakkra masters, oh and that other tom who bends you over t. sodomizer.

      All you are is a dirty, ratchet ass clown, who has nothing of value to offer than the hole in his head & ass. Let me know when you are ready to hit the streets & make some money for me trick ass ngga.

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