Keyshia Cole Files for Divorce

keyshia cole daniel booby gibson file divorce

A thousand years later, Keyshia Cole has finally filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson.

Keyshia and Daniel got married in 2011, and they have one child together. The R&B singer filed to end her marriage on September 12, 2017 – but they’ve been “broken up” and still living together off and on since 2014.

Keyshia is requesting joint legal and physical custody of their 7-year-old son, Daniel Gibson Jr., and asking that neither of them receive spousal support.

Maybe she couldn’t afford to file until her Love & Hip Hop check cleared?


  1. At least she’s not going after his money because we know she’s not where she use to be (financially)

  2. Exactly.

    She gonna spend the rest of her life getting fucked and chucked by losers and then 10 years from now be on TV talking about “Booby Gibson was the best man I ever had”

  3. Keyshia already had thugs beating her out jeezy, game, and possibly PAC and the outlawz

  4. Keisha is having an awakening… She is destined for true love and whether she knows it, likes it or not – she is being moved into place to BE in higher calling. There’s no room for half way and Old lessons learned that should be blessed and graduated from. Keisha is seeing signs around her and may or may not know what they mean. But her true destiny is in full effect. When it arrives, she will be in the prosperity flow again, too. That’s how true love works. It causes ALL aspects of your life to flourish. It’s a spiritual thing. Nothing personal, she tried to work it out. But God’s plans for her life are on a schedule – she’s going to have to follow what God has for her now.

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