New Orleans Rapper Big Freedia Pleads Guilty to Section 8 Fraud

big freedia section 8

New Orleans rapper and reality TV star Big Freedia pleaded guilty for Section 8 fraud after stealing $35,000 worth of low-income housing vouchers between 2010-2014.

The crossdressing “Queen of Bounce” admitted to taking vouchers he knew he didn’t qualify for. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 16..and he won’t be getting off easy!

Freedia faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, and he will have to pay back the value of the vouchers he stole.

Big Freedia signed paperwork admitting he got $695 a month in federal housing vouchers from February 2011 through December 2014. He lied on his paperwork by telling government officials he was making only $12,000-$14,400 a year, which is well below the minimum amount needed to apply for Section 8.

But it was all a scam. Freedia is makin’ bank! He has gone on international concert tours, has a TV show on the Fuse Network, sales his own Big Freedia merchandise, and is featured in Beyonce’s “Formation” video.

Lock him up!


    • He stole the governments f*cking money take off your cape OK sometimes black men f*ck up and it's not anybody's fault but their own!

  1. That is a perfect example of the self sabotage many black males do and everybody is expected to feel sorry for them why you f*cking with the government money in the first place that's dangerous right there you know we are in the most watched people! That proves how ghetto he is ghetto people always think they could get over and shit and they're smarter than everybody else well if you were smarter than everybody else your black ass wouldn't be in the ghetto hustling.

    The government ain't trying to take his black ass down but they may make an example of him to show the rest of the section 8 fraud dumbasses what is in store for them they need to reform section 8.

    In my city most of the crime happens near section 8 The thing about section 8 is idiots don't appreciate it that they are getting such a good deal on the rent and they f*ck up commit crimes and there you go his own damn fault.

  2. This would never happen had the government done his job and checks if any person applying for government help is entitled to do so…

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