Bobby Brown’s Sister Sends Out a Warning

bobby brown sister warning

Leolah, the sister of Bobby Brown, has never been one to keep quiet after the deaths of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina. In a new Facebook post, Leolah pleads for Bobby to separate himself from the evil people who are trying to divide the Brown family.

bobby brown sister

Leolah has always believed someone was out to get the fam, and she has always believed BK was killed for her inheritance money by the hands of Nick Gordon.

But Leolah is also the same person who was filming a reality show to document BK’s condition while she was laying up in the hospital in a coma. She also contacted Jacky about trying to get some coins for spilling the details on Whitney’s death.

What do you think? Is Lee-Lee batshit crazy?


  1. he's lucky that didn't happen to me I would've went old school and got someone to kick his ass break his legs or something!!

  2. Comment:SHE is suspect #2, only behind Nick on who killed BK and WH. Humpf she crazy and on them drugs What the heck does close the door even mean..why don't she just say it, she def cray cray

    • Well she did warn Bobbi K right after Whitney died and she probably warned Whitney too

      • Anyone could have "warned" BK after Whitney died. Warning a drug addict who's living exactly like her dead drug addicted mother that she is in danger of dying does not take any inside knowledge or great wisdom.

        Leolah wants money and fame and she'd sell her own kids to get it. She hates all the Houstons, but if they broke her off a fat piece of BK's inheritance she would be kissing their asses within days.

        • BULLSHYT! Leolah told Bobbi K that "they were gonna get her" (Bobbi K)
          And Leolah wasnt warning about no drugs either
          And "they got her"
          Dont believe EVERYTHING the media portray
          Especially hollyweird

  3. Maybe she's crazy. Maybe she is not. I'm sure there is definitely some truth in there somewhere

  4. Bobby still smoking drugs too and they are making a film or bio about new edition and bobby the only one who hasn't gave his approval

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