New Afrika Bambaataa Child Molestation Victim Comes Forward

afrika bambaataa child molestation victim

A 4th man has come forward with claims that Kevin Donavan aka Afrika Bambattaa molested him when he was a pre-teen. The man, who goes by the name of Troy, gave a radio interview detailing his experience with the Hip Hop pioneer.

The incident took place at Bambaataa’s Baychester apartment. Troy was 12 at the time, and he went to visit his girlfriend, but decided to stop and say hi to Bambaataa first because he lived in the same building.

They were alone in the apartment when Bambaataa asked him, “have you ever been with a guy?” Troy replied, “no, that’s gay.”

That’s when Bambaataa brought out a photo album of explicit images. Troy described the photos as a bunch of the neighborhood kids holding and fondling Bambaataa’s penis. The rapper told him, “See…you don’t have to be gay to be with a guy.”

Bambaataa then begged to see Troy’s penis and told him if all the other kids were comfortable with it, then Troy should be okay with it too.

Before he knew it, Bam had grabbed Troy’s penis and began giving him oral sex. Troy said it was a “nasty sensation,” and he pulled away and left the apartment.

“I never wanted to be around him anymore…it just changed my attitude a lot,” ~ Troy

Peep the interview:

This list of child molestation victims keeps on adding up.


  1. Just like with Cosby, the statute of limitations will make these accusations very difficult to prosecute, but I'm glad that he has been exposed as a child rapist. This will hopefully stop him for ruining other boys' lives.

    I wonder what Tony Stark the rape denier has to say about this?

    • All these guys who claim to help kids really wanna molest them since bambaata used to put together youth organizations his realvpurpose was to molest boys this make hip hip look bad cause he is a founding pioneer and a lot of rappers was in Zulu nation abd five Percenter's

  2. Never heard if bambaata with a woman associates queen latfah open dyke but still in the closet qtip a possible gay. I always thought De LA soul was kind of gay, jungle brothers I believe one if them came out I mean for a pro black movement its a lit of freaks in the open repping the five percent nation

  3. Let's see lord jamar speak out against this since brand Nubian was affiliated with bambaata while he was gaybashing kanye

  4. Wtf I thought he Afrika was looking for the perfect beat … I guess he wanted to planet rock lil boys … A while looking for the perfect buttock and lips to suck him off this f*ck up the history of rap / hip hop forever !

  5. The motherf*cker was to embarrass to just call it what it was back then … Planet Cock it's the sure shot … Say Planet Cock !

  6. There's a reality show coming I'm sure … Real faggots of hip hop … Only on Bravo. .. Stay tuned !

  7. Like I stated on another post, 2016 was the year for revelations, so the ball; while sow is beginning to finally roll! Get your popcorn ready and make sure your seat is comfy as hell because we're going to be learning all kinds of twisted shit this year!

    • I remember when you said it, and you ain't neva lied!

      Bambataa needs to just go back to Barbados and never show his face again!

  8. This guy did it! He better not ever show his face in public. This shit is sick! This is the third person to come forward. Why hasn't anybody killed Bambaataa yet?

    • @NBA is fixed, don't hold your breathe or blink. I swear I have the distinct feeling this dude is about turn up decease sooner than we think and in spite of being gruesome as hell I bet it's going to be just what most people feels he deserves. Either that or his ass is about to go in deep hiding.

  9. I'm wondering if this is a cosby style conspiracy to rock the very core of hip hop. Whites want to make a mockery of hip hop ie young thug. They trying to turn our black people gay.

    • White folks so called involvement in this is entirely irrelevant. If this sick bastard was molesting children, he needs to face his justice. Gays have been around since the beginning of man. All is coming to the surface this year.

  10. I don't know if he did it or not………… But I do believe there is a conspiracy to destroy Rap………and bring about this confused state where young black men don't know who or what they want to be………… All this to make a buck

    • Well prior to this particular incident, they have already attempted and have already demonstrated to have destroyed hip hop
      It started with gangsta rap up until young thug

      • Yes!! and don't think Jerry Heller wasn't makin' NWA suck his dick. It was a conspiracy, but the PROPENSITY to be man-on-man was there. That is why there was the underground rap movement, or certain folks didn't blow up, cuz they weren't down with the dick on dick action.

    • honestly raps been destroyed-all the way back with the invention of gangsta rap. Conscious rap originally started in the east, and then the CIA's creation of NWA diverted and destroyed all of that.

  11. When dre dissed eazy in bitches ain't shit dre talks like him abd eazy was lovers and eazy left him for the white bitch aka heller check the lyrics

  12. Once upon a time the record companies decided to invest in prisons…….. They needed 90 % occupancy….. How they do this?….. By locking up niggas with attitudes

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