Kobe Bryant Shades the Hell Outta Nick Young!

kobe bryant nick young adidas

After Kobe Bryant’s final game, the atmosphere was lit at Staples Center. The team held a celebration that was similar to winning the championship trophy. There was champagne bottles being popped, confetti falling from the ceiling, and the Lakers players stood in line to get their jerseys, shoes, and other memorabilia signed by the star.

Nick Young waited patiently in line for the Black Mamba to sign his adidas shoes. But when Kobe saw the footwear, he tossed them in the garbage!

Nick has a deal with adidas, but Kobe is a Nike sponsor. So there was no way he was gonna put his signature on the rival brand’s shoes.

“He threw my shoes in the trash, but that’s Kobe for you. I was a little disappointed in that, but, you know, he could not end without something like that,” ~ Nick Young

Kobe wasn’t a complete azz though. He ended up signing some other items for Nick and took a picture with his son.


  1. The biggest assholes in Amerikkkan sports:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. OJ Simpson
    4. John Elway
    5. Joe Montana
    6. Reggie Jackson
    7. Larry Bird
    8. Peyton Manning
    9. Tom Brady
    10.Mike Tyson

    To contrast what I just stated, one of the nicest athletes in the entire world is Shaquille O'Neal.

  2. Go read what Jason Whitlock said about Kobe Bryant. It is funny and somewhat true!

    • Jason Whitlock was in true form with his scorching take on "the sheep' who celebrated Kobe. the most egotistic narcissist in the NBA. I LOVE Jason and I wish he were on TV more. I read J School whenever I can, but I like it when he is able to just riff off the top of is head on TV.
      He is so frickin smart.

    • Everyone on this site hates anyone who is famous.

      Do you like yourself? If so, why do you need to point out JW's perceived character flaws? No one is perfect, but he is a great writer and thinker.

  3. You should also hear what Corey Holcomb said about Kobe. The shit was funny as hell!

  4. I'll trade Mike for Tyga Woods nasty ass!!! I have mad respect for his ex wife whooping his ass with his own clubs!'

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