Are NeNe Leakes’ RHOA Days Numbered?



HSK Exclusive – NeNe Leakes is being thrown under the bus for lying her way out of rolling with the RHOA crew to the Philippines.

A tipster tells us … NeNe told ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ producers that a blood clot in her leg was the reason she couldn’t take the trip. Now … not only is she being exposed for lying about a medical condition, she’s also said to be walking a thin line on the set because of it!!!

We’re told the reason for NeNe’s tale-telling is because “she didn’t want to mingle with the other cast members.” It’s a situation that could lead NeNe to be forced to walk! Just ask Andy Cohen.

Check the drop:

“NeNe can’t handle that Kenya and Cynthia are now the leading women on RHOA.

She’s pissed that there’s a change of the guard … and Andy Cohen is isn’t feeling her performance this season.”


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  1. 1. Reality act= not news story #2

    2. Honey, pls sit on down

    3. If you are so so very rich, pls fix your skin. A facial, a hot rag, some baking soda will clean fthen pores you need it worse than those awful bleach blonde wigs you wear (you ain’t fooling anyone honey)

      • Take a hot rag and hold it on your nose (or whole face) until it cools. This opens your pores

        Take a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of water. Mix into a paste and rub it on your nose. Not too hard!

        You can rub it on your whole face to exfoliate its ok. Its natural and won’t hurt your skin.

        Let is sit a min or 2 then rinse. You can use a diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner. Do this once a week.

        Should work wonders!

        • shut the front door!I am so excited WillieJonesJr:) You are my friend lol I am going to try it Now!I will keep you posted. O and Thanks for responding.

    • @Willie Jones jr,

      You & I really need to take a flight to Alanta to give Toucan Sam’s rich sister her skin care regime in person. While there we should suggest a career change to her as well.

  2. Even though I really don’t like her ways, she should stay on the show and lead the leading roll. Kenya is making up stories and crying too much. It’s getting to silly and emotional. That’s not what I know about black people. They don’t do a lot of crying about made up stories about dogs, friends, etc. Cynthia seems to be another person this season like she has been told to be mean and it looks dumb because she is suppose to be a roll model and business women.

      • It’s so fake and made up of crying and gossip! They fight against each other when they could be capitalizing on this show. What happen to black strong business women?

      • Porsha seems 2 B pack N on da pounds dis Season, like she bin get N in da Ice Cream real heavy lately cause she realized she really fukked up, losing out on access 2 10 Mil wit dat Fag Kordell, and no new tricks on da horizon.

        • Some other sap will pay her tab for 6 months or so.. women like this will keep lookIng for that next payday..


      • Yeah G9, I thought dat dis show was 4 housewives, so what iz Kenya, Claudia, and Porsha STILL DO N ON DA SHOW???????

  3. I am reading Andy Cohen’s new book “The Andy Cohen Diaries” and by the end of the first chapter it became apparent that there is trouble in River City between Nene and him. He claims to not know what she’s so pissed about but….?????

  4. Nene has really used the show to make herself sucessful. She’s very unlikeable. But has made 4 million + off Bravo and now she’s on Broadway . Besides the Beverly Hills women, she really has done the best . I think she should leave because that show is a sinking ship. It’s going to have to get more and more ignorant loud and crass to keep the public eye. If Nene leaves now, she goes out on top , but she would do well to take a little personal inventory and make herself a better person. She won’t though. She’s greedy for the spotlight. Expect her to do the most to extend her fifteen minutes.

    • Those hollywood sexual rituals allegedley really paid off for NaeNae
      She must be really good cuz theyve gotten her pretty far so far

  5. Nene Beakes should have gotten her pink slip a long time ago. She is so full of herself and thinks everyone else is beneath her. I’m glad that Cynthia has found a good friend in Kenya. Hopefully they will send phony Phae Phae and Bulldog Kandi out the door as well.

  6. Porsha looks like bootleg Pocahontas with that Indian reservation weave. Less is more Porsha. Get rid of Nene, she’s not funny, just mean, for no reason. Phaedra is a sexual deviant and pathological liar. I wouldn’t be suprised if she runs an underground sex slave ring.

    • How would you get there ? by way of the train in the underground railroad? Is Porsha the conducter?

  7. Kenya is beautiful and I love Teaira marie! She is cute and has mad sex appeal wuth her crazy ass lol.


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