Kris Jenner Is Pimp’in Her Daughter & Cara Delevinge’s Girl On Girl Relationship

Kendall Jenner LGBT Ratings Play

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned exclusive details, not only confirming Kendall Jenner’s lesbian relationship with Cara Delevinge — and also exposing Kris Jenner as the match-making opportunist behind the hook-up!

We’re told Kris “pushed” 19-year-old Kendall to get involved in a lesbian relationship … specifically, with 22-year-old Cara Delevingne. “Kris Jenner believes that having Kendall in a relationship with another woman will attract people from the LGBT community,” says the source. “She’s plotting to lock in more viewers for next season because KUWTK numbers have plummeted.”

Dig the Drop:

“When Cara broke up with Michelle Rodriguez she started to push up on Kendall.

Kris directed Kendall to get with Cara. She’s relying on her daughter’s lesbian relationship to open up a lane that leads KUWTK into the the world of fashion.”

Kris Jenner Puppet Master


  1. Reality act= not news story #3!

    Strike 3!!
    Also this story is exclusively white.

    • That’s how you know whoever brought this site is white. They keep pushing stories of these randoms on here. Jacky would only write about things relevant to the urban community.

      • Just because they use the word “pimpin” does not make it a black story.

        When I start my blog. . No KKK stories.. that’s final.. unless she pays me to put this stuff out.. then we’ll see..

        • Please @willie when you start it shoot me the damm sick and tired of all our blogs being bleached. That old school tea is the hottest anyway! Do yo thang!!

        • I hear ya Willie, but w/o KKK stories you gets no hits. lol Some things are done for commercial reasons ya dig? Google sends new people here daily if the subject matter interests the public.
          But hell, I’d visit your site. 🙂

        • don’t even do it for the money, gotta keep your integrity, look what selling out for the money has done to this site as a prime example.

          • You’re right.
            I need to do it because I want to, not because I want paid

      • This site still has the same owner. It’s a public matter of record dummy. Have you ever heard of broadening your base? I mean, it is business and it’s meant to make money.

  2. I could maybe see Kendall being with another girl, but I really think Kylie is a lesbian despite her relationship with tyga.

  3. Faggs/dykes are trying to make it look like the fashionable thing to do. Their mom is crazy retarded. The entire family has brain issues. The men in their family is cursed! Just look at every man that has been in and out of their family, including her son. He is deeply depressed. Most of the girls are gay and the men are fags! Screamin demons!

  4. I think that whole family is bi sexual and incestuous. buncha fukkin weirdos. Kendall isn’t special or exciting enough to keep the spot light, so Pimp mama has to find and angle. Thing is, no one really cares. If she wants to save that show she should trot out Robs son, because he does have one. Or maybe she should reveal that Portapotty Kim is the highest paid celebrity escort in the world right now and was recently in Dubai launching her perfume by day and servicing Saudi oil billionaires at night. Absolutely disgusting family. hope Kanye gets North in the divorce because Robertowill be a better mommy than nasty ass Kim.

    • These jackfools would screw the family pet if it meant more money or exposure ..

      I bet Rob do have a baby.. but who’s the mama? Not Rita Ora or that Cheetah/ Real Talk girl..

      He’s smart to pill and eat his pain away..

  5. This is the first negative Kardashian piece I don’t believe. I don’t think that the two models are actually getting down. It’s just a PR stunt for attention. But Cara seems to get more hawt tail than the Hemsworth brothers combined, so anything’s possible.

  6. they wanna eat each others asses out more power to them.

    bruce is a proud shim right now his little girl is dating a dyke just like he aleways wanted.

  7. Reaching much? The chick just launched a new campaign w/ Cara Delevigne & that’s major Not relationship major More like mogul major because Kendall is the only chick w/ a career & she didn’t even go to college like her half sisters

    Plus if I had to care I’d say Cara was w/ Selena Gomez

    Get off their dick

  8. So they used up the black community and now they are going after the gay community for clicks. They are a shameless lot chasing after pub and clicks. Tired of them all including Kanye.

  9. Wowwwwww chris you one nasty ass trick! who does shit like that? Omg! This is one nasty ass trick trap ass bitch for real! there’s nothing this trashy ass broad won’t do.

  10. ewww nasty kendell’s tummy looks fat
    cara looks like one of these white creepy dolls

  11. And that Cara girl looks like and aggressive dike time! Kris doesn’t want another black dick impregnating her daughters..

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