NeNe Leakes Hawks Mugshot Tees After Sheree’s Shade


    nene leakes mugshot sweatshirt tees

    NeNe Leakes’ has decided to turn Sheree’s mugshot shade into a new business venture.

    The Real Housewives star debuted the new clothing item with her old school mugshot plastered on the front.

    The shirts will be sold at her Swagg Boutique in ATL.

    Will you be buying?


      • Too DANM much!
        Lol…@ least she had the new surgeon create a new nose…because the old nose looked like a
        little PENIS…Ha Ha it did
        Nene is a goof ball & that’s why (I’m Rich Bitch) is back on ATL Housedummies…
        Hollyweird didn’t want her ass…so she resigned with Bravo…

    1. Example #999,999,999 of what’s wrong with Amerikkka…the corp aka The Victoria Company has AA credit, and role actors mugslinging…just like politicians. We all have darkness in our past, to bring other’s dirt out without disclosing your own is a waste of time, energy and space. Baby boomers….smh. Glow up and grow up, please.

    2. Can’t even imagine buying this and with HER FACE on it, Ugh. This might sale well in Atlanta.

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